MoP: What can I do at Max Level?

The Blues have said they wanted to make more content for max level characters. They did this with a whole lot of dailies. Don’t let the word “dailes” scare you off. Yes they give you rep and are repeatable but they are a whole new monster compared to old style dailies. They took the best of the Molten Front and improved on it.

So now that you’ve hit 90, are dailies the only thing left to you? Not really. Here is what I really enjoyed doing at 90 on the beta.  

1) My Own Personal Farm

I have to provide the food for the raids my guild does because no one else wants to. (sigh) The best way to go about getting the enormous amounts of mats needed will be to have your own farm from The Tillers and maybe even a farm on your alt(s). There will be different feasts that will feed 10 and 25 man raid groups. The 25 man recipes take a lot more in the way of mats, up to 100 of whatever kind you need.

I really love my little farm. I can’t really put it into words how much I love it. I like that it is phased so that only I can see it – nobody can mess with my crops. And I feel like it is a good place to come home to after a long day. Eventually, I had my own little stray dog that I nursed back to health and nice furniture in my house. I could even /pet my dog and he would respond.

The Tillers will give you all sorts of goodies for your farm when you make friends with them. (The best being the mailbox and live stock.) They even give you a funny little goat mount to ride in 3 colors.

2) Lorewalkers Rep Quests/Archeology

Another fun thing is finding the artifacts all over the world for various stories of Pandaria. This is a really neat way of providing lore on their own but once you complete an achievement, Lorewalker Cho will send you a quest item in the mail.

Once you take the item to Lorewalker Cho, it’s time to sit back and watch the story unfold. A little cutscene type of event will start and he will tell you the full story of whatever it was you found. He will tell you about the orgins of the Wandering Isle and how a few Pandarans left to see the world. He will tell you about the Mogu and how they enslaved the Pandaran people. He has many stories to tell as long as you have the willpower to find the artifacts.

The best part about the Lorewalker’s stories are that you can watch them at any time. The Library in the Seat of Knowledge will start to fill up as you find more and more artifacts. If you want to see a specific item, go find it on one of the shelves. If you want to relive a particular story, talk to Cho who will be more than happy to tell it to you again.

In the same area is the archeology daily for Valor Points and a bit of gold. You can turn in your Panda/Mogu artifacts for relics of the other races so you don’t need to leave the new continent. Archeology leveling is a lot faster now that you can dig in a smaller, more compact landmass. If you already have all the rares from the other races, you can buy a map that will shuffle your dig sites on Pandaria. (There’s a Mogu dig site in the northern part of the Jade Forest that is a bitch because it’s so huge and so many hostile mobs running around.)

3) Heroics

Heroics are challenging but not so challenging that they will take hours out of your day like early Cata heroics did. They are fun and they are short without a feeling of “that’s it?” Blizz nailed the right amount of content for each one. The bosses are interesting again and the gear looks really nice.

4) Scenarios

I did a few scenarios and I liked them. This may be why I think Theramore is so terrible. The other scenarios are really a lot of fun and are interesting. I wish Blizz wouldn’t have introduced the populace as a whole to scenarios with Theramore, the weakest one. I call it weak in terms of story and overall game play.

The other scenarios have questlines associated with them. You know why you are doing what you’re doing. You know why there are guys trying to crash your beer party because you did the questline and you got to know the town’s people.

5) Dailies

The dailies run the gamut of difficult (Golden Lotus) to unnessisarily punishing (Shado-Pan) to super easy (Anglers/Tillers). There are dailies for every kind of player. I only have an hour to play before work so I could do my farm and Tillers and cooking dailies before I left. They are light and fun so I don’t get overly frustrated before coming to work. When I get home, I have time to spend on the more punishing dailies from the Shando-Pan.

Dailies should be optional (or very close to optional) for most people by the time they finish the major questlines if all they want are the rep epics.

I would suggest to anyone who wants to see the whole story behind the new continent to do the dailies in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Everyday the people there have new trials and hardships to face from the invading Mogu so the quests reflect what is going on. (The Forlone Spire in Hyjal really annoyed me. I didn’t think we should have to destroy that spire every damn day. Did the fire elements sneak in while the Druids were alseep to rebuild their tower every, single night? You would think someone would have made a schedule for a night watch after the first couple of times. /rant)

6) Everything Else

Of course there will be leveling professions, raiding, LFR and new battlegrounds to play. I didn’t get too far into those because I wanted to save at least something to be a suprise when it goes live.

But, again, take your time whatever you choose to do. We are going to be 90 for a good while.

Mists of Pandaria Discipline Priest Heroic Shopping List

Mists is a little over a month away so now is a good time to plan ahead. The loot tables are mostly done. Each beta build brings us closer and closer to the final product. The beta is widly different now than it was a few months ago.

The first thing to address will be stat choices. What are we going to have to stack this time around? I am here to tell you that Intellect is no longer king of the hill. Spirit, at this gear level at least, will be what we want the most of. Intellect does not adjust your mana pool anymore, it is the stat of spellpower and crit. At level 90, I have 300K mana and that will be all I have from here on out.

Rapture procs are about Spirit and not Intellect. We like juicy Rapture procs so stack spirit. I’m not saying dump everything into Spirit but we need to have it on nearly every piece of gear. Gem and enchant for it if  you have to. There will never be a time in a heroic when you think, “damn I have too much spirit”.

Stats will look like:

Spirit – Haste – Int – Mastery – Crit – Stam

I’m not going to get into the JP and VP Vendors on this list. The gear from heroics is a lot better and it will take a good while to get the Valor and the rep to even purchase that gear. (I’m sure we will all be rocking JP stuff to make the minium item level for heroics when the expac goes live.)


Fallout Filtering Hood  This is our best choice because of the Haste and a nice socket bonus. It drops from Saboteur Kip’tilak, the third boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.

Whitemane’s Embroidered Chapeau Another good choice if you can’t get any better. There’s no Spirit but it does have some nice Haste. It drops off of High Inquisitor Whitemane in Scarlet Monestary. 


Regal Silk Shoulderpads These are the only blue cloth shoulders with Spirit. They come from the first boss of Mogushan Palace.

Shoulders of the Engulfing Wind These are another choice because of the Haste. They drop from the last boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.


There are no heroic drops of chest pieces with spirit. There is a quest reward Mending Robes of the Golden Lotus.

Robes of Fevered Dreams This will be about the best you can do from dungeons. The other cloth chest is a DPS cloth with hit rating.

The best thing to do is get the crafted epic chest, Robes of Creation. It takes 6 Imperial Silk so expect to pay a pretty penny for it if you aren’t a tailor.


Bombardment Bracers This is the best option for us. Nice tasty Haste and Spirit. They drop from Commander Vo’jak, I want to say the second boss of Siege of Nuizoa Temple.

Frenzyswarm Bracers Are a good second choice. They drop from the last boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.


Fermenting Belt The only belt with Spirit. Drops from the last boss of Stormstout Brewery.

The other two blue dungeon belts have hit rating with crit or mastery.


Cloak of Hidden Flasks This is an interesting option. I dont think I’ve seen a cloak quite like that before. This is the only dungeon drop with Spirit. Drops from Hopptallus, the second boss of Stormstout Brewery.

Cape of Entanglement Is another option. Drops from Liu Flameheart, the third boss of Temple of the Jade Serpent.


Breesebinder Handwraps For dungeon drops only, this is the best bet. Haste and Spirit on the same item. It drops from General Pa’valak, the second boss of Siege of Niuzao Temple.

Paralyzing Gloves A good alternative to the ones above. They drop from the Sha of Doubt in Temple of the Jade Serpent.

Another good option is the crafted epic Gloves of Creation. They take 4 Imperial Silk so they shouldn’t set you back as much as the crafted chest. But they should last you a good while until you can get your tier.


Leggings of the Hallowed Fire The only legs with spirit. They come from High Inquisitor Whitemane in Scarlet Monastery.

Leggins of the Frenzy Is an option, no Spirit but some nice Haste. They come from Commander Ri’mok, second boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.


Flameheart Sandals Again, the only Dungeon blue with spirit. Drops from Liu Flameheart, the third boss of Temple of the Jade Serpent.

Soulbinder Treads Another good drop with Haste but be prepared to fight the DPS for them. They come from the first boss of Mogushan Palace.


Necklace of Disorientation We have a few options for our neck slot. I would pick mastery over crit. This one drops from the Sha of Violence in Shado Pan Monestary.

Mindcapture Pendant Is the one with the crit. It come from the first boss of Mogushan Palace.


Viscous Ring Spirit and Haste make this the best. Drops from Commander Ri’mok, second boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.

Beastbinder Ring Here’s the only other ring with Spirit on it. It comes from Houndmaster Braun in Scarlet Monestary.

Ring of Malice Is another good choice, no Spirit but has Haste. It drops from Taran Zhu, fourth boss of Shado Pan Monestary.

Alemental Seal Very similar to the Ring of Malice, this one has more Haste. Drops from the last boss of Stormstout Brewery.


Vial of Ichorous Blood This is my favorite trinket. It’s a “use” trinket. Combine it with shielding the tank for a larger Rapture proc. Rapture procs are normally around 9k but with the effect of this trinket its closer to 14k mana back. This is a must have. Get it from General Pa’Valak, the third boss of Siege of Niuzao Temple.

Price of Progress Here is your other blue BiS trinket. Get it from Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance. I haven’t seen it for myself yet so I don’t know the proc rate. Looks like the new version of Tears of of the Vanquished from five man ToC.

Empty Fruit Barrel Is a good choice if you are terribly light on Spirit. It drops from Ook-Ook, the first boss of Stormstout Brewery.

Vision of the Predator Could be viable for a heavy Smite/PW: Solace caster like me. Take it only if your caster dps doesn’t need it.

The Current State of Disc on MoP Beta

Praise the gods that add-ons have been enabled for the MoP Beta. I tried without my Vuhdo and didn’t fail as hard as I thought I would but I just don’t have the speed to click on everyone and then the spell. But, now I have my glorious Vuhdo back and I am healing the new 5-man heroics. I’ve healed nearly all of them now so I am ready to really think about how Disc is right now.

Blizzard said it didn’t want healing to be as punishing as it was at the start of Cata. I think it is about the same right now. We can’t get to better gear and the dungeons don’t always have loot so that factors in. There are crafted epics and rep epics now. But, no rep tabards. You have to do the dailies to get the rep. I’m not sure if this is intended or not. The only faction I am exalted with is the Jinyu guys in the Jade Forest. They don’t do me much good even if I could get to them.

Anyway, lets talk about the new, important spells first.

Power Word: Solace

The biggest update for me was the inclusion of a new level 45 ability called Power Word: Solace (offensive spell that restores 2%, no mana cost and 1.5 sec cast time, no CD). Mana regen is balls right now. It is seriously weak. I’m at around 5K regen in combat but then you see that I have 300K mana to work with. Five thousand regen is a drop in the bucket. I shouldn’t have to sit after every trash pull or use my Shadowfiend on CD. Enter PW:Solace to save the day, almost. It certainly helps the regen and it adds a new way to play. Every second you aren’t casting is a wasted second you could be getting 2% of your mana back. Now we have to balance Smite Healing and Solace regen. A typical pull for me is POM and Shield the tank, PW: Solace to regain my mana back and then start active healing or Atonement/Smite healing. I don’t have a second where I am not casting something and I like it.

I’m not saying healing isn’t frustrating because it is but not because of the healing mechanics or regen. The Cataclysm mindset of crowd control and careful pulls has gone out the window. Now every tank pulls everything, all the time, regardless of anyone in the group willing to CC. They pull regardless of my mana. I’ve literally seen tanks from all over the world, all flavors of tanks; and none of them want to CC anymore. It’s very stressful because my regen is so low. I worry I won’t have enough mana to get through trash pulls.

Spirit Shell

Spirit Shell has gone through several incarnations. First it was a stackable, cheap absorb that would heal once it was fully used. I liked that idea but you had a 2 second cast time for each stack so it was prohibitive for mobility. I would like it to have been instant cast like a Druid’s Lifebloom.

But now Blizzard has come up a new version of it: “Your Heal, Flash Heal, Greater Heal, and Prayer of Healing spells cause absorption shields instead of healing.”

Think of it as a Divine Aegis you can control. Spirit Shell doesn’t cost any mana but you still pay for whatever spell you use after it. I could see it macro’d to Inner Focus and Prayer of Healing but I have never used it over a straight up healing spell. Spells are so expensive that you don’t want to waste them on something that isn’t really worth it. Heals crit so much anyway it just seems useless.

I hope the devs take another look at the way it was before. Its so late in the beta that I don’t feel they will but a girl can hope.

Void Shift

Void Shift is amazing. You swap your health with another person in your party. It is really useful in conjunction with Desperate Prayer (if talented). I would put it up there with Pain Suppression in its usefulness. Tanks can be so squishy that I need to use everything in my toolbox to keep them up just like the early days of Cata. It feels like all or nothing, very similar to the old Paladin spell Divine Intervention (the Paladin sacrificed himself to save one party member).

I am sure we will talk about good times to Void Shift once it goes on live. I am also sure that raiding Shadow Priests will be required to use it as a raid CD since it is a base line spell. I also wonder about arena. It would be so easy to switch my health with a team member if I was being focused on. It has a six-minute CD for now so it should be usable in arena. Only time will tell for sure.

Level 90 Talents

Cascade: Launches a Holy bolt at the target that grows in power as it travels, which causes up to (10,108 + 97.5% of SP) damage to an enemy, or up to (10,108 + 97.5% of SP) healing to an ally. This effect can bounce from allies to other allies, or from enemies to other enemies. Each time it bounces it will split into 2 bolts, preferring farther away targets, and never hitting the same target twice. Cascade can bounce up to 3 times. Instant, 10% base mana, 25 sec CD.

Divine Star: Fires a Divine Star in front of you, traveling 24 yds, causing (3,370 + 32.5% of SP) Divine damage to all enemies and (3,370 + 32.5% of SP) healing to all allies within 6 yds of its path. After reaching its destination it will return to you, also dealing damage and healing to all targets in its path. Instant, 5% base mana, 15 sec CD.

Halo: Creates a ring of Holy energy around you that quickly expands and grows in power, up to 30 yds away. Deals up to (20,216 + 195.0% of SP) Holy damage to enemies, and up to 0 healing to allies, with the greatest effect at 25 yds. Instant, 15% of base mana, 40 sec CD.


I honestly prefer Cascade to the other two. The mana price is pretty steep but it heals for a massive amount. I think of it as POM’s younger, cooler brother. It seems to crit quite a bit and will proc DA shields. The animation is very beautiful. I love to watch it in action. It’s a beautiful rain of light from all directions. It will bounce off of pets, too.

Divine Star and Halo require you to think about where you are compared to others. I have too much going on to really think about it right now. The cost and CD on Halo seem too much for what it actually does. It sounds really cool but it doesn’t seem to work like it reads. I had Halo spec’d in Shadow and I got really leery of using it because it will pull an entire room causing wipes. This may explain why I don’t want to use it even in healing.


The State of Tanks


I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the tanks. It is harder than hell to get a tank that isn’t a Monk in a random. Monks are everywhere. I understand people want to play the new class but Paladins, Druids, Warriors and, yes, even Death Knights need some testing, too.


The leather wearing tanks (Monks and Druids) are the worst in terms of shear squishiness. I know this may be a Captain Obvious statement but I don’t have any problems with feral Druids on live. My own Druid isn’t hard on healers so I am honestly confused.


I think part of the problem is the level 85 pre-made characters. Most people aren’t leveling a Monk from 1-85 the old-fashioned way and learning as they go. They are rolling the ready-made 85 with no clue what to do. They may not know how to manage their defensive CDs yet and it really shows. It is harder than hell to keep some of them alive. I look at their gear and they have the right idea but they don’t have years and years of experience to draw from like the other classes. I think once MoP goes live Monks will be more inline with the other tanks since people will have to level them from scratch.


On live servers I have the worst problems with Death Knights but on beta they are the easiest to heal next to Paladins. Warriors are still very spiky but nothing I’m not already used to.


All in all, healing is difficult but not as bad Cata but it is damn close. Heroics don’t take hours anymore so that is a step in the right direction. But, having to drink after every pull is annoying, especially if you have an impatient, Monk tank. The regen needs to be much higher to balance out our inflated mana pools. I do like balancing Smite Heals and PW: Solace. I also really like Cascade.


Disc is a lot of fun right now. It needs some tweaks but, overall, it is a nice mix of the familiar and new.