Brawler’s Guild

Being at the Black Market Auction House on a PvP server is quite a harrowing experience sometimes. If we know there is a guildie going for something specific, we will go help whittle down the competion of the Horde people there. I’m a positive they do the same thing to us. There was a near riot when Ashes of Alar was up for sale a few weeks ago. One Horde Paladin had to time his bids for when his bubble was up.

My visits to the BMAH usually involve me circling around it on my mount, determining that it is safe for me to land, checking my gear to ensure I have the right set on, landing, bubbling to get the speed run increase, clicking and reading very quickly what is there. I then GTFO because, let’s face it, I am a free honor kill for most people. I usually get hit and my first reaction is OH GOD as my fingers forget any spells on my bars. By the time I get myself together, I am running back to my body thinking about what I should have done.

I had been trying to get my Blood Soaked Invitation for several days when I had enough of waiting at the AH of PvP doom. I quickly put my bid in for 50k and went to bed fully expecting to be out bid by the time I woke up.

I didn’t get out bid the entire day or night. This was my day off from work so I had a lot of time on my hands. I would play a little bit, then take a break – checking my mobile armory to see if I had gotten any mail. I watched all of the first season of “Downton Abbey” and still hadn’t been outbid. My heart started to hope that maybe I would get the invite.

I logged in about 30 mins before midnight server time and flew over to the BMAH to see for myself. I was still the high bidder on one invite with less than 30 minutes to go. My heart started pounding, I may acutally get it.

I stood there in shadow with my healing PvP gear on and hoped no one would mess with me. I then saw several Horde people flying back and forth to the mailbox at the Inn. They were bidding against each other on an invite that was dangerously close to mine at 30-48k. I stood my ground, clicking off and on. I knew I would get a mail telling me that I was outbid but I stayed there – Horde be damned.

I don’t normally mess with Horde people unless they mess with me. Here comes this goblin shadow priest laughing at me and hit me with SW:P. Oh no, bitches. I did not take it. I went after his ass with everything I had. I was surrounded by at least 5 Horde and I feared them and then bust out a Halo. Only that goblin was attacking me. I got his ass, too (with some help from a Paladin healing me). Right as I got a killing blow, I won my invite to the Brawler’s Guild. I was elated!

I got the Bloodsoaked Invitation out of the mailbox with trembling hands and took the portal to Stormwind. I clicked on my invite and instead of giving me a quest it gave me an achievement. Confused, I carried on to the Tram. I talked to the Brawler’s Guild Queue Worgen and got ready for my first fight.

I really enjoyed watching other people fight. Apparently they form raid groups so you can have as many raid buffs as you can get before your match. I didn’t know this so I decined the group invite.

The message on my screen said I was next in line and then suddenly I was in the arena facing a crocolisk with 1 mil health. Not too bad, I thought. He charged at me. Someone whispered me about buffing them and I was promptly eaten.

I was so embarrased that I could not show my face in there the rest of the night. It was only the next day that I went back to beat the crockolisk. I’m still rank one.

I wouldn’t say that was the best 50k I’ve ever spent. /cry

Score One for Scantily-Clad WoW Dudes!

Too bad he’s SCARY!

New Vol’Jin Model via MMO Champ

I think I see a blue butt cheek… eewwww… And is that an extra toe on his heel?

So Far, So Good

It’s been 2 weeks since my move to Ner’zhul. I’ve only been killed by a Horde person 4 times, three times by the same rogue at the Klaxxi QM.

Being on a high population server has taken a little while to adjust to. I really took Skywall for granted in a few aspects and didn’t even know it at the time. Quest mobs can be scarce when there are 30 or more people after the same small goat herd. I have yet to find more than one Dark Soil at a time. There is much more competion for fishing pools – took forever to get a stack of Jade Lungfish last night.

In some ways being on a high pop server is pretty nice. I always have someone to talk to because the guild just has more people. The auction house business is robust and I’ve made over 45k since transferring. More people means more need for enchanting scrolls and epic gear – I am carving out a nice profit here.

The raiding is a lot of fun, too. I was shocked to learn that I am the only girl on my 25 MAN team. I thought that surely, statistically, there would be more than just me. But, for now, I am the only one. I can hang with the boys so it’s not much of an issue. (I was also the only girl on my 10 man team but we had several girls that would fill in on a regular basis.) Talking on Mumble that first time was pretty funny – they all dropped camp fires so I would “have something to do”.

We are stuck on Elegon right now. Disc is so broken. It was bad before but with the healing stress of Elegon I really feel like I’m not pulling my weight. I’ve gotten a lot of upgrades and my spirit is now over 9k but I doesn’t matter how much I have, I always need more. I’m always casting but I don’t seem to budge on the healing chart. I found part of the problem was that Skada wasn’t tracking Atonement heals but now that it’s fixed I still don’t see a big leap. I’m used to not being the top heals but during the same fight our Monk does at least 4-5 million more. I really hope it gets fixed soon.

I’m Starting to Like this PvP Server

Today I killed my first Hordie out in the world.

It was that damn Marmot Tillers Daily, too. An Undead Warlock decided to try to kill me as I was oh-so-carefully stomping the Mook-Mooks. He must not have seen the other 5 Alliance people behind me talking to the Hozen guy.

I noticed a de-buff and thought, “what the heck is that?” I moused over it. I turned around and there was a Lock hitting me with spells. I silenced him and dotted him up. My fellow Alliance also got in on the action and between all of us, he died pretty quickly. I felt pretty good about my fellow faction players for helping me out. 🙂

I smushed my alloted 25 Mook-Mooks and took off back to Halfhill. On one of my quest givers was a Tauren on the TLPD who wasn’t moving. I ran around and rotated my camera at all angles, trying to turn in my quest when I see the Tauren go sailing across the screen! An Alliance Deathknight had deathgripped him away from the quest giver. Freaking sweet.

Movin’ on Up

 After some much unneeded guild drama for the past 2 or so months, I found myself on the WoW forums looking for another guild. I did so with a heavy heart because I have some friends that are very dear to me that I didn’t want to leave. The recent advent of CRZ and groups made my decision much easier. I know that if I want to see my buddies again, I can group with them and it will be just fine.

I found a 25 man guild on Ner’zhul in need of a Disc Priest. I hem’d and haw’d for several weeks before replying to their post and then app’ing to the guild. I kept thinking things would get better once MoP hit. I wanted to keep my options open. But, things did not improve, they got worse.

Now here I am on a brand new server with a brand new guild with 300-odd people I don’t know yet. Did I mention this is a PvP server? I didn’t realize it was a PvP server until after I got accepted. I love to PvP inside battlegrounds but out in the world is a whole nother story. I was scared; how am I going to get my dailies done and my Loremaster achieves with people trying to kill me constantly?!

Last night was my first time ever on a PvP server. I asked my new guildies if I should wear my PvP gear or my PvE gear? They told me they rarely get killed doing dailies. I was hopeful. I am a total n00b at Shadow Pv-whatever.

I mounted up on my new Ruby Panther and flew over to the Golden Pagoda. I got my quests and noted the piles of bones by the quest givers. “Oh, dear” I thought, “those Pandas look so serene next to the carnage”. Suddenly a Tauren Druid appeared next to me. I tensed. I waited. I didn’t breathe. My mouse hovered over the Silence spell – just in case. Nothing happened – they went about their business and paid no attention to me. I started to calm down a little. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

One of the dailies was for the behemoth. I pulled him myself and was doing ok until those little spirit guys decided to aggro to me. I hit my Mind Sear, thinking nothing of it, and proceeded to hit a Troll Hunter and his pet. He was helping me kill that behemoth, too. I felt terrible. I had to run away because my Vuhdo settings didn’t transfer between servers and I didn’t have the keybinds I am used to. I got up on my mount and flew to the top of the Pagoda, thinking I would be safe there for a minute to reset the Vuhdo. Think again. That Troll came after me with some of his friends. I didn’t know what hit me. I couldn’t get my body back so I got 10 minutes of Res Sickness for my trouble.

My first death on a PvP server taught me a few things:

1) DO NOT AOE. EVER. Multi-dot but don’t trust Tab-Targeting. You can’t take a dot back once you hit someone with it.

2) Don’t think that being up high will save you.

3) My farm is the bestest place to AFK since no one can see me. Farmer Yoon, save me!

4) Make sure you are clicking the quest giver and not the Horde person standing on top of the quest giver. Don’t click if your pointer is a little sword!

5) Not every Horde person is out to get you. I am positive they just want to get their mountain of dailies done just like I do. That said, there are some jack asses in the world who will mess with me eventually.

I didn’t die today doing dailies because I was exceedingly careful. I will be so glad when I get to exalted and I won’t have to be around a lot of people.

Speaking of a lot of people, there are a shit ton of people on Ner’zhul. I would maybe see a handful of people on Skywall out and about. I am up to my eyeballs in people here. I can’t see the ground in Halfhill because there are so many people. So many opportunities for me to mis-click and get myself in trouble. (The Marmot Mook-Mook Tillers daily was particularly harrowing.)

My first day on Ner’zhul was eventful. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

MoP: What can I do at Max Level?

The Blues have said they wanted to make more content for max level characters. They did this with a whole lot of dailies. Don’t let the word “dailes” scare you off. Yes they give you rep and are repeatable but they are a whole new monster compared to old style dailies. They took the best of the Molten Front and improved on it.

So now that you’ve hit 90, are dailies the only thing left to you? Not really. Here is what I really enjoyed doing at 90 on the beta.  

1) My Own Personal Farm

I have to provide the food for the raids my guild does because no one else wants to. (sigh) The best way to go about getting the enormous amounts of mats needed will be to have your own farm from The Tillers and maybe even a farm on your alt(s). There will be different feasts that will feed 10 and 25 man raid groups. The 25 man recipes take a lot more in the way of mats, up to 100 of whatever kind you need.

I really love my little farm. I can’t really put it into words how much I love it. I like that it is phased so that only I can see it – nobody can mess with my crops. And I feel like it is a good place to come home to after a long day. Eventually, I had my own little stray dog that I nursed back to health and nice furniture in my house. I could even /pet my dog and he would respond.

The Tillers will give you all sorts of goodies for your farm when you make friends with them. (The best being the mailbox and live stock.) They even give you a funny little goat mount to ride in 3 colors.

2) Lorewalkers Rep Quests/Archeology

Another fun thing is finding the artifacts all over the world for various stories of Pandaria. This is a really neat way of providing lore on their own but once you complete an achievement, Lorewalker Cho will send you a quest item in the mail.

Once you take the item to Lorewalker Cho, it’s time to sit back and watch the story unfold. A little cutscene type of event will start and he will tell you the full story of whatever it was you found. He will tell you about the orgins of the Wandering Isle and how a few Pandarans left to see the world. He will tell you about the Mogu and how they enslaved the Pandaran people. He has many stories to tell as long as you have the willpower to find the artifacts.

The best part about the Lorewalker’s stories are that you can watch them at any time. The Library in the Seat of Knowledge will start to fill up as you find more and more artifacts. If you want to see a specific item, go find it on one of the shelves. If you want to relive a particular story, talk to Cho who will be more than happy to tell it to you again.

In the same area is the archeology daily for Valor Points and a bit of gold. You can turn in your Panda/Mogu artifacts for relics of the other races so you don’t need to leave the new continent. Archeology leveling is a lot faster now that you can dig in a smaller, more compact landmass. If you already have all the rares from the other races, you can buy a map that will shuffle your dig sites on Pandaria. (There’s a Mogu dig site in the northern part of the Jade Forest that is a bitch because it’s so huge and so many hostile mobs running around.)

3) Heroics

Heroics are challenging but not so challenging that they will take hours out of your day like early Cata heroics did. They are fun and they are short without a feeling of “that’s it?” Blizz nailed the right amount of content for each one. The bosses are interesting again and the gear looks really nice.

4) Scenarios

I did a few scenarios and I liked them. This may be why I think Theramore is so terrible. The other scenarios are really a lot of fun and are interesting. I wish Blizz wouldn’t have introduced the populace as a whole to scenarios with Theramore, the weakest one. I call it weak in terms of story and overall game play.

The other scenarios have questlines associated with them. You know why you are doing what you’re doing. You know why there are guys trying to crash your beer party because you did the questline and you got to know the town’s people.

5) Dailies

The dailies run the gamut of difficult (Golden Lotus) to unnessisarily punishing (Shado-Pan) to super easy (Anglers/Tillers). There are dailies for every kind of player. I only have an hour to play before work so I could do my farm and Tillers and cooking dailies before I left. They are light and fun so I don’t get overly frustrated before coming to work. When I get home, I have time to spend on the more punishing dailies from the Shando-Pan.

Dailies should be optional (or very close to optional) for most people by the time they finish the major questlines if all they want are the rep epics.

I would suggest to anyone who wants to see the whole story behind the new continent to do the dailies in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Everyday the people there have new trials and hardships to face from the invading Mogu so the quests reflect what is going on. (The Forlone Spire in Hyjal really annoyed me. I didn’t think we should have to destroy that spire every damn day. Did the fire elements sneak in while the Druids were alseep to rebuild their tower every, single night? You would think someone would have made a schedule for a night watch after the first couple of times. /rant)

6) Everything Else

Of course there will be leveling professions, raiding, LFR and new battlegrounds to play. I didn’t get too far into those because I wanted to save at least something to be a suprise when it goes live.

But, again, take your time whatever you choose to do. We are going to be 90 for a good while.

How to MoP, Day One

The release of Pandaria is coming closer and closer with each passing day. I am happy I was able to take part in the beta and get a good understanding of what is going to be happening that first day. I wasn’t in the Cata beta so I relied on others’ experiences to make heads or tails of what I should be doing.

Here is a list of my best suggestions to make 85-90 go as smoothly as possible.

1) Log in, head straight for your profession trainers!

I know you are going to be all hopped up on Moutain Dew and tacos in the dead of the night when the servers come up. I know you are going to want to take the first air ship to Pandaria and straight into new content. But, stop for a second and get your professions trained up. It can be really frustrating to spot a node and not getting any skill points for it. Nodes are going to be difficult to find with all the competition so make it count.

2) Disenchant/sell everything you don’t need. You are going to need all the bag space you can muster. Upgrade your bags if you have the gold.


Cooking mats drop from mobs in zones now. For example, Witch Berries will drop from the little fairy looking guys. Before you can set up your own farm at level 90, there is no other way to obtain them. Save them even if you are not going to level cooking – sell them on the AH or toss them in the guild bank for those of us who are.

Cooking is very complicated this expac and extremely time consuming. Don’t try to do all of the specialties at once. Pick the one that is best for your spec and class first. Then, if you are a completist, like me, pick one at a time to level.

While you are cooking, save whatever you make even if you can’t use it. There are people you can befriend in the Tillers faction that love them some home cooking and offer quests to gain rep by making them food. Also, there is a daily quest for the cloud serpent riders that requires you to make Fish Cakes – one of the basic cooking leveling recipes.

4) Get the flight point to your new capital city ASAP.

You don’t have to wait for the quest line for the opening of the gates to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in order to reach our new capital cities. There is a “great wall” that runs across Panadaria’s western midsection. Get yourself up on the wall and fall into the zone. The new cities are just past the big mogu guys in the center of the Vale (the same guys on the log in screen). Horde on one side and Alliance on the other with Mogu’shan Palace and The Lorewalkers in the middle. This may be a death run if you’re still 85ish but worth the convience it provides later (central hub, trainers, vendors and flying trainer for level 90). Set your hearth here. On the beta there are portals to the old world cities much like Dalaran in Wrath. Also the cooking quest hub of Halfhill Market (and your farm) is just a short flight away.

4) Save some achievements for 90, after you have your flying.

The first rep I am going to actively work on is The Lorewalkers. It involves finding artifacts from all over Pandaria for quest items. I am not going to work very hard on this until after I can fly. Some of these artifacts are difficult to get to and flying will make it that much easier and faster.

5) If you want rep in the fastest way possible, do all the quests before hitting up the dailies.

The epics for sale from each faction are available at honored and revered. You should get at least honored from doing all the 85-90 quests. The new tabbards will not work the same way as Wrath and Cata ones. They are rewards and not for grinding rep in dungeons.

6) Don’t try to do everything at once.

The amount of daily quests available at 90 is truly amazing. Pick one faction at a time. We are going to be in Pandaria at least another year and half to two years.

Take your time. Enjoy the story. Look at all the beautiful scenery that Blizz created. Get your money’s worth. You paid for an entire game and not just raiding/PvP or whatever else you perfer. Yes, we all want to rush to 90 but sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination.

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