How be Number One in LFR Heals, Disco Priest Edition

So the LFR has been a really big hit. I love getting 2 FPS.

And with LFR comes that horrible realization that you are in a PUG, not just any PUG, a giant, out for blood PUG where meters are everything. We have all seen the uproar against people who aren’t making the grade because of some arbitrary number that is completely subjective. A raider is going to have a much different idea of what a “good number” is going to be over someone who just does 5 mans.

So how does one top the meters as a Disco Priest? We aren’t known to blaze up the charts, well the overall healing chart anyways. But, that’s the only one most people look at. Most people don’t look at the absorbs.

1) Learn to Love the Atonement Heals

Spec Atonement/Archangel and Power Infusion. Never, ever give your PI to a DPS. Save it for yourself. Use it every, single CD. PI + Smite = Big Heals. Especially useful on switching target bosses. But, make sure you are 15 yards away so you don’t heal yourself and loose half the heal. Bonus points for healing that Holy Paladin or Hunter pet still on the boss while everyone else switches. (Don’t you just love seeing all 6 heals smacking that slime boss when everyone else is clear across the room? Me too, it amuses me.)

Speaking of slime boss, don’t forget to pop your wings after he’s sucked all the mana from the raid. Other people can’t heal if they don’t have any mana!

2) Do NOT Stand in other people’s AOE heals!

That lovely green stuff the Druid just threw down? Run away! I know it looks soft and comfy, but don’t do it! Hell, Life Grip a poor bastard out of it for maximum effect. This goes for Healing Rain and whatever Holy Priests do. (I really have no idea what it’s called but I hate it).

3) Prayer of Mending on CD.

You should be doing this anyway! Also, bonus points for overwriting that other Priest’s POM. Wait until they cast it and then cast your own on the same target.

4) HoTs

Renew for everyone! Maximize with that haste proc from your trinket, Heroism or Power Infusion. And for all that’s holy (eh), glyph that Prayer of Healing. MOAR HoTs!


WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Bounce around like a cracked out idiot for full effect.

6) Eliminate the Competition.

Life Grip other healers into the frost ring on Hagara. You should have 2 chances to do this if you time it right.

I am positive there are other good uses for Life Grip – perhaps Gripping that annoying Resto Druid using Tranquility on CD (regardless of it we need it or not).

7) Stand on the Light Well

That way one else can see it. Bonus points if you have something like a Vrykul Drinking Horn or anything else that makes you BIGGER. Not that anyone ever uses it to begin with but you must be sure! Your spot in the raid depends on it!

See, it works!

All joking aside, just do your job. You know if you are doing the right thing or not. You know if you got up to make a sandwich on Spine and left it to the other healers for half the fight.

oh, look! A cow on a giant chicken!


Huntard vs Haters

Last night’s Fail! PUG was a trip to Heroic Throne of Tides. The Pally tank and the DK were from the same guild. A Resto Druid and a Mage rounded out the group. It started out possitive enough. The tank asked what spec I am and I said BM. The Druid said BM at the same time followed by a frowny face :(. I had my new shiny tiger from Uldum out so it shouldn’t have been apparent that I’m BM from my pet so he was looking at me.

The first pull goes really well. I get my mob all nice and trapped. We aren’t in any danger at all. We go up the elevelator and the tank says it’s dinner time and he’ll BRB. The DK says she’ll tank until the first boss while we wait.

The trash up to the first boss goes just fine and the CC is really nice. The Mage is seriously on the ball with his sheeping and my traps don’t miss. The run is shaping up to be really good except for the tank who’s still AFK. We get to the first boss when the Druid links his Recount. I don’t know how fucked up his Recount is but it’s making me look pretty bad.


Then he said:

"BM sucks more after Cata"

I told him “yeah but I like my pets”. He countered with “for leveling”. Then he dropped group. Did he hate on me so hard that he just could not stand to be anywhere near my horrible choice to be BM?

Good Riddance

What, exactly, have I done wrong here? I have reliable CC and I’m doing a good amount of damage on trash. I didn’t even get to a boss that I could go really all out on. I am not an AOE class anymore since focus was introduced and Volley was removed.

I didn’t even have the chance to prove myself. I’ve come a long way this week with my Hunter. I went from around 5800 DPS to 8900 DPS on bosses just this week. I’ve done all sorts of research and improved  my gear. I still have a few greens to replace but I’m doing just fine.

Why all the hate on BM? I can bring every raid buff in the game including Heroism. So, really, why all the hate? Is it because I do a little less damage than other specs? Is it because I refuse to follow the lemmings off the cliff and go Survival because it’s the flavor of the month?

Every spec of every class has an ebb and flow of buffs and nerfs. Maybe two months down the road Marksman will be the awesome spec again and Survival will be nerfed into the ground. Or 2 patches from now BM will be horribly overpowered and in need of a nerf. Specs are ever changing and dynamic. You pick the spec you like and deal with whatever changes come down the pipe. It’s what comes with playing this game.

I play WoW to have fun. I think having fun means running around in pigtails with a freaking huge, white and purple Devilsaur at my side.

Alexstraza says: haters gonna hate

Huntard vs. Fail! Priest

Yesterday I was going to post about the positive random heroic experiences I’ve had as a Hunter. I am glad I didn’t. I had the misfortune of running with this specimen last night: Lycen, Worgen Disc Priest of Firetree.

 Here’s his Armory:

My random last night was an already in progress BRC. In progress runs can either be really awesome because its free points for minimal work or its a good indication that the group is utter fail. There doesn’t really seem to be a middle ground in this situation.

 I took my chances: I accepted the Q and hoped that it would be free points. I was wrong. I zoned into to see the group at the 3rd boss. He’s difficult for sure and the tank wasn’t up to snuff so he quit. We got a DK tank that knew what she was doing and we downed the boss but all the DPS died in the process. About 30 seconds into the fight the Priest was saying OOM. I watched him on the next try only to see him bubbling everyone, all the time. This isn’t Wrath and you can’t do that anymore. I’m not going to tell him what to do but I was concerned. We did a boss with heavy damage and he never popped Pain Suppression or PW:B. That might have saved a death but on we went.

 The next trash double pulled and we wiped. I FD to avoid dying completely and the Priest is able to Fade but he then aggros a crap ton of troggs. The tank and other DPS are running in and they get stuck in the Priest’s Trogg mess only to die again. So now it’s me and this Priest waiting on everyone to get back. (Apparently rezzing the dead is against his religion because it was the Ret Pally who rezzed everyone.)

 I take a look at the Priest. I’m sad he didn’t log out in his “healing” set but essentially it’s a Shadow PvE set with a mixture of PvP pieces and no Spirit on it, whatsoever. Well, no wonder he was going OOM at every pull. I’m amazed he made it the whole first bit of the dungeon.

 Everyone gets back and buffed and we pull the big elementals and we wipe because the Priest refuses to cleanse the Shadow Prison debuff from the tank and the really nice Ret Pally. I politely tell Fail! Priest that he needs to cleanse the debuff. His response was “she stood in the goop didn’t she?” I explain that it’s a debuff and not something you stand in. People get it cast on them at random and it needs to be cleansed off.

 The Elemental Shaman said something of “he’s a Kingslayer, listen to him”. I’m a “she” but anyways… I tell them that my main is a Disc Priest and you have to cleanse that off people or they die if they move. The Priest says “lulz” and the Shaman goes on to say that Lich King is a difficult fight and to listen to someone with experience. I thank the Shaman for that. I only wear Kingslayer on my Hunter because the only other title she has is “the Patient” and that’s kinda lame. (Our tank, incidentally, had the “Starcaller” title but no one acknowledged that the tank was also a raider.)

 We go to pull again. Again the tank gets the Shadow Prison and again there is no cleanse. We wipe. Then comes this tirade from the Shaman as we are running back. I am so disappointed I didn’t send myself the SS of it but I’ll get it posted. She said something like: “I am sure you have 10 85s and I’m sure they are all Kingslaying Gladiators and everyone screws up but gawd fucking damn have some common sense”. I’m pretty sure that’s what she said.

 I don’t like that she lumped me in Fail! Priest. She is from the same guild as Fail! Priest and is on his 3v3 team. (Here’s her Armory but I don’t know about Shaman:

 I love looking at Fail! Priest’s armory. His 2v2 team is called “FailBot” and his 3v3 team is “I Just Had Seckz”. (Oh yes, it will be reported when I get home.) I get that he PvPs but he’s not even “doing it right”, at least from a gear standpoint. Everyone knows that you double dip with the gear sets to get the optimum amount of resilience. He’s loosing 400 resil by not getting some of the healing set and he’s loosing the spirit for hit rating. He only has one piece with +hit on it so he’s running with a measly 0.70% hit. The hit cap for PvP is 4%. He’s gemmed and enchanted spell pen but he doesn’t have the hit to back it up. Spell pen means nothing on targets that you can’t hit. With 2 pieces of the healing gear he could be above 3K resil and have almost the hit cap.

 I looked at his achievements and he dinged level 10 on 08 Dec 10 so he still might be learning or this is someone who switched mains in the expansion. Maybe he was a Priest before and wanted a Worgen but didn’t want to pay for a race change.

 Either way, he was an idiot when I tried to give him some basic advice. It is normally more efficient to cleanse the tank than to wipe. I guess this most basic of concepts is lost on some people. I would have thought a PvP Priest, of all people, would know how much easier life can be without multiple debuffs flying around.  

Priests like that are depressing. There really is only one cure for that and I don’t mean more cowbell.

Dancing Foxeh


EDIT: Here’s the screen shots of the Shaman’s tirade. I didn’t have time to crop them down before leaving for work. Shiny tiger pet is so cool!

Tanking 101

It’s AB weekend and my baby Hunter is soaking up massive amounts of XP there. The only problem with this is that my adorable little wolf, Corey, falls behind on levels since he doesn’t get the same XP. This means I have to haul his fluffy butt in some random dungeons. Bright and I Q’d for the random and got BRD – Prison, a nice short one. The first time we had a butt pulling Warrior who lost this thunderclap and taunt abilities. The second was a bear who didn’t know what Swipe is. He used Maul so at least he knows that. Bad tanks make even a 10 min BRD run take ages. I am sure they will be good tanks with a little guidance.

Here’s my list of tips for new tanks:

1) Do not butt pull. Pull with an ability or you get no threat on those mobs and immediately loose them when a DPS hits them or the healer gets aggro from healing. Same with auto attack – they generate no threat whatsoever.

2) Please find your AOE ability in your spellbook. Add it to you cast bars. Look for things like Swipe, Consecrate, Thuderclap and Death and Decay. Use them liberally and whenever they are off CD if you have more than one mob on you.

3) Look at your party’s mana bars, especially the healer. If I see the Mage sitting to drink, I’ll give them a second before rushing into the next pack. DPS play a vital part of the group just like a healer. It would take me ages to kill a pack if it was just me and the healer hitting them. Wait a few seconds and shave minutes off a run by waiting for mana.

4) Make sure you have aggro on caster mobs or make an LOS pull to bring them to melee range. Caster mobs away from the main pack are most likely to peel off and munch on the healer.

5) Turn the bad things away from the group. Mobs like Abominations and snakes should always be faced away since they spew poison and disease – making more work for the healer. It is good practice to turn all mobs away since kitty Druids and Rogues have abilities that only hit the backs of mobs.

6) Do not let the mobs get behind you. They do more damage to you if they are attacking your behind. The best way to do this is to take a few steps backwards. They will automatically get positioned in front of you.

7) Pull mobs out of the bad stuff on the floor so your DPS doesn’t have to stand in it, too. This would be anything on the floor that isn’t the same color and/or pattern as the rest of the floor.

8 ) Once you have all the mobs in front of you and out of bad stuff, stay put. Don’t drag them all around the room and out of DPS range. Stay your ass in one safe spot so that DPS can channel whatever and kill them quick so you can move on to the next pack.

9) Know where your healer is at all times. This goes with watching their mana bar. Do not go into another room to pull unless the healer is with you. A healer drinking in another room way over yonder during a pull is just a recipe of disaster unless you over gear the content by a significant margin.


My baby Hunter hit Level 40 this morning and I have been working towards her level 80 gear. My Druid is a leather worker so I can make some really nice stuff for her – including the 264 boots and legs. I have spent some time farming leather and arctic furs in Zul’Drak here and there. I have been running my daily heroics to get Frost Badges for the P Saronites for the crafted stuff. (I have enough for 7 so far – should have enough to make the gear by the time I hit 80.)

I have done this with both of my two level 80 alts. It never occurred for me to do it any differently. I knew I was going to hit 80 with them from around level 30 or so. I had 50-odd levels to get my ducks in a row. I did my research and found out what crafted stuff I could get. I was lucky to be part of a guild with crafters that had most of what I needed so I farmed the mats or bought them on the AH for cheap. My Druid dinged 80 with almost 2 full gear sets – feral and resto. I just needed to do heroics for off pieces and upgrades. Weapons were an issue, as well. I think I used that level 77 polearm for a couple of weeks before the feral staff dropped in heroic VH.

My Pally was pretty easy to gear since I was only ever Holy with her. Kells made me all the plate things I needed and I got the mail boot pattern for my Druid to make for her

I was able to jump right into the ICC 5 mans with both of them – minutes after I hit level 80. All the gear I had amassed over the weeks of leveling had been gemmed and enchanted – ready to be put on. When I knew 80 was close, I even put the gear in my bags. Amazingly enough, I dinged 80 on both my Druid and Pally in Culling of Stratholme. I asked my party to give me a second and I put on all my level 80 gear right then and there. Then we finished the instance…

It is just natural for me to do this preparation because it’s what I do all the time. My bags are full with trinkets, different buff foods or flasks for every situation. Don’t have enough haste? I have stuff for that. We’re on Dreamwalker – I have spellpower food and flasks. I need some extra mp5 – put on Tears of the Vanquished and drink a Pure Mojo flask.

I can’t imagine someone else not doing at least some little bit of preparation. Even my Priest had stuff prepared for 80 and she was my first character ever.

Which brings me to today…  

The random dungeon finder is everything that isn’t random. I’ve been stuck with DTK for the last week or so. I zoned in and said hello to everyone. They were a nice chatty bunch – a change from most pugs. The DK tank had around 30k health with my King’s buff – no big deal. She wasn’t getting crit on so all the better. I notice the casters off the bunch are taking a lot of damage. Both Mage and ‘Lock are standing in the black pancakes of doom. I asked them to exit them – which they did. They even made some pancake jokes. That’s why I say something so absurd about those void zones because it gets people’s attention and they move most of the time. The tank didn’t turn the aboms away (no one ever does) before the first boss.

We get to the first boss. And it takes FOREVER to kill him. I mean a LONG time. I look at my fellow puggies. The tank is around 4200 GS and the DPS were all kicking at around 2300 GS. The Mage is rocking the T9 shoulders over the BOA chest and staff. The tiny ‘Lock was all in quest rewards and stuff I had honestly never seen before. Nothing gemmed or enchanted. The kitty Druid was the same way but his stuff was gemmed and enchanted. He managed his aggro really well where the casters were constantly pulling off the baby DK tank.

We troop on to the second boss. Everyone but the Mage is downstairs fighting the adds. I run up the stairs to help the Mage out because she’s getting eaten alive by those sissy mobs. She’s only got like 13K health and not doing much damage so I start DPSing the mobs. I look over and she’s almost dead after 2 or 3 hits. She didn’t Iceblock or Blink away from them. She must have trusted me to heal her up rather than giving me an inch to get it done.

I’m in the middle of a Holy Light cast when she dies. I was still mostly raid buffed with my haste food and my haste elixir – sitting at almost 900 haste. I felt like it was the first day hitting level 15 and not having any haste at all – trying to heal a chain pulling tank with no mana. They were taking SO much damage that I could barely keep up. The heals that seemed so fast before seemed to take ages to reach their target. Even instant Holy Shocks and Flash of Lights took ages to land. Time slowed down and my hand clinched my mouse so hard to actually hurt my fingers. I don’t think I blinked the entire time I was in there.

The tank was doing so well and everyone was so earnest that I couldn’t just leave them, regardless of my aching hand and shot vision. I rez’d the Mage after a 4 minute boss fight and apologized for her death. The ‘Lock sent me a tell saying that “she should have been on the bottom” and it was her fault she died. He said everyone should be on the ground floor because that’s the way he did it “once before”. I explained to him there should be 2 people up top and 2 people on the floor for adds. He didn’t say anything after that.

We went to King Dred with surprisingly no problems. The little hallway up to the last boss was pretty nice. I was still healing my tail off. Maybe I had gotten used to them by then – I don’t know. They were super nice people and I was so happy when the Druid got the arpen trinket that dropped. I really got behind those people and rooted for them.

But… damn people… Could you not have prepared to hit 80? Especially you, Ms. Mage. You are in BOA’s so this isn’t your first character. I can understand not getting a Merlin’s Robe or the 226 crafted chest because of gold restrictions. There is a really decent blue cloth chest that’s BOE that you can get on the AH pretty cheap – at least get one of those!

I know Heroics are to gear people. But there is a difference between people who prepare for stuff and people who just waltz into them, waiting to be carried. I am so torn because they were really nice people and I have no idea what they are going through in real life – maybe they didn’t have much time to play. On the other hand, it’s not like they didn’t have time to get prepared for level 80 because they spent how much time to get to 80 in the first place? You can’t tell me that they were taken by surprise when level 80 hit and thought… oh, wow I didn’t see that coming…

Dear Tanks pt 2:

Dear Tanks:

When tanking my instance, please wear PVE gear and not PVP gear. Badges are easy to get. One would say easier to get than the mass amount of honor/arena points needed to get a full purple PVP set. And by full set, I also mean the boots and the belt. A full Relentless tank makes my brain hurt. If you have that much time to play, get some fucking regular gear. How about rolling need on those blue plate tank legs that just dropped? See that stat called “defense”? You need that and lots of it.  Don’t forget expertise, either. You need that, too.

Now, I know that PVP gear has lots of stamina on it but the only tank that should be stacking stamina is a bear. Even then there comes a point when you don’t need it. I have dropped higher stam pieces in order to get more armor penetration or attack power to help my threat. Tanking is about a lot more than Stamina.

No Love,

The “Elitist” Disco Priest that carries 3 gear sets on her at all times.

PS –> You lay Consecration *before* the mobs are dead… not after. ><

Am I an Elitist?

Early this morning, I was in H UP with Bright and Krakkle on my Holy Pally. I still needed my Daily Heroic so off we went. Bright was on his Boomkin and Krakkle on his ‘Lock. We got a PUG tank with around 23K health. No problem, I thought. The first pull he gets hammered… badly… I look at his gear – all blues and quest rewards. He evidently just turned 80 since he only had 2 pieces of level 80 gear, which is fine in itself. I know that everyone starts somewhere. Not everyone has a rich main that can outfit a new 80 in all purples right off the bat. He was nowhere near def cap and normally I would have told him to leave but I was tired and wanted to get to bed. I knew between Bright and Krakkle the mobs would die very quickly. I just had to keep this baby tank alive long enough for them to kill the mobs. The tank spoke mostly in gibberish consisting of the letters D and T and F. I don’t know if he didn’t speak English or couldn’t type or what. But, that’s what it was.  

I had to make sure I had 100% uptime of Sacred Shield. If SS dropped, I (and the tank) was in a world of hurt. I nearly lost him a few times when my SS went down for a split second while I healed another party member. We got through Skadi with Bright’s Boomkin tanking most of it. He survived the whirlwind better than the tank could have, I think.

I had to BOP Bright a few times and spam heal Krakkle a few times. I actually lost Bright on a pack of mobs that feared everyone. Stupid tank kept pulling as I tried to rez him. I had to tell the tank to stop and hope he knew what I was trying to say. His response was “my bad – dead guy” followed by some gibberish.

I asked the tank to please gem/enchant what gear he had in the future. His response was “Fuk that” and something about gems being 200g apiece. I get that but he could have gotten some cheap blue gems, they go for around 20-30g on my server, sometimes less.
Do these things make me an “Elitist”?

Proper Spec and Glyphs

Proper gear – meaning gems, enchants and stats in order

I think these are things everyone should strive for. Gems and enchants aren’t optional when running with a group. If you are out questing on your own, go for it. I know I’ve run around Hellfire with gear missing gems/enchants but I was by myself… I didn’t inflict myself on a group of people who took the time/money to better themselves.

Yes, I raid. I enjoy raiding and put a few good attempts at the Lich King last week. I take pride in my toons because I spent a lot of time on them. We did an alt ICC 10 run the other day and I healed it as a tree. I was able to pick up a few really nice upgrades for my Resto set. I am not ashamed of my Resto set anymore. I actually healed it without Innervate on constant CD like I was before. My spell power is a lot better and my regen is easily twice what it was now. I learned to calm down on the HOTs and let them roll. Wild Growth really is awesome but I kept looking for my Beacon.

My point is: you get what you put into it. I can’t imagine the groups after mine will be as lenient on that tank as mine was. I can remember quite a few healers that let me have it when I was a fresh bear tank. I did nothing wrong but aggro was difficult for me and I was a bit slow at times. I was very unsure of myself and lacked a certain “air” of a tank.

Tanks are the default leaders of parties – like it or not. They are the ones charging ahead and taking the hits – physically leading the group into battle. The rest of the group looks to the tank for guidance on what pace the run will take. I think a lot of new tanks don’t realize this. If the tank is in disarray, the rest of party starts to fall apart. The DPS aren’t able to do their jobs at the best of their abilities due to the fear of pulling off the tank and dying. The Healer struggles to keep up with the mass damage the party is taking and to keep the tank up. Then people get forced into survival mode and tempers flair – making for an unpleasant run for everyone.

Anyways, if making my characters be the best they can be with what tools I have available makes me an elitist, sign me up. I refuse to inflict myself onto a group of total strangers just trying to have fun the way they want to – by not having to worry about the little things like if the tank is def capped or if the healer has enough mana or regen to run a dungeon.

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