Brawler’s Guild

Being at the Black Market Auction House on a PvP server is quite a harrowing experience sometimes. If we know there is a guildie going for something specific, we will go help whittle down the competion of the Horde people there. I’m a positive they do the same thing to us. There was a near riot when Ashes of Alar was up for sale a few weeks ago. One Horde Paladin had to time his bids for when his bubble was up.

My visits to the BMAH usually involve me circling around it on my mount, determining that it is safe for me to land, checking my gear to ensure I have the right set on, landing, bubbling to get the speed run increase, clicking and reading very quickly what is there. I then GTFO because, let’s face it, I am a free honor kill for most people. I usually get hit and my first reaction is OH GOD as my fingers forget any spells on my bars. By the time I get myself together, I am running back to my body thinking about what I should have done.

I had been trying to get my Blood Soaked Invitation for several days when I had enough of waiting at the AH of PvP doom. I quickly put my bid in for 50k and went to bed fully expecting to be out bid by the time I woke up.

I didn’t get out bid the entire day or night. This was my day off from work so I had a lot of time on my hands. I would play a little bit, then take a break – checking my mobile armory to see if I had gotten any mail. I watched all of the first season of “Downton Abbey” and still hadn’t been outbid. My heart started to hope that maybe I would get the invite.

I logged in about 30 mins before midnight server time and flew over to the BMAH to see for myself. I was still the high bidder on one invite with less than 30 minutes to go. My heart started pounding, I may acutally get it.

I stood there in shadow with my healing PvP gear on and hoped no one would mess with me. I then saw several Horde people flying back and forth to the mailbox at the Inn. They were bidding against each other on an invite that was dangerously close to mine at 30-48k. I stood my ground, clicking off and on. I knew I would get a mail telling me that I was outbid but I stayed there – Horde be damned.

I don’t normally mess with Horde people unless they mess with me. Here comes this goblin shadow priest laughing at me and hit me with SW:P. Oh no, bitches. I did not take it. I went after his ass with everything I had. I was surrounded by at least 5 Horde and I feared them and then bust out a Halo. Only that goblin was attacking me. I got his ass, too (with some help from a Paladin healing me). Right as I got a killing blow, I won my invite to the Brawler’s Guild. I was elated!

I got the Bloodsoaked Invitation out of the mailbox with trembling hands and took the portal to Stormwind. I clicked on my invite and instead of giving me a quest it gave me an achievement. Confused, I carried on to the Tram. I talked to the Brawler’s Guild Queue Worgen and got ready for my first fight.

I really enjoyed watching other people fight. Apparently they form raid groups so you can have as many raid buffs as you can get before your match. I didn’t know this so I decined the group invite.

The message on my screen said I was next in line and then suddenly I was in the arena facing a crocolisk with 1 mil health. Not too bad, I thought. He charged at me. Someone whispered me about buffing them and I was promptly eaten.

I was so embarrased that I could not show my face in there the rest of the night. It was only the next day that I went back to beat the crockolisk. I’m still rank one.

I wouldn’t say that was the best 50k I’ve ever spent. /cry

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ellie
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 07:37:36

    Funny post! I still haven’t gotten an invite, may try again later. That’s interesting info about the raids, though; I didn’t know that either.


  2. Gwendel
    Aug 30, 2013 @ 01:11:04

    Gwendel from Wyrmrest Accord here. You should make more posts. Or if you quit WoW, you should come back. Your guides during Cata were awesome to help me get started in Disc PvP. Just recently I started a no-pressure PvP guild Horde side.


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