So Far, So Good

It’s been 2 weeks since my move to Ner’zhul. I’ve only been killed by a Horde person 4 times, three times by the same rogue at the Klaxxi QM.

Being on a high population server has taken a little while to adjust to. I really took Skywall for granted in a few aspects and didn’t even know it at the time. Quest mobs can be scarce when there are 30 or more people after the same small goat herd. I have yet to find more than one Dark Soil at a time. There is much more competion for fishing pools – took forever to get a stack of Jade Lungfish last night.

In some ways being on a high pop server is pretty nice. I always have someone to talk to because the guild just has more people. The auction house business is robust and I’ve made over 45k since transferring. More people means more need for enchanting scrolls and epic gear – I am carving out a nice profit here.

The raiding is a lot of fun, too. I was shocked to learn that I am the only girl on my 25 MAN team. I thought that surely, statistically, there would be more than just me. But, for now, I am the only one. I can hang with the boys so it’s not much of an issue. (I was also the only girl on my 10 man team but we had several girls that would fill in on a regular basis.) Talking on Mumble that first time was pretty funny – they all dropped camp fires so I would “have something to do”.

We are stuck on Elegon right now. Disc is so broken. It was bad before but with the healing stress of Elegon I really feel like I’m not pulling my weight. I’ve gotten a lot of upgrades and my spirit is now over 9k but I doesn’t matter how much I have, I always need more. I’m always casting but I don’t seem to budge on the healing chart. I found part of the problem was that Skada wasn’t tracking Atonement heals but now that it’s fixed I still don’t see a big leap. I’m used to not being the top heals but during the same fight our Monk does at least 4-5 million more. I really hope it gets fixed soon.


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