I’m Starting to Like this PvP Server

Today I killed my first Hordie out in the world.

It was that damn Marmot Tillers Daily, too. An Undead Warlock decided to try to kill me as I was oh-so-carefully stomping the Mook-Mooks. He must not have seen the other 5 Alliance people behind me talking to the Hozen guy.

I noticed a de-buff and thought, “what the heck is that?” I moused over it. I turned around and there was a Lock hitting me with spells. I silenced him and dotted him up. My fellow Alliance also got in on the action and between all of us, he died pretty quickly. I felt pretty good about my fellow faction players for helping me out. 🙂

I smushed my alloted 25 Mook-Mooks and took off back to Halfhill. On one of my quest givers was a Tauren on the TLPD who wasn’t moving. I ran around and rotated my camera at all angles, trying to turn in my quest when I see the Tauren go sailing across the screen! An Alliance Deathknight had deathgripped him away from the quest giver. Freaking sweet.


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