Movin’ on Up

 After some much unneeded guild drama for the past 2 or so months, I found myself on the WoW forums looking for another guild. I did so with a heavy heart because I have some friends that are very dear to me that I didn’t want to leave. The recent advent of CRZ and groups made my decision much easier. I know that if I want to see my buddies again, I can group with them and it will be just fine.

I found a 25 man guild on Ner’zhul in need of a Disc Priest. I hem’d and haw’d for several weeks before replying to their post and then app’ing to the guild. I kept thinking things would get better once MoP hit. I wanted to keep my options open. But, things did not improve, they got worse.

Now here I am on a brand new server with a brand new guild with 300-odd people I don’t know yet. Did I mention this is a PvP server? I didn’t realize it was a PvP server until after I got accepted. I love to PvP inside battlegrounds but out in the world is a whole nother story. I was scared; how am I going to get my dailies done and my Loremaster achieves with people trying to kill me constantly?!

Last night was my first time ever on a PvP server. I asked my new guildies if I should wear my PvP gear or my PvE gear? They told me they rarely get killed doing dailies. I was hopeful. I am a total n00b at Shadow Pv-whatever.

I mounted up on my new Ruby Panther and flew over to the Golden Pagoda. I got my quests and noted the piles of bones by the quest givers. “Oh, dear” I thought, “those Pandas look so serene next to the carnage”. Suddenly a Tauren Druid appeared next to me. I tensed. I waited. I didn’t breathe. My mouse hovered over the Silence spell – just in case. Nothing happened – they went about their business and paid no attention to me. I started to calm down a little. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

One of the dailies was for the behemoth. I pulled him myself and was doing ok until those little spirit guys decided to aggro to me. I hit my Mind Sear, thinking nothing of it, and proceeded to hit a Troll Hunter and his pet. He was helping me kill that behemoth, too. I felt terrible. I had to run away because my Vuhdo settings didn’t transfer between servers and I didn’t have the keybinds I am used to. I got up on my mount and flew to the top of the Pagoda, thinking I would be safe there for a minute to reset the Vuhdo. Think again. That Troll came after me with some of his friends. I didn’t know what hit me. I couldn’t get my body back so I got 10 minutes of Res Sickness for my trouble.

My first death on a PvP server taught me a few things:

1) DO NOT AOE. EVER. Multi-dot but don’t trust Tab-Targeting. You can’t take a dot back once you hit someone with it.

2) Don’t think that being up high will save you.

3) My farm is the bestest place to AFK since no one can see me. Farmer Yoon, save me!

4) Make sure you are clicking the quest giver and not the Horde person standing on top of the quest giver. Don’t click if your pointer is a little sword!

5) Not every Horde person is out to get you. I am positive they just want to get their mountain of dailies done just like I do. That said, there are some jack asses in the world who will mess with me eventually.

I didn’t die today doing dailies because I was exceedingly careful. I will be so glad when I get to exalted and I won’t have to be around a lot of people.

Speaking of a lot of people, there are a shit ton of people on Ner’zhul. I would maybe see a handful of people on Skywall out and about. I am up to my eyeballs in people here. I can’t see the ground in Halfhill because there are so many people. So many opportunities for me to mis-click and get myself in trouble. (The Marmot Mook-Mook Tillers daily was particularly harrowing.)

My first day on Ner’zhul was eventful. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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  1. Az
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 00:33:27

    Thankfully you aren’t on Illidan. I totally get wpvp, but some people will corpse camp until you want to punch a baby. Good luck with the new guild!


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