MoP: What can I do at Max Level?

The Blues have said they wanted to make more content for max level characters. They did this with a whole lot of dailies. Don’t let the word “dailes” scare you off. Yes they give you rep and are repeatable but they are a whole new monster compared to old style dailies. They took the best of the Molten Front and improved on it.

So now that you’ve hit 90, are dailies the only thing left to you? Not really. Here is what I really enjoyed doing at 90 on the beta.  

1) My Own Personal Farm

I have to provide the food for the raids my guild does because no one else wants to. (sigh) The best way to go about getting the enormous amounts of mats needed will be to have your own farm from The Tillers and maybe even a farm on your alt(s). There will be different feasts that will feed 10 and 25 man raid groups. The 25 man recipes take a lot more in the way of mats, up to 100 of whatever kind you need.

I really love my little farm. I can’t really put it into words how much I love it. I like that it is phased so that only I can see it – nobody can mess with my crops. And I feel like it is a good place to come home to after a long day. Eventually, I had my own little stray dog that I nursed back to health and nice furniture in my house. I could even /pet my dog and he would respond.

The Tillers will give you all sorts of goodies for your farm when you make friends with them. (The best being the mailbox and live stock.) They even give you a funny little goat mount to ride in 3 colors.

2) Lorewalkers Rep Quests/Archeology

Another fun thing is finding the artifacts all over the world for various stories of Pandaria. This is a really neat way of providing lore on their own but once you complete an achievement, Lorewalker Cho will send you a quest item in the mail.

Once you take the item to Lorewalker Cho, it’s time to sit back and watch the story unfold. A little cutscene type of event will start and he will tell you the full story of whatever it was you found. He will tell you about the orgins of the Wandering Isle and how a few Pandarans left to see the world. He will tell you about the Mogu and how they enslaved the Pandaran people. He has many stories to tell as long as you have the willpower to find the artifacts.

The best part about the Lorewalker’s stories are that you can watch them at any time. The Library in the Seat of Knowledge will start to fill up as you find more and more artifacts. If you want to see a specific item, go find it on one of the shelves. If you want to relive a particular story, talk to Cho who will be more than happy to tell it to you again.

In the same area is the archeology daily for Valor Points and a bit of gold. You can turn in your Panda/Mogu artifacts for relics of the other races so you don’t need to leave the new continent. Archeology leveling is a lot faster now that you can dig in a smaller, more compact landmass. If you already have all the rares from the other races, you can buy a map that will shuffle your dig sites on Pandaria. (There’s a Mogu dig site in the northern part of the Jade Forest that is a bitch because it’s so huge and so many hostile mobs running around.)

3) Heroics

Heroics are challenging but not so challenging that they will take hours out of your day like early Cata heroics did. They are fun and they are short without a feeling of “that’s it?” Blizz nailed the right amount of content for each one. The bosses are interesting again and the gear looks really nice.

4) Scenarios

I did a few scenarios and I liked them. This may be why I think Theramore is so terrible. The other scenarios are really a lot of fun and are interesting. I wish Blizz wouldn’t have introduced the populace as a whole to scenarios with Theramore, the weakest one. I call it weak in terms of story and overall game play.

The other scenarios have questlines associated with them. You know why you are doing what you’re doing. You know why there are guys trying to crash your beer party because you did the questline and you got to know the town’s people.

5) Dailies

The dailies run the gamut of difficult (Golden Lotus) to unnessisarily punishing (Shado-Pan) to super easy (Anglers/Tillers). There are dailies for every kind of player. I only have an hour to play before work so I could do my farm and Tillers and cooking dailies before I left. They are light and fun so I don’t get overly frustrated before coming to work. When I get home, I have time to spend on the more punishing dailies from the Shando-Pan.

Dailies should be optional (or very close to optional) for most people by the time they finish the major questlines if all they want are the rep epics.

I would suggest to anyone who wants to see the whole story behind the new continent to do the dailies in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Everyday the people there have new trials and hardships to face from the invading Mogu so the quests reflect what is going on. (The Forlone Spire in Hyjal really annoyed me. I didn’t think we should have to destroy that spire every damn day. Did the fire elements sneak in while the Druids were alseep to rebuild their tower every, single night? You would think someone would have made a schedule for a night watch after the first couple of times. /rant)

6) Everything Else

Of course there will be leveling professions, raiding, LFR and new battlegrounds to play. I didn’t get too far into those because I wanted to save at least something to be a suprise when it goes live.

But, again, take your time whatever you choose to do. We are going to be 90 for a good while.


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