How to MoP, Day One

The release of Pandaria is coming closer and closer with each passing day. I am happy I was able to take part in the beta and get a good understanding of what is going to be happening that first day. I wasn’t in the Cata beta so I relied on others’ experiences to make heads or tails of what I should be doing.

Here is a list of my best suggestions to make 85-90 go as smoothly as possible.

1) Log in, head straight for your profession trainers!

I know you are going to be all hopped up on Moutain Dew and tacos in the dead of the night when the servers come up. I know you are going to want to take the first air ship to Pandaria and straight into new content. But, stop for a second and get your professions trained up. It can be really frustrating to spot a node and not getting any skill points for it. Nodes are going to be difficult to find with all the competition so make it count.

2) Disenchant/sell everything you don’t need. You are going to need all the bag space you can muster. Upgrade your bags if you have the gold.


Cooking mats drop from mobs in zones now. For example, Witch Berries will drop from the little fairy looking guys. Before you can set up your own farm at level 90, there is no other way to obtain them. Save them even if you are not going to level cooking – sell them on the AH or toss them in the guild bank for those of us who are.

Cooking is very complicated this expac and extremely time consuming. Don’t try to do all of the specialties at once. Pick the one that is best for your spec and class first. Then, if you are a completist, like me, pick one at a time to level.

While you are cooking, save whatever you make even if you can’t use it. There are people you can befriend in the Tillers faction that love them some home cooking and offer quests to gain rep by making them food. Also, there is a daily quest for the cloud serpent riders that requires you to make Fish Cakes – one of the basic cooking leveling recipes.

4) Get the flight point to your new capital city ASAP.

You don’t have to wait for the quest line for the opening of the gates to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in order to reach our new capital cities. There is a “great wall” that runs across Panadaria’s western midsection. Get yourself up on the wall and fall into the zone. The new cities are just past the big mogu guys in the center of the Vale (the same guys on the log in screen). Horde on one side and Alliance on the other with Mogu’shan Palace and The Lorewalkers in the middle. This may be a death run if you’re still 85ish but worth the convience it provides later (central hub, trainers, vendors and flying trainer for level 90). Set your hearth here. On the beta there are portals to the old world cities much like Dalaran in Wrath. Also the cooking quest hub of Halfhill Market (and your farm) is just a short flight away.

4) Save some achievements for 90, after you have your flying.

The first rep I am going to actively work on is The Lorewalkers. It involves finding artifacts from all over Pandaria for quest items. I am not going to work very hard on this until after I can fly. Some of these artifacts are difficult to get to and flying will make it that much easier and faster.

5) If you want rep in the fastest way possible, do all the quests before hitting up the dailies.

The epics for sale from each faction are available at honored and revered. You should get at least honored from doing all the 85-90 quests. The new tabbards will not work the same way as Wrath and Cata ones. They are rewards and not for grinding rep in dungeons.

6) Don’t try to do everything at once.

The amount of daily quests available at 90 is truly amazing. Pick one faction at a time. We are going to be in Pandaria at least another year and half to two years.

Take your time. Enjoy the story. Look at all the beautiful scenery that Blizz created. Get your money’s worth. You paid for an entire game and not just raiding/PvP or whatever else you perfer. Yes, we all want to rush to 90 but sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination.


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