Mists of Pandaria Discipline Priest Heroic Shopping List

Mists is a little over a month away so now is a good time to plan ahead. The loot tables are mostly done. Each beta build brings us closer and closer to the final product. The beta is widly different now than it was a few months ago.

The first thing to address will be stat choices. What are we going to have to stack this time around? I am here to tell you that Intellect is no longer king of the hill. Spirit, at this gear level at least, will be what we want the most of. Intellect does not adjust your mana pool anymore, it is the stat of spellpower and crit. At level 90, I have 300K mana and that will be all I have from here on out.

Rapture procs are about Spirit and not Intellect. We like juicy Rapture procs so stack spirit. I’m not saying dump everything into Spirit but we need to have it on nearly every piece of gear. Gem and enchant for it if  you have to. There will never be a time in a heroic when you think, “damn I have too much spirit”.

Stats will look like:

Spirit – Haste – Int – Mastery – Crit – Stam

I’m not going to get into the JP and VP Vendors on this list. The gear from heroics is a lot better and it will take a good while to get the Valor and the rep to even purchase that gear. (I’m sure we will all be rocking JP stuff to make the minium item level for heroics when the expac goes live.)


Fallout Filtering Hood  This is our best choice because of the Haste and a nice socket bonus. It drops from Saboteur Kip’tilak, the third boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.

Whitemane’s Embroidered Chapeau Another good choice if you can’t get any better. There’s no Spirit but it does have some nice Haste. It drops off of High Inquisitor Whitemane in Scarlet Monestary. 


Regal Silk Shoulderpads These are the only blue cloth shoulders with Spirit. They come from the first boss of Mogushan Palace.

Shoulders of the Engulfing Wind These are another choice because of the Haste. They drop from the last boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.


There are no heroic drops of chest pieces with spirit. There is a quest reward Mending Robes of the Golden Lotus.

Robes of Fevered Dreams This will be about the best you can do from dungeons. The other cloth chest is a DPS cloth with hit rating.

The best thing to do is get the crafted epic chest, Robes of Creation. It takes 6 Imperial Silk so expect to pay a pretty penny for it if you aren’t a tailor.


Bombardment Bracers This is the best option for us. Nice tasty Haste and Spirit. They drop from Commander Vo’jak, I want to say the second boss of Siege of Nuizoa Temple.

Frenzyswarm Bracers Are a good second choice. They drop from the last boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.


Fermenting Belt The only belt with Spirit. Drops from the last boss of Stormstout Brewery.

The other two blue dungeon belts have hit rating with crit or mastery.


Cloak of Hidden Flasks This is an interesting option. I dont think I’ve seen a cloak quite like that before. This is the only dungeon drop with Spirit. Drops from Hopptallus, the second boss of Stormstout Brewery.

Cape of Entanglement Is another option. Drops from Liu Flameheart, the third boss of Temple of the Jade Serpent.


Breesebinder Handwraps For dungeon drops only, this is the best bet. Haste and Spirit on the same item. It drops from General Pa’valak, the second boss of Siege of Niuzao Temple.

Paralyzing Gloves A good alternative to the ones above. They drop from the Sha of Doubt in Temple of the Jade Serpent.

Another good option is the crafted epic Gloves of Creation. They take 4 Imperial Silk so they shouldn’t set you back as much as the crafted chest. But they should last you a good while until you can get your tier.


Leggings of the Hallowed Fire The only legs with spirit. They come from High Inquisitor Whitemane in Scarlet Monastery.

Leggins of the Frenzy Is an option, no Spirit but some nice Haste. They come from Commander Ri’mok, second boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.


Flameheart Sandals Again, the only Dungeon blue with spirit. Drops from Liu Flameheart, the third boss of Temple of the Jade Serpent.

Soulbinder Treads Another good drop with Haste but be prepared to fight the DPS for them. They come from the first boss of Mogushan Palace.


Necklace of Disorientation We have a few options for our neck slot. I would pick mastery over crit. This one drops from the Sha of Violence in Shado Pan Monestary.

Mindcapture Pendant Is the one with the crit. It come from the first boss of Mogushan Palace.


Viscous Ring Spirit and Haste make this the best. Drops from Commander Ri’mok, second boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.

Beastbinder Ring Here’s the only other ring with Spirit on it. It comes from Houndmaster Braun in Scarlet Monestary.

Ring of Malice Is another good choice, no Spirit but has Haste. It drops from Taran Zhu, fourth boss of Shado Pan Monestary.

Alemental Seal Very similar to the Ring of Malice, this one has more Haste. Drops from the last boss of Stormstout Brewery.


Vial of Ichorous Blood This is my favorite trinket. It’s a “use” trinket. Combine it with shielding the tank for a larger Rapture proc. Rapture procs are normally around 9k but with the effect of this trinket its closer to 14k mana back. This is a must have. Get it from General Pa’Valak, the third boss of Siege of Niuzao Temple.

Price of Progress Here is your other blue BiS trinket. Get it from Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance. I haven’t seen it for myself yet so I don’t know the proc rate. Looks like the new version of Tears of of the Vanquished from five man ToC.

Empty Fruit Barrel Is a good choice if you are terribly light on Spirit. It drops from Ook-Ook, the first boss of Stormstout Brewery.

Vision of the Predator Could be viable for a heavy Smite/PW: Solace caster like me. Take it only if your caster dps doesn’t need it.