Extreme First Impressions, MoP Beta

I couldn’t wait any longer than it took for 4 gigs to download. It said playable so off I went for about an hour.

Here’s what I noticed so far:

1) We don’t have use for wands anymore. I vendored the 3 in my bags. That ToGC wand that’s my Void Storage will suffer a similar fate even though it was my first heroic raid loot.

Boo! No wands!

2) The talents are no-brainers for Disc. The glyphs are shit. Everything they didn’t make a passive ability, they made into a glyph. It’s boring and doesn’t really contribute to the game right now. Reflective shield is an example of a glyph. We needed it in some fashion but we are lagging behind in the “fun” department.

3) Spirit Shell is odd. Two second cast time and I don’t seem to get to use it. I’ve attacked random mobs with it on me and they don’t do enough damage to me cause the heal effect because they don’t break in the few seconds it is up. Power Word: Shield is still much more useful, it just for questing. My opinion may change once I heal a group.

4) Flash Heal and Greater Heal cost the exact same mana, 6k.

5) My mana pool is 102K. On live servers it is around 146K. They only thing I am missing as far as gear goes is the wand.

6) Disc is a viable leveling spec. The wasp mobs I was hitting were 155k health and they went down fast with just Penance, Smite and Holy Fire. Smite hits for about 12K on a normal hit and then crits for 25K. I’ve seen Penance ticks for 12-18K and 30K crits. We can definitely work with this for leveling.

7) Penance works with Atonement. It is glorious.

8) No Holy Nova to speak of. I don’t know if it’s a bug or intended. I hope it’s a bug. I liked my Holy Nova.

9) AOE looting is really great. Took me a few mobs and some confusion to realize what was happening. I kept running back and forth because I knew I didn’t click on each of them.

10) I have found the most beautiful place in WoW.

The Arboretum, Jade Forest


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  1. Gwendel
    Apr 19, 2012 @ 23:25:07

    I was reading about them wanting to “normalize” healer mana pools around 100k mana. And making regen the thing healers build primarily for. So that means no more stacking for a larger mana pool on Disc.

    And yeah they are doing away with the ranged weapon/relic/wand slot. I think wands will become main hands for the classes that could use them. Hunters are losing the “dead zone” and will no longer need melee weapons.


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