Extreme First Impressions, MoP Beta

I couldn’t wait any longer than it took for 4 gigs to download. It said playable so off I went for about an hour.

Here’s what I noticed so far:

1) We don’t have use for wands anymore. I vendored the 3 in my bags. That ToGC wand that’s my Void Storage will suffer a similar fate even though it was my first heroic raid loot.

Boo! No wands!

2) The talents are no-brainers for Disc. The glyphs are shit. Everything they didn’t make a passive ability, they made into a glyph. It’s boring and doesn’t really contribute to the game right now. Reflective shield is an example of a glyph. We needed it in some fashion but we are lagging behind in the “fun” department.

3) Spirit Shell is odd. Two second cast time and I don’t seem to get to use it. I’ve attacked random mobs with it on me and they don’t do enough damage to me cause the heal effect because they don’t break in the few seconds it is up. Power Word: Shield is still much more useful, it just for questing. My opinion may change once I heal a group.

4) Flash Heal and Greater Heal cost the exact same mana, 6k.

5) My mana pool is 102K. On live servers it is around 146K. They only thing I am missing as far as gear goes is the wand.

6) Disc is a viable leveling spec. The wasp mobs I was hitting were 155k health and they went down fast with just Penance, Smite and Holy Fire. Smite hits for about 12K on a normal hit and then crits for 25K. I’ve seen Penance ticks for 12-18K and 30K crits. We can definitely work with this for leveling.

7) Penance works with Atonement. It is glorious.

8) No Holy Nova to speak of. I don’t know if it’s a bug or intended. I hope it’s a bug. I liked my Holy Nova.

9) AOE looting is really great. Took me a few mobs and some confusion to realize what was happening. I kept running back and forth because I knew I didn’t click on each of them.

10) I have found the most beautiful place in WoW.

The Arboretum, Jade Forest

I am in the MoP Beta!

Blizzard apparently did a stealth wave of beta invites tonight with no Blue Post. I had been reading MMO Champ on my cell phone during my lunch break and had read that people were getting invites. I still had another few hours of my shift before I could leave. The next few hours was me reading more and more forum posts of people getting invites. I had to sneak my phone under my desk because I’m not supposed to have it out during work. I’m sure I looked terribly obvious to anyone looking at me.

So, here I am at home, beta invite in hand, trying not to bounce off the walls and wake my neighbors.

Now, I wait. I’m getting nearly 1 MB download speed so maybe it will be playable soon. Time to get comfy on the couch and finally finish up the second book of “The Hunger Games” while I wait. I think I have some ice cream in the freezer…

So I’ve Noticed Something…

Ysera is the only dragon Aspect that came to the raid fully prepared. Look at her epics!

Nozdormu forgot his raid gear in the bank and needs a summon back

I bet she even spent all day fishing for the fish feasts.

Kalec's too sexy for his gear, so sexy it hurts

Beta Invite Blues

Dear Blizzard,

Last night you sent out another 250k beta invites to us Annual Pass (AP) subscribers. This brings the total to around 800k. Earlier this year it was revealed that a hair over a million people had signed up for the AP. Then once beta opened, you told us that the invites would go out based on when we signed up and for how long the account had been active.

That last bit was a little distressing because I’ve only had my own account for around 2 years. But, during those years I have spent at least a thousand dollars on various WoW related things including key chairs, T-shirts, plushies, 2 Blizz cons passes, an authenticator and damn near every pet and mount on the Blizzard pet store. I also purchased a second account to obtain the RAF rocket mount. My account has never lapsed nor have I had a black mark for in-game conduct or even a forum ban.

I am the perfect customer in terms of raw revenue for Blizzard. I am normally a happy customer. But today I am a little riled about the beta invite process.

I understand on an intellectual level that one million people at once would crash a small beta server. I also understand that the beta isn’t “complete” and there’s not much content past the Panda start zone and the two high level zones. I also understand there’s no NDA on this beta and I can watch Youtube videos and or read spoiler articles until my eyes bleed. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Simon and Lewis and Jesse Cox and WowCrendor traverse the new world but it just isn’t the same as if I was there myself with my own friends.

My best friend got his beta invite on the first wave of invites after the small initial wave. I thought that made sense. He’s had his account since shortly after the game launched but didn’t sign up for the AP until a few days after it was announced. I thought maybe it had evened out but then I remembered that he has been in every beta since BC so odds are that he would have been in the MoP beta regardless.

So far, my bestie is the only person I know with a beta invite. None of guildies in Third Watch or Outnumbered have an invite. My circle of friends isn’t very big but you would have thought that out of eight hundred thousand people, that SOMEONE I know would have an invite.

Who are the people getting the invites? WoW Ladies LJ forum raised the question a few weeks ago to try to determine who had been invited. Only a handful of that very large group had invites. People are also posting on MMO Champ and WoW Insider that they have invites. But the amount of people saying they don’t have an invite is so much larger than people who do have invites. Could this just be because the people who don’t have it are more apt to speak out? People will always complain more than they will if something good happens to them.

Honestly, I am tired of refreshing MMO Champion every night, waiting on news of the next beta invite wave only to be disappointed. With each wave I text my bestie and say “I hope it’s me this time!”. Now that they have 80% done, it has to be me! Am I so far down the totem pole that I will be the last one invited?

I don’t think it’s the actual beta itself that drives me. I just want the invite. People like to feel part of something larger than they are, that someone or a group of someone’s care about them. If I had my invitation, I would feel like Blizzard cares about me. They care about me because I have given their game a chunk of my life and quite a bit of my disposable income and will do so for at least the next year.

Blizzard had made strides so that every class will bring something to the table. They want people to feel important; that because you play a Priest you can still go to the raid/5 man/ PvP because Paladins/Druids/Shaman aren’t the end all be all of healers and you can still make a difference. A Paladin is no more important than a Druid. Everyone is on the same level and we can do anything with what we already have. You want to raid with 3 healing Priests, 2 feral Druids and the rest Hunters? Go, down some bosses! It might not be ideal but it’s workable.

The whole beta invite process has left me feeling unimportant.


The formally important Disco Priest


EDIT! Blizzard is not without a sense of humor. I got home tonight only to see that I had a beta invite… alas, not the right one…