Lich King vs Deathwing: Which Fight was Better?

I’ve been thinking about the differences in the Lich King and the Deathwing fights.

 I remember taking 20 or so minutes to explain the Lich King fight to people:

 “Okay guys, we are going to start out of the far right platform where the ice is. The Lich King is going to be tanked over here and then there are going to be giant adds that spawn over here – OT pick those up. Once the adds come out, there will be a disease that hits someone. That person will have to run over to the giant adds and wait to be dispelled. Don’t stand in front of the adds! During all of this, there will be Infest on everyone and healers will need to keep everyone over %80. Then LH will run to the center and shoot evil ice balls. Don’t get hit by the ice balls! Don’t stand in front of the raging spirits that spawn! The platform will fall away and we all run to the middle. Don’t get hit by any ice balls on the way in! Stack for the Val’kyr that will kidnap someone. SPREAD OUT! SLOW THE VALK! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT STAND IN THE DEFILE!!!! Collapse for next Valk. Kill the Valk! DPS HARDER, she likes healers! Spread out. WATCH THAT DAMN DEFILE! RUN AWAY FROM THE DEFILE! Transition phase again, watch out for flying balls. If you get sucked into the sword, either heal the King or DPS the evil spirit in there. DO NOT LET HIM DIE! SPREAD FOR DEFILE! And then we all die. DO NOT RELEASE! Enjoy your new title and (possible) weapon.”

 To explain the Deathwing fight:

 “Okay guys, we are going to start on this platform. Switch targets whenever the new bad comes out. Give the tank a chance to hit the tentacle first. Run and hit your space bar – this is the most important part, don’t die to the platform boss. Go to the next platform – rinse and repeat. Another platform, same as before. Last platform, stay out of the middle and single target blistering tentacles. And on the platform where Deathwing’s ugly mug is: kill adds, DPS Deathwing’s face, kill more adds and back to that ugly face you have wanted to kill since he torched you that last time in Twilight Highlands. Enjoy your new title and (possible) weapon.”

 I think Lich King was much, much harder than Deathwing. Of course I’m not counting the Spine of Deathwing but only Deathwing himself. If you survive 15 minutes on Spine, you win. Not too hard there.

 I remember the toil and the agony of Lich King attempts. I remember attempting to use a downgraded PW:S in order to get Rapture procs. When that didn’t work, I found myself rocking old trinkets like Tears of the Vanquished or even my Benediction to try to salvage my mana regen because my bubbles just would not break. This was before they changed the way Rapture proc’d and if I did it right, I could bubble everyone for Infest and then make all of mana back during the transition phases.

 Every waking moment outside of game was spent researching the LK fight. I watched so many videos and read so many blog posts on the subject. I was on the official forums and the Plus Heal forums daily. I gobbled up everything I could possibly find about it. We would spend a great deal of time discussing the fight before each pull. We tried everything we could think of. My guild didn’t down him until a few weeks before Cataclysm. We needed full heroic ICC 10 gear and a 30% buff to do it. We spent months on our attempts before we got him.

 Fast forward to the here and now in a world that has the LFR. I had killed Deathwing multiple times before ever getting to him in a normal mode raid. I knew a bit of what to expect before I got to him. It took me two attempts to kill him.

 How did I prepare for normal mode DW? I put my T12 in my bags in case I needed some mana regen. My first attempt was in raider finder T13. I was a little low on mana towards the end but I thought I would like a little wiggle room so I put on my T12 for the next attempt. We downed him and I had around 13k mana left when he finally died.

 I didn’t watch any videos. I didn’t read any strats on the fight. Granted, It came rather suddenly. I was asked to fill a spot in another guild’s raid in the wee hours of the morning. I was about to log off and go to bed when Lagz said he needed a healer for Spine and Madness. I was saved up to Ultra so I was game. I just wanted to see it on normal mode more than anything. I never expected to down the final boss of an entire expansion in two attempts.

 Downing the Lich King was a glorious thing. It was the culmination of several months, perhaps even a year, of work. I remember feeling like I had actually worked for it. I felt a giant weight lifted off my shoulders – the world seemed lighter, more vibrant. I sat back in my seat and took a deep breath as tears streamed down my face. No one moved for a very long time. No one cared what loot he dropped – we were just happy that we had met our goal.

 I just don’t feel the same way about Deathwing. I don’t think it was because of the raid finder. I think it was because the fight was too damn easy to begin with. Lich King was an intricate dance that everyone had to be near perfect on in order to kill him. Deathwing – not so much. I think the very last boss of an expansion should also be the most challenging. I would like to have made more attempts on Deathwing then say, Ragnaros or even Cho’gal.


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  1. Gwendel
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 19:15:31

    When my realm killed Deathwing within the first 2 weeks of the patch I knew then it was too easy. Wyrmrest Accord is one of the worst realms for raiding. The few guilds that do raid can go through and one shot all of the normal Dragon Soul bosses in a single sitting. I stopped raiding after Tier 11. But I remember it was well into patch 4.1 by the time one of the Alliance raiding guilds got Nefarian down.

    So yeah Deathwing is an easy fight. However imagine if Spine and Madness were put into one encounter with a crazy transition in between. Now that would probably be to difficult. I bet the heroic Deathwing is difficult. My realm also got the first heroic 25 man Lich King in March 2011. (Yeah we suck)

    I started playing again in September 2010 and started raiding a bit before 4.1 launched. But I have gone back to do ICC for the achievements and yeah LK felt hard even though I outgeared the hell out of it. there was so much percent based damage and so many one shot mechanics there compared to a lot of the Cataclysm raids. It only took one or two people standing in Defile to wipe the raid. They wouldn’t want to put mechanics like that in LFR difficulty pug raids.


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