How be Number One in LFR Heals, Disco Priest Edition

So the LFR has been a really big hit. I love getting 2 FPS.

And with LFR comes that horrible realization that you are in a PUG, not just any PUG, a giant, out for blood PUG where meters are everything. We have all seen the uproar against people who aren’t making the grade because of some arbitrary number that is completely subjective. A raider is going to have a much different idea of what a “good number” is going to be over someone who just does 5 mans.

So how does one top the meters as a Disco Priest? We aren’t known to blaze up the charts, well the overall healing chart anyways. But, that’s the only one most people look at. Most people don’t look at the absorbs.

1) Learn to Love the Atonement Heals

Spec Atonement/Archangel and Power Infusion. Never, ever give your PI to a DPS. Save it for yourself. Use it every, single CD. PI + Smite = Big Heals. Especially useful on switching target bosses. But, make sure you are 15 yards away so you don’t heal yourself and loose half the heal. Bonus points for healing that Holy Paladin or Hunter pet still on the boss while everyone else switches. (Don’t you just love seeing all 6 heals smacking that slime boss when everyone else is clear across the room? Me too, it amuses me.)

Speaking of slime boss, don’t forget to pop your wings after he’s sucked all the mana from the raid. Other people can’t heal if they don’t have any mana!

2) Do NOT Stand in other people’s AOE heals!

That lovely green stuff the Druid just threw down? Run away! I know it looks soft and comfy, but don’t do it! Hell, Life Grip a poor bastard out of it for maximum effect. This goes for Healing Rain and whatever Holy Priests do. (I really have no idea what it’s called but I hate it).

3) Prayer of Mending on CD.

You should be doing this anyway! Also, bonus points for overwriting that other Priest’s POM. Wait until they cast it and then cast your own on the same target.

4) HoTs

Renew for everyone! Maximize with that haste proc from your trinket, Heroism or Power Infusion. And for all that’s holy (eh), glyph that Prayer of Healing. MOAR HoTs!


WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Bounce around like a cracked out idiot for full effect.

6) Eliminate the Competition.

Life Grip other healers into the frost ring on Hagara. You should have 2 chances to do this if you time it right.

I am positive there are other good uses for Life Grip – perhaps Gripping that annoying Resto Druid using Tranquility on CD (regardless of it we need it or not).

7) Stand on the Light Well

That way one else can see it. Bonus points if you have something like a Vrykul Drinking Horn or anything else that makes you BIGGER. Not that anyone ever uses it to begin with but you must be sure! Your spot in the raid depends on it!

See, it works!

All joking aside, just do your job. You know if you are doing the right thing or not. You know if you got up to make a sandwich on Spine and left it to the other healers for half the fight.

oh, look! A cow on a giant chicken!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gwendel
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 00:52:25

    I loved the new post.

    You forgot about keeping your bubble on both the tanks. If there is another Disc priest in my raid I normally tell them I will only bubble one tank if they don’t bubble that target. Then I always steal their tank and keep all the rapture regen to myself. I am still sitting at full mana when all the other healers are almost OOM while pulling the same numbers as them.

    That is a good reminder I usually never use PI in PvE because I often forget about it.


  2. Gwendel
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 21:01:18

    Oh hey your blog is back. Why did it go down?


    • tobeume
      Feb 17, 2012 @ 22:39:41

      For some reason, WordPress thought my blog was violating the Terms of Service and trying to sell stuff. It took a while to get them to fix their mistake. But, I’m back now!


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