Dear Thrall,

 I see you’ve come quite far in this expansion. You’ve transcended the entire Horde vs Alliance dynamic to become a “World Hero” (supposedly). You have gained immense power, even filling in for the Aspect of Earth with the Dragon Aspects. The Aspect of Magic, Kalecgos, was even you personal taxi at one point. You found a suitable mate and are about to be a father. Times are good for you right now.

This immense power that you have gained from substitute Aspect of Earth also makes you able to resurrect fallen Red Dragon Flight members!


The power of a Dragon Aspect is truly an awesome thing to behold!

But, apparently it only works on dragons and not on your fallen Earthen Ring brethren.

Stormcaller Jalara, gone too soon

These were the people that took you in when you were still a novice and taught you how to be a better Shaman and a better person. These were no nameless people that you left to die on the road to Wyrmrest Temple. They rebuilt the World Pillar in Deepholm despite the initial hostilities of Therazane, the Stonemother. They held the line in Twilight Highlands as spawn of the Old Gods threatened to rip it apart.

These Shaman were your peers, you confidants and friends. You left them to die and didn’t even say a damn thing – but you brought a random Red Dragon back to life to fly you around.

Good job, Thrall, way to be an ass.