Dear Diary,

After a hard fought defeat of Ragnaros the Fire Lord, the guild’s supply of fish was waning. My trusty steed and I took to the skies of Twilight Highlands to seek out the rarest of all fish, the Highland Guppy. We found a few pools and I began fishing in earnest – lest some other person try to ninja my pools.

I cast my line into the calm waters like I had a million times before and patiently waited for a fish to jump on the hook. I must have found the most quiet spot in the Highlands for there were no warring Orcs or Dwarves and most certainly not any evil black dragons.

Little did I know that far above me Death, himself, was lurking and seeking revenge for the recently vanquished Ragnaros. Or maybe he wanted Worgen BBQ – either way.

The sky turned red. The air stunk of burning flesh. Small animals scattered in every direction and one very pissed off Worgen shook her furred fist at the heavens.

Deathwing 11, Tobe 0


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