I am beyond words

Sometimes you need to let people dig their own graves. I zoned into ZA on my Hunter to get some Valor for my bracers… Chaos ensued after the tank demanded a timed run and the healer said to kick them because they didn’t want a timed run. I refuse to do timed runs when I’m healing in a pug as well. That is something you do with your guild or friends from your own server.

Here we have Hiatus from the guild Freak Show of Uldum A-US:

(Armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/uldum/hiatus/simple)

EDIT! Hiatus has sent me some lovely notes saying he was g kicked from his guild (good for them!) but did not receive a ban. I don’t believe it.

Hyjal: Where is Broll Bearmantle?

Hyjal is akin to an arena rock band reunion but with the most notable Druids ever. Everywhere we look we run into a Hamuul Runetotem or an Archdruid Malfurion and even in the new zones we meet Fandral Staghelm. But one very powerful Druid is suspiciously missing: Broll Bearmantle.

Where on Azeroth is Broll Bearmantle?

For those who do not know, Broll is a Night Elf Druid and was lucky enough to have antlers growing from his forehead in the Malfurion fashion. I won’t go into minute detail but he was one of King Varian’s traveling companions and fellow enslaved gladiator after the Black Dragon Onyxia split Varian’s personality. He’s quite a tragic figure in the lore after agonizing over the loss of his only daughter, Anessa, he was only able to shift into his bear form. But, he’s ok now. He helped Tyrande navigate the Emerald Dream/Nightmare in the book “Stormrage” and helped to free Malfurion from the evil it contained.

All in all, he is a pivotal figure in Druidic lore but he has only been in the game twice. He was in the pre-WotLK event in Stormwind and he was present during the Battle for the Undercity event with King Varian. WoW Wiki has an interesting passage about him in the Cataclysm expansion. “In Cataclysm, Broll Bearmantle will be present in the Cenarion Enclave, Darnassus. He will most likely take Fandral Staghelm’s place, as he recovers in the Moonglade.”

Wow! That last sentence holds a lot of things for us to speculate on.

First of all, is Broll going to be the new Night Elf Archdruid? He most certainly has the power and the experience to lead the Druids of Darnassus. But, does he want the position? He doesn’t strike me as the kind of person that is ready to settle down with that much responsibility. He seems to enjoy his freedom and his time away from other people.

Second of all, why would Fandral be in Moonglade “recovering”? It looks to me that we kill him pretty well in the Firelands Raid. Could it be that he is not really dead? Have the Druids spirited him away to Moonglade without anyone knowing? Perhaps they found a way to save him from his madness.

But then again, the above information is from the old WoW Wiki and not the more up to date WoW Pedia so things might have changed since when it was first published.

We do catch a glimpse of him on the Protectors of Hyjal daily quest. But he is only there in supporting fashion just like Linken or Chromie. While it is fun to see him it’s very frustrating to those of us who are waiting for him to make a larger appearance – which most likely will not happen in this expansion as 4.3 is Dragon-orientated.

Like King Varian asked in Wolfheart: “Broll, where are you?”