PTR 4.3 Successful Transmorgification

Its really hard to get around the new Ethereal NPCs in Stormwind right now because of all the people. My FPS dropped to 5-7 in there. If you are wondering, they are in SW in the Cathedral District on the canal side next to the ruined portion of the city.

Its pretty easy to do. You need to have the gear in your bags that you want to “wear”. You click on the NPC and a character screen comes up. You just drag your old gear from you bags to the corresponding slot on the character screen. I did my gloves, chest, belt, shoulders and staff for a touch over 112 gold.

Once its put on you can look and see your current gear with the name of the “old” gear. So, if you see something on someone else that you like, you can inspect them to find out what that particular item is.

I am modeling the T10 cloth DPS pieces


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