PTR 4.3 Successful Transmorgification

Its really hard to get around the new Ethereal NPCs in Stormwind right now because of all the people. My FPS dropped to 5-7 in there. If you are wondering, they are in SW in the Cathedral District on the canal side next to the ruined portion of the city.

Its pretty easy to do. You need to have the gear in your bags that you want to “wear”. You click on the NPC and a character screen comes up. You just drag your old gear from you bags to the corresponding slot on the character screen. I did my gloves, chest, belt, shoulders and staff for a touch over 112 gold.

Once its put on you can look and see your current gear with the name of the “old” gear. So, if you see something on someone else that you like, you can inspect them to find out what that particular item is.

I am modeling the T10 cloth DPS pieces


Greetings from the 4.3 PTR

So I logged into the new PTR today and this is what I saw:

No sure what happened but it scared the shit out of me. Luckily I got back to normal in a few minutes. The PvP gear I am wearing is not rendering correctly, either.

But here is the “new” Divine Aegis graphic.

not impressed

Petrified Pickled Egg, Great Trinket or Greatest?

Brewfest is again on us. I’m not stressing out this year because I have the mounts and the achievements. Ram Racing is my aboslute favorite part, providing I don’t think about the ram that I’m beating bloody.

With Brewfest comes some pretty nice trinkets. I cried when I had to give up the original version of the Petrified Pickled Egg. I’m pretty sure I didn’t replace it until well into ICC. That is a testiment of either how much I loved it or how much of a n00b I used to be. The orignial stats on it were +84 INT and proc of 505 Haste. This was at a time when Holy Paladins were over the moon at 676 Haste so a proc of 505 was next to godly.

But, this was also before Borrowed Time was nerfed and Disc Priests didn’t care about Haste as much as we do now. But, I’ve always been the odd girl out and Haste was always fun for me to play around with to make that Flash Heal damn near instant.

Now we have a new Egg with +340 INT and a Haste proc of 2040. Right now I’m at 10.87% Haste after some really awesome Fireland upgrades. I tend not to go out of my way for Haste much anymore since I have a pocket Boomkin for the 5% Haste buff.

But, let me tell you that when that thing procs, my Haste shoots up to around 30% (minus Boomkin). Per WoWPedia, I can get another extra tick of Renew at 37.5%. Apparently after 12.5% haste, it takes an additional 25% haste to get more Renew ticks. Interesting!

I’m not crazy enough to reforge all the way into Haste for an extra, extra tick of Renew but it is interesting to think about. What before was absolutely unatainable is now just a few percent points away under the right conditions.

When compaired with other trinkets available in current level content it is the best all around, especially with Disc’s lame Mastery. Haste will effect all heals and the GCD while Mastery is just strength of shields. I dropped my Moonwell Chalice in favor of the Egg. I am currently running with Core of Ripeness and the Egg. I have not been this happy with trinkets since I was running with Tears of the Vanquished and the original Egg.

Brewfest really is the best time of year!