Battle Ground Jerks, Episode One

The Battle of Gilneas is a new BG that came with Cata. As such, the terrain is beautiful and to me it has a nice spooky atmosphere. I really enjoy it most of the time. It’s a strategic flag style game like Arathi Basin but with only 3 nodes. Sometimes you get GY camped but not too often.

I tend to enjoy my time spent in the BG fighting for my fellow Gilneans but sometimes people can get a bit out of hand.

This particular battle we were totally dominated by the Horde. I mean we were devestated from the get go. The Horde had some 80ish honor kills to our 15ish at the end. We met a premade and it showed.

So said Lucious of Spirestone and Zarien of Windrunner of our current state of defeat:

I had honestly never heard of “bad” being used as an insult until WoW. Of course, I heard it on the playground when I was a wee thing but it went out of style by the time I hit Junior High. Imagine my surprise when I get to Skywall and people call each other “bads” all the time. I just can’t take these people seriously and it makes me laugh everything someone hurls it as an insult. I feel that a statement in which one calls another a “bad” should be accompained by the sticking out of tongues and running away.

I would like to also point out the Druid standing behind me. He is cleverly named “Druid” and his gear is a sad state of affairs.

I think a trinket or two would help

I know everyone needs to start out somewhere. He’s got one PvP ring so he’s trying at least a little. There are a few trinkets he could put in there. He could have at least the level 60ish PvP trinket from the Honor Hold quest to take the three world PvP areas in Hellfire. Maybe a heirloom trinket or a drop or a quest item? JUST SOMETHING. The ranged/relic slot could have been filled by the cheap crafted Inscription item. Also, no gems or enchants on anything.


While we are at flag based BGs we cannot forget the cauldron of seathing rage that is Arathi Basin.

Urisx of Firetree, BG poet

I’m sorry but a : D doesn’t make up for using the phrase “ass rape” in ANY context, especially in a GAME of all places.

New Series: Battle Ground Jerks

We’ve all been there, its 600 points to the Horde’s 1500 in Eye of the Storm. Most of the team is more concerned with running the flag and farming kills in the middle than capturing the bases and we are going to loose because of it. There’s one person who has been shouting out in-comings the whole time and trying to make the other 14 people focus on winning the game. Then, something inside them breaks. The BG chat is filled with expletives and racial slurs directed in every direction to who ever will read it. Other people get upset and all out war of words is being waged in the chat while the Horde takes an easy win.

Or maybe its Arathi Basin and we just can’t keep that 3rd base for very long and someone explodes about how bad the rest of us are. How we should all just quit the game right now because we are (insert profanity here). Perhaps we are in WSG and the one person with any resilience gear decides to run the flag and gets chewed out because of it.

In any BG there will almost always be a jerk that thinks they can control other human beings and make them do what they want. If not, they develop a horrible case of nerd rage and ruin everyone’s experience.

In this new series, I will be chronicling every jerk I run into in BGs. The amount of jerk to rational people ratio has shifted dramatically to the “jerk” side of the spectrum these past few weeks. And frankly, I’m tired of it. These people need to be held accountable for their bad behavior and yes, I will be calling people out by name and server.