The Healing Nightmare that is Warden’s Vigil

So I have drunk the Tol Barad Kool-Aid and now I do it every time it is up on my server. I almost always find myself at Warden’s Vigil. WV has the distinction of being the worst place on healers in probably any BG with its horrible line of sight issues. I’m sure it wasn’t designed to be a pain on healers specifically but was built that way to give the zone a distinctive style. Regardless of the reason, we still have to heal at Warden’s Vigil or risk a loss. We can’t stop doing what we do because it’s difficult.

Let’s take a look at the building itself.

There are at least 3, probably 4, different planes on which people may stand to do whatever it is that they do. There’s an expansive ground area in the front with columns that may also cause a line of sight issue. The next higher up plane would be the dual stair cases and the little midsection before another stair case in the middle leading up to the flag. The flag area is highest plane and it is capped with a building that we do not have access to.

Around the edge of the flag area is a ledge that is separate and higher than the floor with the flag.

So where is the optimal area for people to stand in order to give or receive heals? We have to take into account that you can get out of range the flag pretty easily if you choose the ground in front of the building. So I’m going to say the ground is not the best place for most people. If I stand on the ground, I will be LOS to the people on the building that are fighting near the actual flag.

The flag itself also poses a problem in that the area it is on is very small. The flag area in both the other zones, ICG and Slags, is very open – allowing for maximum use of the space (and wandering of people away from the flag). I could stand on the flag and heal people in front of me and to the sides up to the sides of the smaller building up there. But, I wouldn’t be able to heal people standing on the ledge around the flags.

In my opinion the best place to stand is on the platform between the dual stair cases. I can run a few yards in any direction and hit people standing on the ground, on the flag or the staircase behind me. It’s not perfect by any means but it allows for maximum healing radius.

Don't forget to check your map!

I don’t worry about the people out in the boonies. As I tell them all the time, if you want heals – fight on the flag.


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