Patch 4.2 First Impressions

 I got home last night only to be asked to step in on Nefarian. We killed him. Then we went to do the same to Al’Akir – who is now dead. We have our new shiny titles and Dark Phoenix mounts. The patch has been pretty good to me so far.

Lagz and I did the Thrall questline together on our Hunters for the cloaks. I should have known it would be an uphill struggle when I saw all the skeletons strewn around the first platform that Aggra is on. I foolishly thought that Lagz had aggro’d the big mobs and that’s what killed him. In a healer-induced moment, I decided to try to rez him with my Jumper Cables. Wrong move. I got PvP flagged. On my Priest I would have kicked some major ass but on my Hunter I didn’t have a clue what to do. I was taken from behind by a goglin rogue. Lagz laughed at me and said he was waiting for his flag to wear off before rez’ing. This started a cycle of waiting as a ghost for my flag to wear off before I could keep going with my quest. We finally completed it but it was a total pain in the ass. I still need to do it on my Priest but I am disappointed there’s no spirit/healer cloak up for grabs.

Hyjal is fun and I’ll go into my problem with it in detail probably tomorrow. I really liked turning into a wolf during one of the dailies. It was unexpected and whimsical – something the game needs more of.

The best part of Hyjal? Nozdormu.

Holy Dragon-man nipples, Batman!

He’s a total ass. He’s self centered and cares nothing about Azeroth or the people on it. He’s out for number one but damn if he isn’t fine.


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