Tobe’s Guide to Stealing the Horde’s Fires

The Fire Festival is upon us again. I confess to being a little lazy last year and not honoring the fires to get the pet. So this year I find myself out and about gathering them up. It is so much easier now that we can fly around to the different places.

I’m just going to go over the city flames here because there are too many to count in the world. Frankly, the only time I have been attacked over the fires has been in the capital cities. Then again, an epic Disc Priest with 3500-odd resil and 134K health can be a bit daunting to take on. 😛

Here is the absolute easiest way to go about getting the fires: ride the zeppelins. I am being completely serious here. Get your butt on the top of the balloon and chill out before assaulting the other faction’s flames.

Start out at the very top of the Eastern Kingdoms at the Zul’Aman flight point. Grab the flames in the Blood Elf areas and make your way up toSilvermoonCity. The guards at the entrance will kill you and they are immune to fear so you can’t really get them off of you. Holy Nova only does so much so die and run back. You can rez pretty easily where you die so mount up and run through Murder Row on your way to the Court of the Sun. Run counterclockwise around the little pond there to shake off the guards you picked up along the way. Steal the flame and run back to the ZA flight point, continue getting the individual flames until you get WPL.

Once you get the WPL flames make your way to Brill and Undercity. UC is the easiest to get, in my opinion. Some people say Silvermoon is the easiest but I died in Silvermoon. Fly over the city and swoop down on top of the flame. I have the auto-dismount turned on so I get within a few yards of it and bubble myself. I get dismounted right on the flame and grab it up quickly.

Mount up and fly to the zeppelin towers outside of the city. Find the zeppelin that goes to Orgrimmar (mouse over the goblins, one will have Orgrimmar in his name) and make yourself comfortable on top of the balloon. None of the guards or the zep’s crew will bother you. Now you can ride right into the heart of Orgrimmar and very close to the flames.

Once you get to Orgrimmar, get on the Zeppelin to Thunderbluff. Yes this is a detour but it’s worth the wait. Fly up really high so you don’t get tagged. No one generally looks up so as long as you are far away from the flying city guards you should be fine.

You’re going to take the scenic route to Thunderbluff, enjoy the ride. It’s faster than flying on your own. The best thing about this is that the flame is a few yards from where the Zeppelin docks in Spirit Rise. Do the swoop method from before and if you are lucky, you can grab the flame and get back on the zep with no one the wiser.

Now here’s the hard part. Blizz has decided to make the flame pretty hard to get for usAlliancepeeps. They have placed it right next to the Cataclysm zone portals. When you ride the zep it will dump you off one platform/mesa away from the flame. The best thing to do is fly up high and kamikaze yourself into the flame. It will take a few seconds for anyone near it to realize what just happened so you should be able to get the flame. But you most likely won’t make it out alive. You could try to levitate down off that platform but you’ll most likely be dotted up. And you may land in a pile of unfriendly guards. I took the rez sickness – 109 gold in repairs was worth not having to run back and get killed again.

So, there you have it. The secret to getting the Horde flames with minimal fuss.


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