Patch 4.2 Trailer Thoughts

The new trailer is up on YouTube for all to see. Like all raid content trailers it makes the raiding look uber epic and flat out amazing. But, I know in a few months we’ll all be tired of it, especially with only one raid instance in this tier.

I love Thrall so the trailer is like a slice of heaven to me. It gets the point across that Thrall has a large part to play in the patch with out expressly coming out and saying “hey guys, there’s a new epic quest line with Thrall!” (With epic cloak rewards, you would be foolish NOT to do it. Let’s talk about cloaks for a second. The Midsummer Fire Festival is coming the same day as the patch. The holiday boss has 353 cloaks but the Thrall quest line drops way better epic 365 cloaks. Does this make sense? Not really.)

Anyways… The real question is… What does Thrall keep in his man bag?

Could he have some Mulgore Chapstick in there?


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