Why are we Wiping on Old Content?

I’ve been playing my Hunter a lot since my Priest has pretty much gone as far as she can as to gear at this point. I love my Hunter but the new Troll instances can be a total pain so I’ve been doing mostly tier one heroics. It’s old content at this point so most people know what to do – except they don’t do it. Sometimes I think I’m wiping more on old stuff than the new.

It got me thinking about why on earth are we wiping on stuff that’s months old. Are we getting lax in boss mechanics because we over gear the content? Or do we think that because we have done this boss at least 20 times that we can somehow brute force it into submission?

Cataclysm was released on 07 Decemeber 2011. It has been 7 months since release so people have a lot of gear at this point, ever if it’s just the Valor and/or crafted/rep epics. It’s not unusual to see a tank with over 200k health and healers with over 100k mana. The content that was damn near impossible just a few months ago can be cleared in an hour or even less with a decent group. But why is that not happening?

A few things can be blamed for wiping on old content.

1) We think we are geared enough to brute force boss mechanics. Heroics aren’t a 4 man Kara fun run where you can actually brute force the boss mechanics because the boss dies with in a few moments. Heroics still contain bosses like Corla in BRC. No amount of insane DPS numbers is going to prevent an Evolved Zealot from forming if you don’t know when to move in and out of the evil purple light beams. It can’t be done – stop trying.

2) The ubiquitous “GO” person has made a return. At the end of Wrath it could be said that we were most likely all “GO” people because we were accustomed 15-20 minute heroic runs. The Cataclysm came with a renewed sense of patience for people since the content was “new” and everyone was still in the learning stage. Three to four hours in a single heroic was the norm for many of us. I remember the first time a heroic lasted under 2 hours. I was ecstatic! I had carved out 4 hours of my day to run a single heroic and now I had time to do other stuff.

As we became more and more geared and experienced, the length of heroics got seemingly shorter and shorter. People began to loose that patience they had acquired over the first few months of Cata. People, myself included, started to get impatient. Thus began the “GO” people again. Now they insist on the tank chain pulling, regardless of the instance. Some instances this can be accomplished but some still require a good deal of CC and careful pulling. The latter part of Vortex Pinnacle and the hallway leading up to Ozruk in Stonecore are excellent examples of delicate pulls that require a certain amount of finesse not just for the tank but for any potential CC and/or interrupters. When people are constantly pressured by the “GO” person, they get sloppy and make mistakes. This results in the increasing irritation of the “GO” person – leading to bickering and most likely the group falling apart. The end of the group may be the “GO” person’s just desserts but it frustrates and angers the rest of the party.

3) We need to remember that there are new people that come into WoW every day. These new people might have just worked up the nerve to join the random Queue and know next to nothing about the dungeon they are about to run. If these people ask for help it should be freely given. Blaming a new person on a wipe is like saying the polar bears are causing the ice caps to melt. They need time to adjust and learn the fight just like we all did 7 or so months ago.  

4) People not being familiar with other class’s CC abilities would be another good reason for wipes. I’m a Hunter – I am awesome at trapping things that aren’t moving or moving in a slow, predictable path. As such, I need to be the first CC that is placed since mine is on the ground and not targeted like every other class. It can be next to impossible for me to get my mob trapped if the Mage sheeps something before I get my trap off. Sure, I can Distract Shot the mob over to me but then I have to play taunt tug-of-war with the tank who’s just trying to keep aggro on it all. (I’m NOT a Huntard if the Mage is too impatient to wait a few seconds.)

Maybe what I’m getting at is that we all need to stop for a second and have a little patience. We still have at least a year (probably more) in this expansion and it’s too damn early to loose all the precious patience that we gained in December. A little patience may be all that stands in the way of a wipefest or a smooth 45 minute VP run.


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  1. Zinn
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 12:51:13

    My personal experience says it seems to be a lot of your point #3. When I do “old” heroics, I’ve wiped on usually easy bosses, just because my group had abyssmal dps (everyone around 4-5k) or too many just didn’t know tactics. I can only assume that this is because the majority of the group are either new players and/or someones newly dinged alt. Because of how the gear system works, I think many people buy some random lol epics and have them in their bags just to be able to join the heroic queue eventhough their characters gear and skill is clearly lacking (I’ve actually got a friend who has done this). Nonetheless, these people still think that the heroic is faceroll because of how they normally deal with it on their mains and have no patience and try to just rush it through, like you explained.

    I actually prefer to get a group filled with new players rather than old players on their new chars, because the new players at least have the patience to do stuff the old fashioned (and necessary) way.


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