Patch 4.2 First Impressions

 I got home last night only to be asked to step in on Nefarian. We killed him. Then we went to do the same to Al’Akir – who is now dead. We have our new shiny titles and Dark Phoenix mounts. The patch has been pretty good to me so far.

Lagz and I did the Thrall questline together on our Hunters for the cloaks. I should have known it would be an uphill struggle when I saw all the skeletons strewn around the first platform that Aggra is on. I foolishly thought that Lagz had aggro’d the big mobs and that’s what killed him. In a healer-induced moment, I decided to try to rez him with my Jumper Cables. Wrong move. I got PvP flagged. On my Priest I would have kicked some major ass but on my Hunter I didn’t have a clue what to do. I was taken from behind by a goglin rogue. Lagz laughed at me and said he was waiting for his flag to wear off before rez’ing. This started a cycle of waiting as a ghost for my flag to wear off before I could keep going with my quest. We finally completed it but it was a total pain in the ass. I still need to do it on my Priest but I am disappointed there’s no spirit/healer cloak up for grabs.

Hyjal is fun and I’ll go into my problem with it in detail probably tomorrow. I really liked turning into a wolf during one of the dailies. It was unexpected and whimsical – something the game needs more of.

The best part of Hyjal? Nozdormu.

Holy Dragon-man nipples, Batman!

He’s a total ass. He’s self centered and cares nothing about Azeroth or the people on it. He’s out for number one but damn if he isn’t fine.

Tobe’s Guide to Stealing the Horde’s Fires

The Fire Festival is upon us again. I confess to being a little lazy last year and not honoring the fires to get the pet. So this year I find myself out and about gathering them up. It is so much easier now that we can fly around to the different places.

I’m just going to go over the city flames here because there are too many to count in the world. Frankly, the only time I have been attacked over the fires has been in the capital cities. Then again, an epic Disc Priest with 3500-odd resil and 134K health can be a bit daunting to take on. 😛

Here is the absolute easiest way to go about getting the fires: ride the zeppelins. I am being completely serious here. Get your butt on the top of the balloon and chill out before assaulting the other faction’s flames.

Start out at the very top of the Eastern Kingdoms at the Zul’Aman flight point. Grab the flames in the Blood Elf areas and make your way up toSilvermoonCity. The guards at the entrance will kill you and they are immune to fear so you can’t really get them off of you. Holy Nova only does so much so die and run back. You can rez pretty easily where you die so mount up and run through Murder Row on your way to the Court of the Sun. Run counterclockwise around the little pond there to shake off the guards you picked up along the way. Steal the flame and run back to the ZA flight point, continue getting the individual flames until you get WPL.

Once you get the WPL flames make your way to Brill and Undercity. UC is the easiest to get, in my opinion. Some people say Silvermoon is the easiest but I died in Silvermoon. Fly over the city and swoop down on top of the flame. I have the auto-dismount turned on so I get within a few yards of it and bubble myself. I get dismounted right on the flame and grab it up quickly.

Mount up and fly to the zeppelin towers outside of the city. Find the zeppelin that goes to Orgrimmar (mouse over the goblins, one will have Orgrimmar in his name) and make yourself comfortable on top of the balloon. None of the guards or the zep’s crew will bother you. Now you can ride right into the heart of Orgrimmar and very close to the flames.

Once you get to Orgrimmar, get on the Zeppelin to Thunderbluff. Yes this is a detour but it’s worth the wait. Fly up really high so you don’t get tagged. No one generally looks up so as long as you are far away from the flying city guards you should be fine.

You’re going to take the scenic route to Thunderbluff, enjoy the ride. It’s faster than flying on your own. The best thing about this is that the flame is a few yards from where the Zeppelin docks in Spirit Rise. Do the swoop method from before and if you are lucky, you can grab the flame and get back on the zep with no one the wiser.

Now here’s the hard part. Blizz has decided to make the flame pretty hard to get for usAlliancepeeps. They have placed it right next to the Cataclysm zone portals. When you ride the zep it will dump you off one platform/mesa away from the flame. The best thing to do is fly up high and kamikaze yourself into the flame. It will take a few seconds for anyone near it to realize what just happened so you should be able to get the flame. But you most likely won’t make it out alive. You could try to levitate down off that platform but you’ll most likely be dotted up. And you may land in a pile of unfriendly guards. I took the rez sickness – 109 gold in repairs was worth not having to run back and get killed again.

So, there you have it. The secret to getting the Horde flames with minimal fuss.

Raiders Beware!

The Elevator boss has a new enrage ability!


He’s taught the trash to ride the elevator to hunt down fleeing raid members!

They got me 😦


Patch 4.2 Trailer Thoughts

The new trailer is up on YouTube for all to see. Like all raid content trailers it makes the raiding look uber epic and flat out amazing. But, I know in a few months we’ll all be tired of it, especially with only one raid instance in this tier.

I love Thrall so the trailer is like a slice of heaven to me. It gets the point across that Thrall has a large part to play in the patch with out expressly coming out and saying “hey guys, there’s a new epic quest line with Thrall!” (With epic cloak rewards, you would be foolish NOT to do it. Let’s talk about cloaks for a second. The Midsummer Fire Festival is coming the same day as the patch. The holiday boss has 353 cloaks but the Thrall quest line drops way better epic 365 cloaks. Does this make sense? Not really.)

Anyways… The real question is… What does Thrall keep in his man bag?

Could he have some Mulgore Chapstick in there?

I Promise not to Say Anything about Critters ever Again…

… Until they add a pet to the 100K critters killed achievement…

Honestly, I don’t know why I spent about 3 hours grinding over 7K critters in Terroweb Tunnel when I see real life Armadillos every day.

I did learn a few things:

There are 264 critters in that tunnel. It takes about 2 1/2 minutes to Holy Nova the shit out of it and then around 5-6 minutes for it to fully respawn. The critters don’t respawn as the same critter each time. The critters by Gidwin Goldbraids rotated between spiders, roaches and scorpions.  

The river outside has Greater Sagefish schools and Floating Wreckage to fish in. I was working on the guild fishing acheivement at the same time I was killing critters.

Why are we Wiping on Old Content?

I’ve been playing my Hunter a lot since my Priest has pretty much gone as far as she can as to gear at this point. I love my Hunter but the new Troll instances can be a total pain so I’ve been doing mostly tier one heroics. It’s old content at this point so most people know what to do – except they don’t do it. Sometimes I think I’m wiping more on old stuff than the new.

It got me thinking about why on earth are we wiping on stuff that’s months old. Are we getting lax in boss mechanics because we over gear the content? Or do we think that because we have done this boss at least 20 times that we can somehow brute force it into submission?

Cataclysm was released on 07 Decemeber 2011. It has been 7 months since release so people have a lot of gear at this point, ever if it’s just the Valor and/or crafted/rep epics. It’s not unusual to see a tank with over 200k health and healers with over 100k mana. The content that was damn near impossible just a few months ago can be cleared in an hour or even less with a decent group. But why is that not happening?

A few things can be blamed for wiping on old content.

1) We think we are geared enough to brute force boss mechanics. Heroics aren’t a 4 man Kara fun run where you can actually brute force the boss mechanics because the boss dies with in a few moments. Heroics still contain bosses like Corla in BRC. No amount of insane DPS numbers is going to prevent an Evolved Zealot from forming if you don’t know when to move in and out of the evil purple light beams. It can’t be done – stop trying.

2) The ubiquitous “GO” person has made a return. At the end of Wrath it could be said that we were most likely all “GO” people because we were accustomed 15-20 minute heroic runs. The Cataclysm came with a renewed sense of patience for people since the content was “new” and everyone was still in the learning stage. Three to four hours in a single heroic was the norm for many of us. I remember the first time a heroic lasted under 2 hours. I was ecstatic! I had carved out 4 hours of my day to run a single heroic and now I had time to do other stuff.

As we became more and more geared and experienced, the length of heroics got seemingly shorter and shorter. People began to loose that patience they had acquired over the first few months of Cata. People, myself included, started to get impatient. Thus began the “GO” people again. Now they insist on the tank chain pulling, regardless of the instance. Some instances this can be accomplished but some still require a good deal of CC and careful pulling. The latter part of Vortex Pinnacle and the hallway leading up to Ozruk in Stonecore are excellent examples of delicate pulls that require a certain amount of finesse not just for the tank but for any potential CC and/or interrupters. When people are constantly pressured by the “GO” person, they get sloppy and make mistakes. This results in the increasing irritation of the “GO” person – leading to bickering and most likely the group falling apart. The end of the group may be the “GO” person’s just desserts but it frustrates and angers the rest of the party.

3) We need to remember that there are new people that come into WoW every day. These new people might have just worked up the nerve to join the random Queue and know next to nothing about the dungeon they are about to run. If these people ask for help it should be freely given. Blaming a new person on a wipe is like saying the polar bears are causing the ice caps to melt. They need time to adjust and learn the fight just like we all did 7 or so months ago.  

4) People not being familiar with other class’s CC abilities would be another good reason for wipes. I’m a Hunter – I am awesome at trapping things that aren’t moving or moving in a slow, predictable path. As such, I need to be the first CC that is placed since mine is on the ground and not targeted like every other class. It can be next to impossible for me to get my mob trapped if the Mage sheeps something before I get my trap off. Sure, I can Distract Shot the mob over to me but then I have to play taunt tug-of-war with the tank who’s just trying to keep aggro on it all. (I’m NOT a Huntard if the Mage is too impatient to wait a few seconds.)

Maybe what I’m getting at is that we all need to stop for a second and have a little patience. We still have at least a year (probably more) in this expansion and it’s too damn early to loose all the precious patience that we gained in December. A little patience may be all that stands in the way of a wipefest or a smooth 45 minute VP run.