School of Hard Knocks Advice

 Children’s Week is upon us again and with it comes the most mind boggling PvE achievement in School of Hard Knocks. It entails:

*Capture a flag in Eye of the Storm

*Assault a flag inArathiBasin

*Assault a tower inAlteracValley

*Return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch

Yes, I said it’s a PvE achievement but you have to PvP to get it. It will give you the Matron/Patron title and you need it for your purple proto drake (and free 310% flying). This achievement will also ruin the above BGs for a week for anyone that honestly enjoys PvP. Thus, the “real PvPers” will be less than enthused to help anyone with an orphan in tow. If you attempt this achievement know there will be a lot of hate coming in your direction and it very well be the most frustrating thing you will ever do in WoW.

My first bit of advice would be to not do it at all and buy the flying yourself. :p (Back when I did it, it didn’t give the new fast flying but I wanted the proto for the 100 mount achievement.)

But, if you are stubborn or an achievement whore, here are some tips to make it a little less painful.

* Start early. It might very well take you all week to get it done. The harder one in WSG will be the absolute worst to try for so make the most use of your time. Your orphan whistle may last beyond Children’s week it self but you have to be in the week of the event to get credit for completing the objectives. There is no waiting until later to get it done – do it now.

* Prioritize which you do first. Capturing a flag in EotS is by far the easiest. Do that one first followed by assaulting a flag in AB.

* Get your friends together, even better if you have a Paladin friend for Crusader Aura. These are so much easier if you have a few buddies on your side. If one (or more) of your friends is a healer, so much the better.

* Don’t forget to have your orphan out! This shouldn’t be as much of an issue with the non-combat pet change in Patch 4.1. Also, make sure that orphan near you is your own – mark him with a raid marker if you have to.

* DO get some resilience gear. The crafted blues are pretty decent (and cheap) and don’t forget about the Wrath era Flask of Lesser Toughness that will give you a resil buff.

* Do familiarize yourself with the BG maps before going in. Know where all the towers in AV are and watch your map to see when they change hands so that you can (attempt) to grab it up next. (This a good example of needing friends to help out.)

* Make sure you have the achievement tracking turned on so that you know you got credit for whatever it is you tried to do.

Other than that, make sure to take a break if you are stressing out. Don’t sit there in a cesspool of frustration and hatred because you didn’t get to the flag in time or people are mocking your orphan. Go outside for a walk or take your dog for a car ride. Do something to take your mind off it for a while.


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