Disc Priest’s Guide to PvP, Part 4: Usefull Add-ons

PvP is all about split second reaction time and knowing a lot of information at once. There are some add-ons that make our lives a lot easier in both regards. Everyone prefers different add-ons so what I find useful may not be what works for everyone.

*** Healing Add-ons ***


I swear by Vuhdo. I know some people who use mouse over macros or even put their healing spells on their number bars to cast. I think this is inefficient so I have a healing add-on for my party and raid frames. All the information I need to know about my group is collected in neat little boxes that I can customize with thousands of options.

The thing I love about Vuhdo is that it has all the vital information I need and it does what I need it to do very well. I just click my mouse on the person’s box and according to what button I have bound to what spell – it will cast it on that person. I don’t have to pick that toon out in a crowd to click on them or try to hover my mouse pointer over them.

Vuhdo is the green boxes on the right

Also, it has a built in range indicator so I’m not wasting my time trying to heal people who are out of my range. This is especially useful in the really big BGs like AV orStrandof the Ancients. It also has a little arrow on the boxes that indicate which direction that person is in. I can loose my teammates in BGs and the little arrow can lead me to them.

This is AV - notice the people who are out of range are grayed out

The little boxes themselves can be set up to show buffs and debuffs. I have it set to show me where my Prayer of Mending bounces to and how long it has before it expires. This is the same for Renew and the Weakened Soul debuff. It has a little number countdown so I know exactly when I need to recast so I’m not wasting mana. It will also so me incoming heals so that I don’t overheal and waste more mana. If I see a person is getting a heal from the Holy Paladin next to me I know that I can move on to the next person in dire need.

Different mouse clicks and button combinations will cast different spells on the target. For example, my Vuhdo is set up like this: (I have a five button mouse, by the way.)

Left Mouse button: Power Word: Shield

Right Mouse button: Renew

Middle Mouse button: Prayer of Mending

First Mouse button on the side: Binding Heal

Second Mouse button on the side: Pain Suppression

Shift plus Left Mouse button: Penance

Shift plus Right Mouse button: Greater Heal

Shift plus Middle Mouse button: Power Infusion

Shift plus First Mouse button on the side: Flash Heal

Shift plus Second Mouse button on the side: Leap of Faith


Decursive is the gold standard in dispelling harmful debuffs from your group members. It makes a tiny little box for each person. It will make a ding and change the color of the box when someone has something that needs to be dispelled. It will even tell you NOT to dispel certain debuffs like a Warlock’s Corruption spell.

It’s very light weight and is almost invisible until you need it. Like Vuhdo, it also has a range indicator – less mana and less time wasting is always a good thing.

*** Useful for Arena ***

Enemy Raid Frames

Vuhdo has a built in enemy raid frames option but I’ve never tried it before because I use Gladius. Gladius is wonderful for seeing nearly everything about your opponents in Arena. Right out of the gate it will (90% of the time) tell you a person’s class/spec. You will be able to see their exact health and mana/focus. You can click on these frames instead of hunting around with your mouse for the enemy you want to target.

Gladius in the top left side

Gladius has a giant icon to tell you when they have used their PvP trinket and the cool down remainder on it. It also has cast bars – something extremely useful. You definitely want to interrupt healing spells or CC spells with a long cast (Polymorph or Hex). You can call out to you teammates that Holy Paladin is casting Holy Light! Stop them! Or even see the other Priest Mana Burning you so that you can quickly take cover or get out of range.

Gladius will also announce in /party chat various things about your enemies. It may say a person’s name followed by “LOW HEALTH” or “PVP TRINKET”. This is good when you need to switch targets quickly to burn them down. With all the chatter over vent about various things this can be quite welcome or when you get healer tunnel vision while staring at your own party’s frames.

Tidy Plates

You wouldn’t think Tidy Plates would be useful for Arena but it is. It will incorporate cast bars into the name plates and it will tell you who their target is. If you see all 3 of your opponents switching to your Boomkin, you will know that you need to focus all of your heals onto you feathered friend.

When is it OK to Leave a Fail Group?

My Hunter is just barely geared enough to get into the new Troll instances. I had to settle for a Rogue trinket to replace my 333 to push me over the limit. It has a nice Agility proc so it’s not completely wrong for me. The new instances have a plethora of Hunter upgrades so off I went into the wild on my own.

The first one I got was ZG. I’m just going to come right and say that I fucking hate ZG with a passion. Words cannot express how much I hate it. I don’t mind difficulty but people can be real idiots about not learning the boss abilities and/or not standing in the bad shit. I don’t so much as hate the dungeon as I hate the learning curve other people are experiencing with it. I’m convinced ZG is this expansion’s Halls of Reflection, thus far anyway.

I zone into a group that I can’t even remember the composition of except we have a Holy Priest for a healer. I’ve seen quite a few Holy Priests now in ZG and I’m convinced they can’t keep up with the damage. Which is odd seeing as Holy Priests have more raw output than their Disc counterparts. Druids and Shaman don’t have any problems nor do Holy Paladins. It’s to the point that when I see Chakra state I cringe and hope for the best.

That first time in ZG I’m sure we went through at least 5 healers of various flavors. The tank was perfectly fine and the DPS were all pulling over 12K but the healer could not keep up. Most of the time the healer left in the middle of the fight – dooming what small chance at survival we had. I hadn’t remembered it was all that bad.

So when is a good time to leave a seemingly fail group?

I went back to ZG on my Priest in a PUG to remember how difficult it was. I knew it was pretty hard but it’s definitely doable. Everyone might not be at full health all the time but that’s fine.

I got the lousiest excuse for DPS I have seen in a very long time. The tank was pretty awesome and very patient with telling them the boss fights and how to use the cauldrons. He had the patience of a saint and I commend him for that. The instances are still really new so people who haven’t run it are the norm. That doesn’t bother me – everyone needs a chance to learn.

ZG is all about not standing in shit and knowing if/when to burn down adds. Every boss in there with the exception of Jin’Do follows these pretty basic rules. Venoxis – don’t stand in bad green shit and run out if you get the green light between you and someone else. Mandokir – kill the raptor when its up and don’t stand in fire/earth-y AOE. Kilnara – burn panthers before 50% and then stay out of flying debris. Zanzil – use different colored cauldrons to kill adds, stay out of shadow fire on the ground, use the green cauldron for poison AOE.

Nice and simple boss strats, right? You would think people would understand the really important part of not standing in bad shit.

So what did the 3 special snowflakes I was stuck with do? They stood in everything that they could possibly find that would be classified as BAD SHIT. Not to mention, the highest DPS (under the tank who was number 1 at 9k) was only pulling about 6k. To put this in closer perspective, I was doing 3k by Smiting my little fuzzy heart out. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big issue but when a boss has anywhere from 4 to 7 MILLION hit points, it gets a bit long. I shouldn’t have the time to use my Shadowfiend twice in the same fight. Hell, I don’t even have the time on 10M raid bosses to use it twice.

When had I had enough? I was the only one with Archeology high enough to get the bonus boss so I left right after that. He doesn’t drop anything I need and I figured the Mage could use that off hand. I stayed for the first 3 bosses and left. I told them exactly why I left. They didn’t have the DPS or the situational awareness to down Jin’Do. These are things they can work on. I didn’t cuss them out or make a scene. I just told them they needed to improve before attempting the last boss.

I waited until we were not in combat and I explained why I was leaving. I’m not going to blow through several hundred gold in repair with an inferior group nor will I waste the precious few hours I have before work. I think this is the best way to leave a PUG. They are doing something wrong and it is more helpful to tell them than to rage quit.

Have I rage quit groups before? Hell yes I have. And I felt bad about it later. I missed an opportunity to help improve someone that will just keep doing whatever it was they did to others.

So, feel free to leave a fail group but go about it in the right way. If you know the group isn’t going to get you what you need, just leave. But give a reason for going. A reason isn’t “yu suk lol L2EJ”. A reason would be “please talk to some people who know your class and can give you some pointers to improve your DPS” or even “please check out some blogs or even the official forums for some help if you are confused”.

Out with the New, In with the Old

We didn’t have enough people last night to continue working on Nefarian so we went back to Ulduar for a drake run.

I took us about 2 hours and 7 of us had our drakes. We brute forced the entire thing. It was really nice to “raid” for fun and not out of a sense of duty.

And yes, I’m rocking the T8 – the most badass Priest tier yet. (With the re-color off set shoulders)

School of Hard Knocks Advice

 Children’s Week is upon us again and with it comes the most mind boggling PvE achievement in School of Hard Knocks. It entails:

*Capture a flag in Eye of the Storm

*Assault a flag inArathiBasin

*Assault a tower inAlteracValley

*Return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch

Yes, I said it’s a PvE achievement but you have to PvP to get it. It will give you the Matron/Patron title and you need it for your purple proto drake (and free 310% flying). This achievement will also ruin the above BGs for a week for anyone that honestly enjoys PvP. Thus, the “real PvPers” will be less than enthused to help anyone with an orphan in tow. If you attempt this achievement know there will be a lot of hate coming in your direction and it very well be the most frustrating thing you will ever do in WoW.

My first bit of advice would be to not do it at all and buy the flying yourself. :p (Back when I did it, it didn’t give the new fast flying but I wanted the proto for the 100 mount achievement.)

But, if you are stubborn or an achievement whore, here are some tips to make it a little less painful.

* Start early. It might very well take you all week to get it done. The harder one in WSG will be the absolute worst to try for so make the most use of your time. Your orphan whistle may last beyond Children’s week it self but you have to be in the week of the event to get credit for completing the objectives. There is no waiting until later to get it done – do it now.

* Prioritize which you do first. Capturing a flag in EotS is by far the easiest. Do that one first followed by assaulting a flag in AB.

* Get your friends together, even better if you have a Paladin friend for Crusader Aura. These are so much easier if you have a few buddies on your side. If one (or more) of your friends is a healer, so much the better.

* Don’t forget to have your orphan out! This shouldn’t be as much of an issue with the non-combat pet change in Patch 4.1. Also, make sure that orphan near you is your own – mark him with a raid marker if you have to.

* DO get some resilience gear. The crafted blues are pretty decent (and cheap) and don’t forget about the Wrath era Flask of Lesser Toughness that will give you a resil buff.

* Do familiarize yourself with the BG maps before going in. Know where all the towers in AV are and watch your map to see when they change hands so that you can (attempt) to grab it up next. (This a good example of needing friends to help out.)

* Make sure you have the achievement tracking turned on so that you know you got credit for whatever it is you tried to do.

Other than that, make sure to take a break if you are stressing out. Don’t sit there in a cesspool of frustration and hatred because you didn’t get to the flag in time or people are mocking your orphan. Go outside for a walk or take your dog for a car ride. Do something to take your mind off it for a while.