Call to Arms: Healer

Today I was up early after being awoken by a horrible nightmare. I’m not normally up until around noon so I took this opportunity to head back into the new Troll instances. As luck would have it, the time I Q’d was during a rare Healer Call to Arms. I was pretty excited that I caught it but then I remembered that I have nearly all of the currently obtainable pets in the game. Oh well, I was interested to see what I would get in my goodie bag anyways.

So what did I get for an instance? I got into an in-progress ZG run that was bugged. People that died could not get back into the instance. The only member of the original group that remained was the pretty well geared DK tank with a touch under 200K health buffed. Joining us was a Ret Paladin, a Frost Mage and an Elemental Shaman.

We didn’t wipe until we got to the optional Archeology boss. We didn’t die to the boss but the god awful trash. There is nothing worse that wiping on trash only to come back and see that none of the mobs are dead. After a mind altering 2 or 3 minutes of frenzied healing with all CDs blown, we finally got past the trash. The stupid boss is a cake walk compared to the trash. But isn’t that always the way it goes?

Everything goes fine until the panther boss. I explain the easiest strat and off we go but the tank isn’t pulling the panthers from their stables so the Paladin takes it upon himself to pull them. So I’ve got to heal the actual tank and a pseudo tank at once and the new ‘Lock we PUG’d in is throwing everything he has at the boss. (The Frost Mage had to be kicked due to an extended DC.) Now we’ve got half of the panthers up and the boss is in her panther mode. The amount of healing is crazy and I don’t know how anyone survived. I think the Shaman tossed a few heals but regardless, we got her down. She drops the new Zulian Tiger mount. The Shaman wins.

The Shaman had been really awesome this whole run and I would even say she deserved that mount. She wasn’t some scrub that complained about wipes and even helped out rez’ing people who died. The Ret Paladin thinks he was entitled to that mount because he had run it so much before it was a 5 man. He makes a big stink about it and then drops group. (“Guess who didn’t win the roll?” was his final parting words.)

Awesome Shaman on equally awesome new mount

Let me tell you, we were better off. He was a constant aggro monkey and could not stay out of the trash packs we didn’t pull. He required more healing than the tank on just about every fight. ZG can be quite tough so you really can’t wantonly stop healing annoying DPS because you’ll go OOM waiting on the remaining 2 DPS and tank to kill whatever it is. So I healed his dumb ass through a lot of stuff.

Out with the Ret Paladin and in with the Rogue. This Rogue was that special kind of raiding asshole (Defender of the Shattered World!) who has come down from on high to be with us peons. You know the kind; always refer to people by their roll and never their name and waits for a rez after everyone dies. The reason for waiting for a rez was “I need a cig.” Really? I mean really? Would it be ok for me to be lazy because I need a chocolate break? Um, no. It would not be OK. I’m sure it would be a swift kick if I said something like “BRB, I need an Oreo and some milk” and then vanished for 5 minutes. But us Oreo cookie lovers aren’t as tenacious as smokers who just take what they want and don’t care about other people’s time.

So anways, we get past Zanzil after a wipe. The Shaman rez’d the Rogue because I refused to. I run, you run. Also, every time I release spirit I get disconnected. So really, it should have been me to wait for a rez but whatever. I’m not going to make people wait on me longer than I have to.

I hadn’t actually gotten Jin’Do down before this because I couldn’t keep myself up with spirits on me and the tank up at the same time. We barely got the boss down with just the ‘Lock standing at the end.

So what did I get for all of my frustrations?

From the dungeon I got 123g in repairs, 3 Maelstrom Crystals, and a stack of Deepsea Sagefish. I think it was about 10g in vendor grays and 2 stacks of cloth. In my goodie bag was 50g and 3 Mythical Mana Potions. What’s it 87g for completing the dungeon? So I came out ahead by about 20g.

Would I do it again? Most likely. I need the fugly shoulders to replace my equally fugly salad bowl shoulders. I also need the helm but I can hide its fugly-ness.

If anything, the goodie bag accomplished what it needed to do. The curiosity of needing to know what was in that bag kept my fuzzy butt in a dungeon I would have otherwise left. I would have left for a variety of reasons: unreasonable repair costs, the DC issue after releasing and God’s gift to WoW, the asshole Rogue.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zinn
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 22:45:45

    It’s really always a rogue too, fascinating. Sometimes a hunter. Fun read! I didn’t know the panther lady dropped the mount either.


    • tobeume
      May 01, 2011 @ 00:24:18

      I was shocked about the mount, as well. I was surprised to see it after just two times of seeing that boss. I knew I wasn’t going to win it. I only win mounts if I’m the only one rolling. :3


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