Priest T12

WoW Insider has just posted the previews for the T12 armor sets. They are fire themed, the rest of them are here:

Priest T12

My initial thoughts are:

1) I might actually show this helm. Helms look awkward on Worgen so I generally don’t. If there is suffient room for my snout, I will show it. But I am worried about my face being stuck in a brazier 24/7.
2) Didn’t we already do a fire theme for the Priest T10? I do recall my helm AND shoulders smoldering. The T10 helm was like a circular BBQ grill. Also, I’m pretty sure the designs on the T10 robe sleeves were inspired by hot rod flames.
3) This is shown on a male model. Will the female version have the midsection cut out once again? I was covered in T8 and T10 but not so for T9 and T11. Will the trend for the even sets continue with being fully clothed?
4) These shoulders are underwhelming but at least they aren’t neverending fountains or salad bowls.
5) It feels more like a PvP set than a PvE raid tier. The colors are ugly and muted like the old PvP gear.
To sum it up, I’m pretty “meh” about it. I liked my blue T11/T9 and my purple T10. I like colors. 

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