Patch 4.1 Eve

I was totally right with my prediction of 26 April for the patch. Go me! It seems like just yesterday when we were talking about Patch 4.0.6a. I’m glad it’s coming. I can finally make the enchanting pet with good conscience (mustn’t waste Maelstrom Crystals!). I have all my JP saved up to buy the Maelstrom Crystal to make it with.

Patch 4.1 is about balancing the classes more than anything. The Priest changes aren’t really changes per se but adjustments. I’m going to love having Inner Will up all the time. I’m really bad about refreshing it until my mana gets dangerously low. Then I think, what the heck is happening here? Oh, yeah. My damn Inner Will isn’t up. /facepalm

The best class change that I can see in the Patch Notes is actually a Hunter change. I’ll no longer be pulling extra mobs like a tard because Hunters will no longer acquire a new target if their current target dies mid-shot. I am tickled pink about this. I had a Belf Hunter in my randomUKon my baby Tauren today that pulled everything in the drake room because he didn’t know how to handle that bug properly. The poor Resto Shaman was screaming for mana but he kept accidentally pulling. /sigh


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