Borrowed Time

Someone found my blog with the search term of “is borrowed time a good talent”. It used to be a good talent in Wrath but now it’s more filler than anything. You have to spend those 2 points to get to the really good talents towards the bottom of the tree like Divine Aegis and Pain Suppression.

Borrowed Time was hit severely with the nerf bat right before Cataclysm hit. I’m sure this is due to the entire healing model change from Wrath to Cata. It used to be that we could keep BT up nearly constantly because we were bubble bots.

We bubbled everything, all the time in Wrath. There were great discussions about using down ranked bubbles on Lich King as a type of “mana battery” so that they would all pop at the same time – restoring most, if not all, of our mana. Within 10 seconds of pulling Arthas, I would have had a bubble on the entire raid and my mana bar would not have moved much. On 25 man raids, it was so much worse than 10 mans. All we did was bubble and spot heal DPS because extremely OP Holy Paladins took care of the tanks.

I can remember times in ICC that I was bubbling DK and Hunter pets to get the BT buff up before casting Greater Heal. I didn’t cast G-Heal because the tank particularly needed it but because I was curious if I could see some really big numbers with that Strength of Wrynn buff. Overheal? Why not? Bubble random raid members for the BT buff? Go for it! It was even encouraged in some circles. (Don’t forget to get BT up before casting Prayer of Healing!) I know there a few times when there was Weakened Soul on everyone and I was disappointed I couldn’t bubble for a few seconds for my precious BT buff.

But, that is what was wrong with healing in Wrath. It was using a few spells and nothing else. Mana wasn’t an issue. And Haste? That’s for Holy Paladins/Priests and Druids only. Disc stacked Intellect and nothing, I mean nothing, else because of BT. There were lengthy forum posts of everyone’s “haste cap” with Disc needing drastically less because of the way we all used BT.

So now that the world has changed and healing has changed, where has that left BT? It is nearly useless, in my own opinion. Before it was nerfed, we had a self buff that lasted over 10 seconds for 25% spell haste on our next cast (instants don’t count). Now it is down to a 6 second buff for 14% spell haste. Also, our bubbles have effectively been nerfed to cost at least 3 times as much mana as they did before so we can’t have a constant up time of BT.

Let’s examine how we bubble in Cata since the bubble is what procs the BT. We always have a bubble on the tanks and we can bubble other people but we don’t tend to unless they are taking considerable amounts of damage. We can’t throw bubbles around like we used to because of the increased cost and the fix to Rapture mana returns.

Here’s what I do on a pull in a raid: bubble the tank, place POM on him, put a Renew on him, then I look at the Off Tank – put a bubble and a Renew on her if she is actively tanking. All of that would be at least 5 global cool downs, if not a little more. The second bubble will renew my BT buff so I’ll have 4 seconds before BT wears off. In those 4 seconds I’m going to be using Penance over something with a long cast time because it’s instant (affected by Inner Will so it’s cheaper) and I have 3 chances at a crit for Divine Aegis and Inspiration procs. By now I might have a second on my BT (if I’m lucky) and that’s not enough time to get a long cast spell out. So, BT is effectively useless, even more so if this is a highly mobile fight like Halfus or Atramedes.

How do we fix BT since it’s so lame right now? I would like to see it rolled into Inner Focus. Every time I use IF I know I will be casting a long spell like Prayer of Healing or Greater Heal so it won’t go to waste. The best thing that could happen to it would be to remove it’s dependence on PW:S since Blizz doesn’t want us dependant on that one spell. I wouldn’t even mind if it stayed at 14% haste as long as I could get some good use out of it.

Right now, Borrowed Time is a relic of Wrath healing and has no place in Cataclsym with out some changes. Blizzard needs to remember that change doesn’t equal nerf. The answer to “fixing” BT was not to nerf it but to change the way it procs.


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  1. Zinn
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 16:53:00

    “I would like to see it rolled into Inner Focus. Every time I use IF I know I will be casting a long spell like Prayer of Healing or Greater Heal so it won’t go to waste.”
    It’s interesting you say that, because as far as I recall, Inner Focus initially used to make one healing spell instant, back in Vanilla. I wouldn’t mind seeing BT do something like that! Much like Nature’s Swiftness. It would need a complete overhaul of course, but why not.


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