New Patch 4.1 PTR Goodness

I was on the PTR night before last to see if they had fixed the new Troll quests. And, boy did they ever! The new Troll quest line is really a lot of fun and comes complete with a new pet in the Panther Cub.

New Panther Cub pet AW!

I told Matt that the PTR is very polished and I couldn’t find any bugs at all (except for my Hunter’s pet pathing in new, creative ways). I figured it would be out 26 April because it’s pretty well done and it has to be out before Children’s Week. The 26th is the last Tuesday before Children’s Week starts on 1 May. Today I read on MMO Champion that the “release candidate” is up on the PTR so my prediction could very well be correct. Only time will tell.

Like I said before, the Troll quest line is much improved. I don’t want to give many spoilers but I had a shit ton of fun running around STV with Bwemba. They have made her a lot less annoying and she functions like she should. Before, you would have to maneuver her over a sick person to get a buff on yourself before you could heal them. It took a lot of running around to find the “sweet spot” of that buff before you could complete any quest objectives. But now you just click on the sick person to heal them – no crazy buff needed.

Bwemba's make over

They have also given Bwemba a much needed make over. She was a hot mess before but now she’s a sassy Troll lady with a rockin’ hair do.

She's rockin that hair

At the end of quest line, I was begging for more. I really liked the big reveal at the end and who I got to talk to. I don’t want to spoil it but it was a nice treat for this Alliance girl. (I have the quest to go into ZG so maybe it doesn’t stop there. I don’t know for sure…)

Ever get that feeling that someone is following you?

I cannot wait until 4.1 goes live and I can actually do ZG and ZA. The wait times have been absurd, even for a healer, every time I attempted it. I waited over an hour once and then the instance disconnected me, resulting in me getting kicked from the group.


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