Horde Adventures

 Somewhere along the way, Horde questing got to be really fun and interesting. Myabe it was the battle critters in Northwestern Mulgore that started to change my mind.

Battle Pairie Dog in Mulgore

Things got really awesome once I finally found Koltira in WPL. I had already seen the Alliance side so I was eager to see the Horde version. It did not disappoint. Some of the most uncomfortable quests, for me anyways, are in WPL.

A little background: after The Shattering first hit I decided to roll a Forsaken Priest to see the starting zone. I had heard a lot of good things about it so off I went with a crazy beehive hairdo. I got to level 3 and I couldn’t take it anymore. It nearly made me sick to my stomach – especially when I went to see the Priest trainer who had no lower portion of his face.

I could not deal with raising people from the dead against their will. I can’t imagine the anguish of being dead and suddenly undead because some crazy woman wants to bolster her forces. What Arthas did to Sylvanas was horrible and cruel beyond words. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. And now what does she do now that she’s the ruler of her own people? She uses the Lich King’s Val’kyrs to raise the newly dead to be her “new” Forsaken forces. I cannot condone her actions because she, herself, has become cruel.

So… I come across a quest in WPL to kill Alliance farmers and turn them into Forsaken. I was not happy about it but I had to do it to advance the story. With a heavy heart, I slaughtered those poor farmers and used my Val’kyr to turn them.

I am truly sorry, little Alliance farmer

Once I had done all of these horrible things I was sent to Koltira to the Battle of Andorhal – where I slaughtered some more Alliance farmers.

On the Alliance side, Thassarian wories about his former ally and knows something is a bit “off” about him. He doesn’t know that Sylvanas is in disguise watching his every move. Koltira barely manages to win the fight and Sylvanas reveals herself. I was pretty shocked by this revelation. I didn’t see it coming.

Poor Koltira right before he gets sucked in

She takes poor Koltira back to the Undercity for some “Clockwork Orange” style training because she thinks he’s too weak. I don’t think he’s weak at all. He loves his friend Thassarian and their fates will always be tied together. I really hope Blizzard picks up this story at some point. I am dying to know what is happening to Koltira and what steps Thassarian is taking to rescue him. Maybe we will have a new 5 man where we have to rescue him in a certain amount of time – it could happen! Thassarian could “help” us Jaina Proudmore style like she did in the ICC 5 mans.

Anyways… I did a few quests with Fiona in EPL but I didn’t get anywhere near finishing the quest line because Thousand Needles called my name.


Thousand Needles is awesome from a lore stand point. We get to see what happened to the Speedway, what’s up with the Grimtotems and what those Twilight guys are up to. Just wow – I loved every minute of it.

The best part was having my own Riverboat to sail around. Everytime I summoned it all I could think of was Forrest Gump saying “that’s mah boat!”

I'm proud of mah boat!

I got to sail my little boat all over the zone and I even got to keep it. Unfortunately, it can only be used in Thousand Needles. /sad panda

The whole questing experiance in the zone was amazing! I don’t want to spoil it but seeing Magatha Grimtotem was very exciting, even if I don’t care for her.

The best quest was saving Pridelings (baby wyndriders) from the evil Twilight Cultists. We do love our saving baby animals quests! This one was very cute. I still had the zone-wide underwater breating buff and my pridelings got the same buff.


The quests from the Goblins gave me enough rep to finally get my epic Trike. I can finally ride around in style!

Ready to Rock AND Roll

I’ve started on Tanaris. Hopefully it will be as fun as Thousand Needles was.


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