Dear Horde,

You guys have just been awesome to me this week, from the horrible questing to the near constant spam of random people wanting me in their guild. I decided that I wanted to see the “green grass” on the other side of the fence so I rolled a baby Tauren BM Hunter. He is just too cute for words in his full heirloom set and derpy Kodo mount that doesn’t fit through any doors, anywhere (which is especially odd in Thunderbluff.)

The questing has been nothing but run way the hell over there to kill 5 of this animal and run back. The next quest is that same exact animal but now the quest giver wants their paws/claws/hides/delicious meat for their crazy dog, etc. It was a blast to run all over creation on my own two hooves – from one side of Mulgore to the next and back again. It was old Darkshore all over again. I thought this was supposed to have all changed from the Shattering but no. The Tauren starting zone is lame, lame.

The starting Hunter pet is pretty lame, too. It is pretty cool that I have a pet right out of the box but I can’t send him in before me and he doesn’t have a taunt so I’m still kitting mobs. And, can I take 3 steps without running into another mob? Just once, can I get to an herb node without killing 20 birds/tigers/harpies, etc?  

I finally got to Orgimar and I was a little afraid of it. It’s quite massive. (Garrosh is clearly making up for something.) I haven’t fallen off of anything yet but I’m sure it’s coming. I constantly have my map up because I have no idea where anything is. I’m sure the guards are sick of putting the hunter trainer on my map. I loathe the new /map emote because I am going to look like such a n00b or worse: an Alliance person in Tauren clothing.

I made the decision to start doing Ashenvale quests. Wrong choice because it required killing Night Elves. I side with the Night Elves about the resources in Ashenvale and they have every right to protect what’s theirs. I killed about 10 of them before I just could not take it anymore. I found my way to the Undercity and the quest board there sent me to STV. (I’m hoping it will send me to Koltira in a few more levels.)

Finally, a zone that will be completely different because I’m Horde! Think again. I’m still killing Trolls for tusks that drop at seemingly 5% rate even though every Troll has 2 tusks right there on their faces. Why can’t I have those tusks? I’m a ten foot tall male Tauren who wields a bow, I’m positive that I could snap those tusks off their faces. Maybe they have other tusks on their bodies that I need to collect.

On the plus side, I’ve killed about 5 rares across the zone and made at least a whole level off of them. On the negative side, they have only dropped caster leather greens. I don’t know why it’s so hard to find +agi gear all of a sudden. I didn’t think my Alliance Hunter or Druid had this problem.

So far, it’s been almost the exact same as my Alliance leveling experience, only a lot more frustrating and a lot less interesting. To anyone out there who thinks Blizzard prefers Horde over Alliance, I call your Thunderbluff. Blizzard clearly likes Alliance over Horde if in nothing else but questing content.

In closing, Horde peeps, please stop asking me to join your guild. I’m only visiting for a short time and I don’t want to have to feel like I have to do things for complete strangers or make small talk with you. I’m sure your heart is in the right place but I want to be left alone to see the side of the game I haven’t seen before.

Here’s hoping that things get more interesting in the Plaguelands. *crosses fingers*


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