Basic PvP Rules for the Special Snowflakes

  Last night I got home and I was pretty pissed off. I was pissed because a truck made my normally 25 minute drive home into nearly 45 minute ordeal. I was pissed off because my chicken sandwich was cold due to said truck incident. I was also pissed because my dog would not stop licking my elbows for attention. I really, really hate that. I know she means well but damn!

All of this culminated in my little Priesty self going to random BGs alone. This was clearly a mistake on my part. I just wanted to own some ass for a little while before going to bed only to wake up to another mundane day at work.

I noticed people being complete n00bs about some absolutely basic things:

1) Get some PvP gear. Don’t scream at me when I refuse to heal your heroic blue geared ass through anything. My own PvP set has so very little regen and I’m not wasting what I have on idiots. It’s blazingly obvious who has PvP gear and who doesn’t. If you want to spend your time in the GY, go to a BG with no resilience.

2) Kill the healers first. Maybe people can’t tell who’s a healer and who isn’t. Healers usually have golden or green spell effects – easy. Kill those first. Kill the Paladin with a shield, the Disc Priest shooting Penance, the Holy Priest in chakra, the Druid spreading green shit everywhere that may or may not be a giant tree and the shaman standing in a puddle of rain first. This is pretty simple.

3) Play defense! We loose so many BGs because we succumb to the Horde zerg of nodes we capped and left behind. You claim stables – sit your ass there and defend it.

4) Fight in rage of flags, nodes, glaives, siege engines or whatever else kind of objective there is. Don’t run away from your flag to get a straggler on the road – chances are there’s a rogue/feral druid with them to ninja cap your flag behind you.

5) Winning the BG will give you more honor than farming Honor Kills. Learn the BG you’re in and do your best to win it. WoW Insider has a series of great guides on what to do in each BG and how to win it. It’s not going to kill you to do a little research but it might save you from unnecessary in-game deaths if you do. Here’s the link:


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