Attempting ZG on the PTR

I would like to say that I’ve only completed the original once so I don’t know what the fights were like before. I did the “tiger” and “raptor” boss a few times but I wouldn’t say that I’m at all familiar with them.

I got up today and logged into the PTR to check out the new ZG as I am seemingly finished with the new quest line. I turned in my last quest to the goblin in Booty Bay and nothing happened but a buff on me called “PH Booty Bay Event”. I lost Mwemba sometime during my flight there so I don’t know if she’s supposed to be gone or bugged out. (She did reappear once inside the Inn but she got stuck on the entryway doorway – nothing I did got her unstuck. Maybe the event starts there?)

While I was in Booty Bay I ran over to Landro Longshot because he’s apparently bugged and giving us a free mount and pet with out the TCG loot codes. He will give you an Amani Dragonhawlk and the Nightsaber Cub.

Here’s the mount:

And here’s the Nightsaber Cub:


Anyways… running ZG in a PUG group has been a challenge to say the absolute least. These PUGs suffer from the same “no patience” syndrome and drop group after one wipe. Guys, we are testing new content that isn’t even complete yet so of course we are going to wipe a lot of times. I guess since it’s the PTR I thought that people would be more willing to “test” stuff out but I was wrong.

ZG is a difficult instance for healers. I’ve seen various areas of it but not the whole thing yet. There are pathways of poison with adds stuck in the middle of it that you simply have to run through and hope the tank picks up the adds before you get heal aggro. You cannot stand on bridges for more than a few seconds because evil fish will eat you. There are still packs of trash you can ride around if you’re careful. Some people aren’t careful and you’re easily overwhelmed.

The problem is compounded by the fact that if you die, you might not make it back into the instance. Half of my last group made it into the dungeon whereas I was stuck running around the ZG questing zone, which has an entirely different layout. There was no instance portal for me – not even a summon stone. I dropped group and took the Res sickness (over 100g in repairs). I flew around the entire area thinking there might be another entrance somewhere, maybe a backdoor that I could go through. But I found nothing. No entrance or summon stone to be seen anywhere.

I only got one boss down and there was no loot dropped so I can’t say what it looks like yet. I hope to see pretty much all of it soon.


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