PTR Patch 4.1 Preview

I logged on to the new PTR today. As soon as I logged, a quest popped up. I was to meet a Troll in SW Harbor. An odd thing to be sure.

Mwemba will become the Bane of your Existance

I went out to the harbor to meet Mwemba – a rep from the Zandalari tribe. She’s lost her man and snakes have taken over STV. So begins the quest line for the new Zul’Gurub that will take you across the STV zone from Fort Livingston to the Rebel Camp and beyond.

Mwemba will stalk your ass the whole time

There’s some pretty interesting quests along the way. Most of them are labeled “PH” for Place Holder so anything could happen to them in the future – they certainty have their share of bugs. Some people in the zone couldn’t get Mwemba to do what they wanted and some lost her completely.

Some other things of interest:

There are 2 teirs of heroics now. We have the first tier which is the dungeons that Cata launched with (Stonecore, Throne of Tides, etc) and the second tier is ZG and ZA. Completing a random second tier will give you 140 Valor. I don’t know if this will stack on the 70 you get from the first tier.

New LFD screen

I can Q for ZG but not ZA since I need an ilvl of 500. I’m pretty sure they are still working on it and it won’t actually be ilvl 500 to get into it.

Notice 500 ilvl for ZA

Also, a SQUEE!



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