My Guide to Dealing with Rude People

The other night I was in Heroic Vortex Pinancle with Dij. We had a really awesome Paladin tank from another server that was an absolute wrecking ball through the dungeon. We had some CC but we didn’t use it since we all out geared the dungeon. Everyone DPS was doing over 11K and the tank was pulling nearly 7K DPS. It was a really fun run except we had an impatient Boomkin.

This Boomkin was constantly pulling off our amazing tank and I healed him because I wasn’t too stressed out. The tank wanted to range pull one of the dragons in the green healing rune so he threw his Avenger Shield and waited for the dragon to come over to him. Both Dij and the Mage waited but not the Boomkin. He unloaded on the dragon before the Paladin’s mace even made contact with the dragon’s face. The dragon turned right around and two-shotted that Boomkin. I tried to heal him through it but feathers aren’t as effective as mitigating damage as plate is and he ate pavement in short order. Of course, he blames the tank for not holding aggro not himself for being impatient. He said “the tank engaged so did I”. The Mage lit into him about being patient and letting the tank establish aggro before unleashing all hell on something.

And that brings me to my first point in Dealing with Rude People (in no particular order):

1) If they are doing something that is clearly wrong and blaming other people for it, call them on it. Don’t enable them by keeping silent. I’m not saying that you should sink to their level but nicely tell them what they did and why they are responsible for what happened. The Mage was in the right by calling out Mr. Impatient Boomkin and did he learn his lesson? He sure did and even apologized at the end of run.

2) I’ve been in a few runs where people use inappropriate language like racial slurs. I tell people I’m not going to stand by and take that kind of language and they need to check themselves. Racism is not cool and should not be tolerated in any situation, be it on or offline. I cannot fathom why some people think it’s perfectly OK to use slurs like the “N” word or “faggot” in casual conversation with complete strangers. If they continue, vote kick them or leave the dungeon if it fails. Do not stand for negativity and most certainly put in a ticket to report them.

3)  Remain calm. I know it’s difficult and I have been known to get emotional over things people say but it’s much better to remain calm and not give into their rage. If everyone is yelling at each other, nothing will get solved and whatever you are doing will grind to a halt. Battlegrounds are perfect examples of this. Everyone has been in a BG where there is one or two people nerd raging at each other over something stupid like not defending Farm or not protecting the flag carrier. Does it matter? Not really.

4) Don’t let whatever they say affect you too personally. They know nothing about you and are just shooting off at the mouth because they can. The phrase “don’t feed the trolls” comes to mind.

5) If all else fails, the ignore list is your friend. If you are taking abuse you can either stick them on your ignore list and keep going or you can drop group. Do not stay in a negative environment if you can help it. I know it’s hard with the length of DPS Qs but waiting another hour for a better group of people is far better than staying in a negative group that will probably dissolve anyway.

In closing, don’t take any shit from anyone. Once I figured out that I was meant to be fat and would never be thin, I stopped having “loose weight” as my New Year’s Resolution and instead had the more obtainable goal of “take no shit”. I’m much happier for it. I don’t stress out on counting calories or even worry about what my classmates will think of me at my 10 year reunion this year. I am what I am and I don’t take shit from anyone. I’ll be nice about handling it but I’m certainly not going to put up with it.


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