Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs

After a week of being snowed in, I had lost track of all time. I think I lost a few days in my WoW/Netflix induced haze. I watched some good movies (My Name is Bruce) and some pretty horrible ones (Zerophillia) in my time away from work. I was forced indoors with a dog who just wanted to run and jump in the subzero temps, making dog style snow angels when she did go out for a potty break. Anyways, I was left completely unaware that Love is in the Air had started since I still thought we were still in the month of January.

As I waited for the holiday to start I jumped on my Hunter to try to finish up the Dunwald quests for the Wildhammers in Twilight Highlands. I have been stuck on one quest for quite a few weeks now. It’s the one where I have to beat a Mullan gryphon rider in a duel. I beat them each time but I don’t get credit for it. I just did this quest last week on my Paladin and it worked just fine. Maybe it’s my pet, I think. I leave my pet on passive and try to kite the mob around – no luck, if they walk around too far from where they start you automatically fail the quest. OK, this is a bit painful for a Hunter. It reminds me of the pain of having to melee on the back of a blue proto drake during the Hodir quest line.  I try dismissing my pet for one last ditch try at melee combat. I put my Raptor Strike on my bars and start to hit the tiny Dwarf with my massive polearm. The Dwarf laughs at me for my trouble.

I then do what anyone would do – I open a ticket, again. This will be my third ticket on this same quest. I thought that since my Pally was able to complete it then my Hunter should be able to, too. I think that’s a reasonable request. I put my ticket in detailing my questing woes – again. When I’m done, it says wait time unavailable so imagine my surprise when I get a tell from GM about my ticket about 10 minutes later. I tell the GM all about my problem with this quest. And they say “this is going to sound lame… but… “ I take a deep breath and prepare to tell them my WTF folder isn’t my problem. But, they say to abandon the quest and pick it up after server reset on Tuesday and to not have my pet out while I do this. Well… that’s a new one on me! I promise to try it on Tuesday once we are back up again. I’m willing to try anything at this point – I need the 333 pants from the final quest of that line.

Two o’clock finally comes around and I witness the quest givers magically appear in front of me for the holiday. Time to get on the Priest for that first shot at the rocket mount! I switch to my healing spec since I’m tired and I don’t want to wait all night to get to the boss. I press the key for the dungeon finder window. Um… there’s nothing here about the boss. Odd. I go to the dailies NPCs in SW – I don’t see a dungeon master. I take the tram to IF and finally see the little goblin standing outside the AH. I talk to him and get all Q’d up. It still takes about 10 minutes. I’m sure this is because people are having the same problem I did about Q’ing for the boss.

I zone in and get my perfume on. I have to explain the fight for the people who don’t remember or don’t know – which is 4 out of 5 in my group. I heal my ass off while giving directions for people to switch their colors or move away from the wrong colored clouds of stuff. I just give up and heal the tank only. I tell the idiot Ret Paladin that I’m going to let him die and suddenly he switches colors. It’s amazing the amount of power us healers have sometimes. We finally get through it and I open my little candy box excitedly to “no loot” in bright red letters across my screen. I know I got 24 JP for it but “no loot” is still depressing, regardless of the holiday.

Flash forward to today before work. I get this crazy idea that I want the “Love Fool” title on my Hunter. It should be easy on my Hunter since my pet does all the work. I can pull out my tank pet and AOE for mass amounts of charm bracelets. This won’t be near as grindy as it was on Priest, who spent hours in Icecrown AOE’ing shit when DPS and tanks could grind dungeons for bracelets. I did my daily boss run with Muffin and Lagz before starting on the little quest line. I did all the quests but no credit and no achievement! Again, Blizzard?! Jeez, get your shit together!

I pick up the dailes for the bracelets and head back out to Twilight Highlands to kill some of the neverending Dragonmaw Orcs. I Q for the boss again since the +Agi neck is a pretty decent upgrade for me as I set about killing Orcs. I get enough for 2 bracelets before I tangle with a PvP flagged Troll Boomkin. I didn’t mean to hit him – my Orc died right as I made a shot and the game auto-selected the next target which was that Druid. He was already half dead from the Dwarves attacking him and by the time I realized what happened my pet killed him. I was now flagged and was easy prey for the Goblin Shadow Priest behind me. He got me without even needing to roll full DOTs. Having enough of this I went back to IF with my bracelets.

There turned out to be a problem. King Magni died in the Shattering. I still had the yellow ? on my map so I trotted into the Throne Room. Maybe Muradin would take a bracelet from a humble slayer of Orcs. He would have none of my meager offering. This is the third quest of the day that I cannot complete because of Blizzard. It is getting a bit out of hand, I feel.

Let us think back to the other holidays that have had problems. The Lunar festival had an NPC that players were supposed to report to in the Park in SW. I don’t think Christmas was bugged out this year. Halloween was the big one that broke the cogwheels and caused people to disconnect regardless of where they were. Muffin ran off the side of the Lich King’s platform because of this and I’m sure lots of other people did similar things. We had Brewfest with no new color of stein and lame loot.

I recall a Blue post a few months ago with the funny line of “Many bugs… handled them”.

What bugs did they fix? I want a list, damn it. To me it looks like no bug was fixed other than the one in Uldum that put everyone in and out of combat. I still have to escort my prisoner multiple times in Tol Barad before he finally gets on the horse to ride away – sometimes the horse rides away without him. I still can’t complete the quest line in Twilight Highlands. There’s still floating nodes of herbs in there, too. Some days my Archeology dig sites only give me dig before they disappear.

And now we have a full list of the Holiday bugs:


What is going on here, guys? Blizzard rakes in millions upon millions of dollars from us geeks and still they can’t keep their shit running. It’s not like they didn’t realize the holiday was coming up and Magni and Cairne died. Perhaps Red Shirt Guy needs to step up and put them in their place again.


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