OT: Childhood Nostalgia

  When I was a kid there was one thing that I loved to eat (besides ketchup). This was partially due to the new Radar Range my grandmother had bought. It was a brown behemoth that she had charged on her Sears’s card and managed to some how fit into her tiny baby blue Ford Tempo. I remember her and my mother unwrapping it and trying to make it fit somewhere on the kitchen counter top. It easily took up an entire tract of the countertop on the left of the double sink. It had dials on it like our oven, there were no digital push buttons yet, and it dinged like our oven but it was a magical beast that could heat up food in mere minutes as opposed to hours. She had the little gadget that would rotate the food around it, (this was before that was standard on microwaves), and I would watch my favorite food twirl in little circles as I salivated at the thought of the tasty goodness inside.

Ding!, said the Radar Range and my steaming bowl of goodness was ready for me to wait a few minutes more to consume. I would stir it up, watching the sauce drip from my spoon in anticipation. There was really nothing better, besides ketchup, than this substance. I relished it and even got as excited as the family cat when I heard the can opener.

Flash forward to today. My 28 year old self decided to take my lunch with me to work today. This called for a trip to the Family Dollar for some canned food that I could heat up in the microwave at work – no less of a behemoth than the mid-80’s Radar Range since somehow “commercial” equals “massive size” in today’s office appliances. I grabbed my usual can of beef ravioli and Beeferoni when I noticed something on the shelf; something I had not though of in many years. There was one solitary can of the goodness from my childhood. It was only a dollar! I have a few dollars! It was mine.

I clutched my can of sweet, amazing goodness as I hurried to the check out line. I didn’t want anyone to make a play at my find before I could purchase it. The girl behind the counter checked out of my stuff and lazily put my cans in a single bag. She asked if I wanted my Cherry Coke out; yes please. I was giddy inside at the thought of once again eating something I had so cherished from my childhood.

I got to work and when I could finally take my first break of the night, I dashed to the break room – spoon in hand. I dumped out the goodness and hastily put my bowl in the microwave. I watched it make its slow circles as the digital timer counted down to zero. I could smell the simmering sauces in the air. I bit my lip nervously as I gingerly pulled out the bowl. I went back to my desk to wait for it to cool down enough to eat.

I took my first bite.



How did I ever eat this as a kid? Furthermore, how did I eat it and enjoy it? This is not the Beanee Weanee I remember!


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