New Patch 4.0.6 Notes

Blizz has updated the Patch Notes for Patch 4.0.6. The very first thing I noticed is:

Dungeons & Raids

  • Level-85 normal dungeon bosses dropping Justice Points — 30 justice points are awarded for normal level-85 dungeon boss kills to help with gearing up for heroics.
  • Daily Random Normal Dungeon Justice Points reward doubled — Increased from 70 to 140, again to easy gearing up for heroics.
  • Dungeon discovery prerequisite removed — There is no requirement to have discovered the dungeon entrance in order to queue for that dungeon in the random dungeon finder tool.


Wow! What a mixed message they are sending us. In the same patch we are getting quite a few nerfs to heroics (and several buffs to heroic bosses) and now JP will be dropping from Level 85 normals, admittedly at a reduced rate.

Let us recap Cataclysm so far, as told by Blizz:

We want dungeons to be hard and epics to be epic again. You have to quest, grind rep for gear and run normals for more gear to get to heroics. We have some arbitrary number of ilvl that you need to enter heroics but you can totally beat the system by having random gear in your bags. This gear can be plate if you’re a cloth wearer or even leather in the bags of a mail wearer with stats that don’t even match your chosen class/spec combo.

And then there was much QQ on the forums as to the difficulty of the heroics and lack of phat lewts. This QQ was written by the very scrapings of the bottom of the barrel that is the official forums. The rest of us laughed at these people and shook our heads at their “entitlement” attitude. But, Blizz seems to want to be everything to everyone – a good business strategy to be sure but leaves the rest of us a bit frustrated.

Then, Ghostcrawler made a very good blog post about “Heroics are Hard!” on the same day the first round of heroic nerfs were announced. A bit of bad timing if you ask me. While I do like the lessening of trash in heroic Dead Mines, I feel it’s too soon and Blizz has bowed down to the QQ’ing masses.

Which brings me to today’s announcement of the dungeon changes. JP falling in normals means that you could possibly be raid-ready with never stepping foot into a heroic. And, you can do all the Dungeons without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite capital city. Let that really sink in and fester in your mind. I could theoretically park my level 80 Druid in Stormwind and Q in the dungeon finder as a tank my way to level 85. Sure, it will take a while but I could do it.

What does this all mean for us normal, responsible types? It means we will need to prepare ourselves for people who wait for rez’es because they have no clue how to get back inside Blackrock Caverns after a wipe. Queue times for normal Halls of Origination and Lost City will be longer since they are at least 10 times easier than Grim Batol. I expect to see people LFM in Trade chat to farm both of those for JP because of the outrageous Q times.

I honestly don’t know why it needs to be “easier” to gear for heroics. I didn’t have any trouble getting to the 329 ilvl requirement on my Priest (my first 85). It took me a few days to get some good drops and to scrape together enough cloth for some crafted items but I did it. (This was before the hot fix to tailors to loot extra cloth and most of cloth in the GB was meant for me.) I remember how happy I was when I hit that magical number! Then I got into my first heroic soon after and I was not nearly geared or experienced enough to be doing them with anything resembling ease.

Who are these people complaining that it’s hard to gear for heroics? Are they the mouth breathers who inhabit the forums or are they people with legitimate issues with the system? The only issue I have it that you can cheat your way into the ilvl requirement. I had a Warrior tank last night in HEROIC Halls of Origination still in the epic 232 helm from Halls of REFLECTION and the Frost badge 264 tank trinket. He only had 115k health fully buffed. How in the hell did he get into a heroic in the first place? He had extra gear in his bags that cheated his way into heroics. We asked him about it and he said he couldn’t find anything better. Granted, it took a long time for me to replace my Wrath gear but I was in full heroic ICC raid gear. Someone still rocking a 232 piece should have replaced it in the first zones of Cata so he really must not have been trying very hard. I can attest to the lack of leveling tank plate but even the green DPS plate had significantly more Stam and Strength than a Wrath purple.

In closing, will I use the new changes to my advantage when I gear up my Paladin and level my Druid? You bet your ass I will. I may not agree with the dumbing down of heroics and gearing so soon after launch but I will take it. I had a teacher in high school who told me that there are two things a person should never turn down when offered to them: hand lotion and breath mints. These new dungeons changes are like hand lotion and breath mints: we don’t need them per se but it makes life easier for people around us.


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