Tol Ba’roken

  Ever since Blizz had reversed it’s decission to give 1800 honor for the victors of Tol Barad, the Horde have held TB around 95% of the time on Skywall. We even went a whole week without it and it wasn’t for our lack of trying. Each time I was there to try and take it back we had a full 40 man raid group. Someone assumed command and we all zerged each base, like you’re supposed to, and still we could not win. I don’t know about you but I hate the zerg as a tactic. It opens up fighting on the road and leaves us open to re-capture at our flank. TB is the circle jerk of zerging – we just run around the circle and the opposing team follows.

Tol Barad is a total waste of time the way it is now. We knock over the towers and the timer gets longer and longer – the pain of being in there is palpable as people start bitching at each other. One minute you can breathe a sigh of relief that the torture is almost over and then some jackass mows over a tower and now we have 12 more minutes to bang our heads against the Horde.

How could we make it better, or at least more tolerable? The first thing would be to lessen the number of bases needed to win to two. That would stop the turtle of the offense in one base. If we can spread out and use the WHOLE map instead of one point it would be infinitely more enjoyable. I don’t like being parked in Ironclad if we are defending just like I don’t like rez’ing across the map and running to a base I have no chance to capture.

Second thing would be to give everyone a commendation and a sliver of rep for playing. When we lost Wintergrasp, at least we had one commendation to show for it. Alliance on my server is getting very disillusioned with the whole thing with many not even Queuing anymore because there is next to no benefit seeing as it takes an act of God to retake it. I would be much more apt to play if I got something other than half an hour of frustration and a handful of honor kills.

Which brings me to the third thing that needs to be changed: bring back Tenacity. Enough of the 1:1 ratio – it isn’t working to “balance” each faction. If anything, it makes it worse. I would much rather take a full 40 man group against a 20 man group with a few stacks of tenacity. At least then we would have a chance at brute forcing a victory during an off peak hour.

And it’s not just Blizz who are “doing it wrong”. I have seen a lot of players being complete idiots. Let me count the ways:

1) Not wearing PvP gear. I have about 2K resil now with 20% damage and mana drain reduction in my incomplete PvP set. Every little bit helps. The difference between a player in PvE gear and one in PvP gear is amazing. You can spot them from a mile away not just from the armor design but from the amount of damage they take. I’ve had Horde stop working on me to attack the player next to me who was in raid gear just to kill them in a few seconds. People in BGs with no PvP gear are mana sponges for healers, plain and simple.

2) Fighting on the road and not at a flag. Does the run leading from Farm to Lumber Mill really matter? No, it doesn’t. It’s like fighting in the middle of WSG. Yes, Honor Kills are nice but spending 25 minutes deadlocked with each flag in opposite flag rooms is pointless.

3) Going along with fighting on the road is fighting at one entrance to a building in TB. For twenty minutes, Alliance rez’ed at the graveyard outside of Ironclad and went directly for that door. The Horde turtled that entrance so they weren’t expecting an assault from behind them. My little group of guildies went in the back way and provided a distraction so the main group could get past the freaking doorway. When in doubt, look at your map! Hey, there’s 30 little dots at this one entrance when the building has 3 total entrances, which should I go to? Common sense, people, for fuck’s sake.

4) Not protecting the healers. It’s not just me that gets focus fired; it can be the big purple tree or the Paladin with an obvious shield and glow of Beacon or even the Priest who isn’t in Shadow. Healers are not that hard to spot – they can most likely be found surrounded by Rogues and Feral Druids. There is no more of a glorious combination in a BG than a wrecking ball DPS and with a good healer at their side. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. You keep me alive and I will do the same for you. Simple, isn’t it? Protect the healers and win the game.

5) Not playing D. I know defense is not the sexiest thing to do in a BG and you won’t get mass numbers of Honor Kills but it is what wins games. Don’t cap a flag and then run off. Stay there and call out “in comings” to get some reinforcements to hold that point.

PvP is not some mystical, arcane thing known to only those “hard core” PvP people. It is about using your damn head and thinking about what your next 3 or 4 steps should be. In Tol Barad, there is no thinking about what your next step should be when you’re running around like a chicken with out a head. It’s utter chaos and it needs to be fixed. If not fixed completely then go back to 1800 honor for a win or maybe down to 900 honor. Give everyone a chance at those dailies and the cake walk raid boss that drops the T11.

I appreciate Blizz acknowledges that TB is not right and I understand that it will take a patch to fix it. There is nothing in the 4.0.6 patch notes about TB other than the commendations are BOA and things will respawn differently. Who knows if it will be fixed in patch 4.1 and I am positive that patch is many months away. What do we do in the meantime? Do we do dailies until we scream at the very sight of another blue exclamation point? How do we last through months upon months of frustration? Only time will tell.


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  1. Gwendel
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 19:27:44

    I remember up until summer 2011 Alliance owned Tol Barad on my realm, Wyrmrest Accord.

    My realm is one of the better RP realms. Alliance has most of the good roleplayers and Horde has a lot of the bad PvPers.

    But as of late Alliance may get Tol Barad for like one round per day.

    I PvP as a healer on my Gnome Disc Priest, Gwendel. I have had some people roll alliance characters just so they could tell me how hard I was to kill.

    It just annoys me how a lot of people I see in Tol Barad don’t listen or pay attention to where their healers are and they don’t hit the enemy healers while I have 5 Horde eating my face.

    My priest is my 2nd 85. My other one is a Prot/Ret pally that I have pretty much stopped playing.

    I only do TB when I want to try to farm honor though.


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