Silly Post

 It’s time for a silly post! It’s been over a month of SRS BSNS in Cata. I think we can all relax just a little bit. We need to stop and smell the roses a little bit and really look at all the great content Blizz has provided us with.

So far the greatest thing we have seen is a menagerie of animals (my Worgen self included) able to ride on camels.


The leaf that broke the camel's back

The Ramhaken Camel mount will provide hours of joy, whether it be from just running around or flailing yourself off a gunship in PvP.

Going to kill some Horde... Herpity-Derp!

We also got new zones like Twilight Highlands that is equal parts amazing lore-gasm and frustrating bugs like quests that don’t complete and things that strangely hover in midair.

"Get that ruddy great beastie out o' ma fountain!"

And here we have the rarest of all Twilight Jasmine, the epic floaty variety

Twilight Higlands is also plagued by Deathwing. This shouldn’t be so surprising to me seeing that it is called “TWILIGHT Highlands”. You imagine Deathwing would like to hang out with his cronies and make trouble for the Red Dragonflight. I wonder how many times he’s done the flaming bag of poo prank on Alexstraza’s doorstep. With Korialstrazs strangely missing in the new zone, she would have to deal with it herself in her pointy metal thigh-highs.

If you look closely, you can make out the bag of poo in his hand

Deathwing’s burniation of the land will give you none other than strangely floating fire.

Fly-thru Fire: for all of your achievement needs!

We got Archeology with Cata. It’s the supreme, epic time waster to end all time wasters. But you can get epics!, people cry. I have 2 epics from it: the level 60 caster cloth chest and the level 80 agility axe. The only problem? My Priest is level 85 and my Hunter is also level 85. I have no alts that can use these things nor do I plan on it. /sigh

That is my artifact! GD Ninja!

Pretty sunrays in The Wetlands

We have also seen new Murlocs! And then we killed them…

Stop playing with your food, Bags...

Apparently, Goblins are now the best cooks. I finally found the “pleasure palace” in Azshara and the food looks delicious.

This is just the appetizer for "fluffy" Worgen like me

  Lorcu was in attendance at the very first Goblin Cooking School held in Rachet a few weeks ago. He learned to make the most delicious Fishburgers you can imagine out of Toughened Flesh that falls off of Worgs. The genius of Goblins is a frightening thing.

Not pictured: the Stormwind phonebook Lorcu is standing on to see over the BBQ

Another day, more BM Hunter hate… Tis the life of a stuburn Hunter…

oh God! Not a Devilsaur! It's a BM Hunter, run away!

Even Thrall hates BM Hunters. I don’t care what that hunky, manly, handsome devil of an Orc thinks about me… UMMM… Thrall… O.O Wait, What?

Notice that his faction is listed as The Earthen Ring. This Alli approves.


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