Mind Control and You

I have dusted off my Paladin to gather Volatile Life and herbs for the guild. While I was gathering I thought I might as well level while I’m down there. I tried Ret but it consisted of this rotation: DIVINE STORM! Smack smack smack DIVINE STORM! WEEE! Oh something shiny! DIVINE STORM!

To say I sucked at it would be an understatement so I got my Prot spec and gear on just to fall in love being a tank again. My very first Cata dungeon was Throne of Tides. I love this place on my Priest because I actually get to Mind Control! My party has a Shadow Priest so I ask him to MC some of the mobs. He flat out refuses to do it. He says it’s not useful in any way. I beg to differ, sir. I couldn’t outline all of my reasons in /p so I will here.

 Priests need to utilize Mind Control as an acceptable form of CC. This applies to all Priests – healing and DPS.

 What other means of CC do we have? We have Psychic Scream – the much inferior version of a Warlock fear. It doesn’t last nearly as long and there is a certain part about it that is AOE affected. Shadow Priests have access to Psychic Horror (3 second fear and 10 second disarm) but it’s a lackluster PvP talent at best. There is also a Shadow talent called Paralysis (2 second stun from a Mind Blast crit) but it is mostly a leveling/PvP talent and a good number of mobs in dungeons are immune to it.  Also, 2 seconds is not a very long time.

 So what does Mind Control do? It allows you to take control of an enemy for up to 30 seconds and gives you access to their abilities and/or spells. It can be for less than one minute, dependant on LOS, the distance between the caster and the mob CC’d and whether or not the caster sustains damage during the channel.

 Once we have control of an enemy what happens next? Our action bar will change and give us access to that mob’s abilities. Usually there is a melee auto-attack and a few other spells since we really should be controlling caster mobs. Take a quick glance at what abilities are present. Did you MC a healer? If so, there should be a massive heal that can be directed at your tank. Did you MC a caster DPS? If so, there should be a massive DPS spell. There are usually 2 abilities besides the auto-attack. For example, Shaman type mobs will have Riptide for healing and Chain Lightening for DPS.

 Now that you have control and know the spells what should be your priority? If you are Holy or Disc, it should be to use the healing spell on your party or tank. If everyone is in no danger, go ahead and DPS the tank’s target with the DPS spell or the melee auto-attack. If you are Shadow, DPS the tank’s target first but do keep an eye out on the party’s health. We want to be as helpful as possible to our group so if you can toss a major heal on someone that needs it – do it.

 Our 30 seconds has almost run out, what should we do? We need to look around and if the tank is actively working on another target it’s best to reapply MC, if possible. This is where it gets a bit tricky. I usually have my CC mob as my /focus so I can easily target them to get the MC spell going. You will have aggro on this mob once it breaks so squeezing in MC can be a chore between attacks but it can be done. If not, the group needs to be told so your tank can taunt off of you. You DO NOT want to use Fade in this situation if you are Shadow because 9 times out of 10 the next person on the aggro table will be the healer. You can tank that mob for a few seconds while your tank establishes aggro. If your Silence is up (and it should be) – use it to run the mob to the tank to make it easier on them.

 I have established how to do it but when should we use Mind Control? It’s not really needed on all pulls but using it on the more difficult trash mobs can really be a boon to the group. Specific examples would be the Naga Shaman in Throne of Tides and the Temple Adepts in Vortex Pinnacle. (I wouldn’t recommend Mind Controlling the Master of Air mobs in VP because they can be impossible to gain control of once the MC breaks due to their erratic AOE DPS spell.) These are both healer mobs that come in pairs of twos so if your group is light on interrupts it can really make life easier.

 What kind of damage or healing are we looking at from an MC’d mob? I have seen 40K melee swings and 50K Holy Fire hits from Temple Adepts. Healing has about the same numbers with 35-40K heals. When will we ever see those kinds of numbers outside of gimmick fights like Halfus or Dreamwalker? We most likely won’t at this stage. I can’t ever remember a time when I had 40K crits of anything – regardless of heals or damage.

 We also need to remember that MC’d mobs use their own mana pool to OUR advantage. The Priest isn’t using mana other than the initial cast of Mind Control so during the channel they are actually regenning mana and doing substainial more damage/healing than they would have normally. I can remember when I saved a wipe in Throne of Tides because I MC’d a Naga Shaman when I was almost OOM and the tank was falling quick. I used her mana to my advantage so when the MC finally broke I had gotten quite a bit of my own mana back and we’re able to continue with no deaths.

 What’s not to love about Mind Control? It can be a bitch to set up and requires communication with your group. Mind Control should be treated like any other form of CC like Hex or Polymorph. Tanks need to be made aware of it and should ask for a caster to MC’d. Or the Priest can suggest that they MC and then mark the one they are going to control.

 Speaking of marking targets, there is an add on called Lucky Charms 2 that will put all the raid markers on a toolbar so it’s easier to click on them. It saves some time and Luna swears by it to mark targets and assign certain CC spells to certain mobs when he tanks.

 With the right amount of patience and skill, Mind Control can be a great addition to a group’s CC arsenal. Communication is the key to any successful Crowd Control and Mind Control is no exception.

 For further reading, WoW Wiki has a really good article on Mind Control:



Damn your eyes, WoW Insider! I got my MC post out before you did, so there!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lunassa
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 17:11:49

    Completely right!

    I got Lunassa up to 84 (finally)

    I was able to save my pug in a Throne of Tides by MCing on of the witches. She has a powerful buff and a chain lightning. The sad part is that the group ran off with me still in the witch!


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