Huntard vs Haters

Last night’s Fail! PUG was a trip to Heroic Throne of Tides. The Pally tank and the DK were from the same guild. A Resto Druid and a Mage rounded out the group. It started out possitive enough. The tank asked what spec I am and I said BM. The Druid said BM at the same time followed by a frowny face :(. I had my new shiny tiger from Uldum out so it shouldn’t have been apparent that I’m BM from my pet so he was looking at me.

The first pull goes really well. I get my mob all nice and trapped. We aren’t in any danger at all. We go up the elevelator and the tank says it’s dinner time and he’ll BRB. The DK says she’ll tank until the first boss while we wait.

The trash up to the first boss goes just fine and the CC is really nice. The Mage is seriously on the ball with his sheeping and my traps don’t miss. The run is shaping up to be really good except for the tank who’s still AFK. We get to the first boss when the Druid links his Recount. I don’t know how fucked up his Recount is but it’s making me look pretty bad.


Then he said:

"BM sucks more after Cata"

I told him “yeah but I like my pets”. He countered with “for leveling”. Then he dropped group. Did he hate on me so hard that he just could not stand to be anywhere near my horrible choice to be BM?

Good Riddance

What, exactly, have I done wrong here? I have reliable CC and I’m doing a good amount of damage on trash. I didn’t even get to a boss that I could go really all out on. I am not an AOE class anymore since focus was introduced and Volley was removed.

I didn’t even have the chance to prove myself. I’ve come a long way this week with my Hunter. I went from around 5800 DPS to 8900 DPS on bosses just this week. I’ve done all sorts of research and improved  my gear. I still have a few greens to replace but I’m doing just fine.

Why all the hate on BM? I can bring every raid buff in the game including Heroism. So, really, why all the hate? Is it because I do a little less damage than other specs? Is it because I refuse to follow the lemmings off the cliff and go Survival because it’s the flavor of the month?

Every spec of every class has an ebb and flow of buffs and nerfs. Maybe two months down the road Marksman will be the awesome spec again and Survival will be nerfed into the ground. Or 2 patches from now BM will be horribly overpowered and in need of a nerf. Specs are ever changing and dynamic. You pick the spec you like and deal with whatever changes come down the pipe. It’s what comes with playing this game.

I play WoW to have fun. I think having fun means running around in pigtails with a freaking huge, white and purple Devilsaur at my side.

Alexstraza says: haters gonna hate


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