Huntard vs. Fail! Priest

Yesterday I was going to post about the positive random heroic experiences I’ve had as a Hunter. I am glad I didn’t. I had the misfortune of running with this specimen last night: Lycen, Worgen Disc Priest of Firetree.

 Here’s his Armory:

My random last night was an already in progress BRC. In progress runs can either be really awesome because its free points for minimal work or its a good indication that the group is utter fail. There doesn’t really seem to be a middle ground in this situation.

 I took my chances: I accepted the Q and hoped that it would be free points. I was wrong. I zoned into to see the group at the 3rd boss. He’s difficult for sure and the tank wasn’t up to snuff so he quit. We got a DK tank that knew what she was doing and we downed the boss but all the DPS died in the process. About 30 seconds into the fight the Priest was saying OOM. I watched him on the next try only to see him bubbling everyone, all the time. This isn’t Wrath and you can’t do that anymore. I’m not going to tell him what to do but I was concerned. We did a boss with heavy damage and he never popped Pain Suppression or PW:B. That might have saved a death but on we went.

 The next trash double pulled and we wiped. I FD to avoid dying completely and the Priest is able to Fade but he then aggros a crap ton of troggs. The tank and other DPS are running in and they get stuck in the Priest’s Trogg mess only to die again. So now it’s me and this Priest waiting on everyone to get back. (Apparently rezzing the dead is against his religion because it was the Ret Pally who rezzed everyone.)

 I take a look at the Priest. I’m sad he didn’t log out in his “healing” set but essentially it’s a Shadow PvE set with a mixture of PvP pieces and no Spirit on it, whatsoever. Well, no wonder he was going OOM at every pull. I’m amazed he made it the whole first bit of the dungeon.

 Everyone gets back and buffed and we pull the big elementals and we wipe because the Priest refuses to cleanse the Shadow Prison debuff from the tank and the really nice Ret Pally. I politely tell Fail! Priest that he needs to cleanse the debuff. His response was “she stood in the goop didn’t she?” I explain that it’s a debuff and not something you stand in. People get it cast on them at random and it needs to be cleansed off.

 The Elemental Shaman said something of “he’s a Kingslayer, listen to him”. I’m a “she” but anyways… I tell them that my main is a Disc Priest and you have to cleanse that off people or they die if they move. The Priest says “lulz” and the Shaman goes on to say that Lich King is a difficult fight and to listen to someone with experience. I thank the Shaman for that. I only wear Kingslayer on my Hunter because the only other title she has is “the Patient” and that’s kinda lame. (Our tank, incidentally, had the “Starcaller” title but no one acknowledged that the tank was also a raider.)

 We go to pull again. Again the tank gets the Shadow Prison and again there is no cleanse. We wipe. Then comes this tirade from the Shaman as we are running back. I am so disappointed I didn’t send myself the SS of it but I’ll get it posted. She said something like: “I am sure you have 10 85s and I’m sure they are all Kingslaying Gladiators and everyone screws up but gawd fucking damn have some common sense”. I’m pretty sure that’s what she said.

 I don’t like that she lumped me in Fail! Priest. She is from the same guild as Fail! Priest and is on his 3v3 team. (Here’s her Armory but I don’t know about Shaman:

 I love looking at Fail! Priest’s armory. His 2v2 team is called “FailBot” and his 3v3 team is “I Just Had Seckz”. (Oh yes, it will be reported when I get home.) I get that he PvPs but he’s not even “doing it right”, at least from a gear standpoint. Everyone knows that you double dip with the gear sets to get the optimum amount of resilience. He’s loosing 400 resil by not getting some of the healing set and he’s loosing the spirit for hit rating. He only has one piece with +hit on it so he’s running with a measly 0.70% hit. The hit cap for PvP is 4%. He’s gemmed and enchanted spell pen but he doesn’t have the hit to back it up. Spell pen means nothing on targets that you can’t hit. With 2 pieces of the healing gear he could be above 3K resil and have almost the hit cap.

 I looked at his achievements and he dinged level 10 on 08 Dec 10 so he still might be learning or this is someone who switched mains in the expansion. Maybe he was a Priest before and wanted a Worgen but didn’t want to pay for a race change.

 Either way, he was an idiot when I tried to give him some basic advice. It is normally more efficient to cleanse the tank than to wipe. I guess this most basic of concepts is lost on some people. I would have thought a PvP Priest, of all people, would know how much easier life can be without multiple debuffs flying around.  

Priests like that are depressing. There really is only one cure for that and I don’t mean more cowbell.

Dancing Foxeh


EDIT: Here’s the screen shots of the Shaman’s tirade. I didn’t have time to crop them down before leaving for work. Shiny tiger pet is so cool!


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