“Tails” of a Huntard

I am the first to admit that I am a horrible Hunter. I can’t seem to manage more than 5400 DPS in a heroic and I’m Beast Mastery spec. BM isn’t the sexiest spec for a Hunter right now, but, damnit I love my Devilsaur. It’ll be a cold day in hell when I drop that spec.

I got this crazy idea to level my Hunter to 85 this weekend. I’m getting a little bored on my Priest again and the only things I need from heroics are the Chaos Orbs. I forgot how easy life is as a Hunter compared to a Priest. I haven’t died yet outside of an instance. The glyph for Misdirect is a wondrous thing! I can MD all day to my pet. Mend Pet is much improved so I have virtually no down time. I used to have to stop and bandage my pet since the old Mend Pet was super weak.

I began my journey in Hyjal but there was virtually no ore to mine there. The XP bonus from mining is nothing to turn my nose up at so I went to the dreaded Vashj’ir instead. If I thought it was bad as a Priest it was nothing compared to how bad it was as a Hunter. I would literally lose mobs to loot. I would swim down to where I thought they were – in the direction my pet had come from and nothing. I would look up and still nothing. This was more than a bit frustrating for the quests where looting a dead mob was essential. I muddled through somehow and by level 82 I was out. The mining was a lot better down there than Hyjal but I hated every minute of it. I dinged and promptly left for Deepholm.

If there is a worse area than Vash it would be Deepholm. The terrain itself is nice. I like the columns of earth that break and reform. The colors are really pretty but I hated questing there. Once I got past Myrla dangling the ogre on the Alliance gunship I didn’t want to see anymore. Nothing beats that little dwarf – I love her to pieces but the rest of the zone was a total snooze fest for me. I had to do it for the +Agi rep ring but it was sooooooooo loooooooooong. Give me Sons of Hodir any day over that!

My problem with Deepholm comes down to Therazane herself. She tells the shaman to get the hell out after they get the world pillar put back together. The shaman agreed to this. We got the pillar back together and we are still down there in Therazane’s kool aid! She told us to leave, you guys. I got what I came for and left, like she told me to. I don’t want to piss her off.

Uldum, here I come! Blah blah… silly Draenai, no one rides Lady Humps! I need Ramkahen rep for the helm enchant and belt so going to Uldum was doubly nice. I vowed to take my time and really see the zone and the quests. I got to friendly when I found out that Wildhammer has the really good helm I need and there’s a quest that gives 333 pants, which I desperately need. I left my beloved Uldum for Twilight Highlands – temporarily. One of the quests is bugged (again) so I can’t go any farther in quest line. Stupid thing! I did make 85 over the weekend so that’s what counts. Now it’s just the slow rep and gear grind from here on out.

I did all the normal dungeons at level again and I was amazed at how easy they are compared to the Heroic versions. Mechanics that stymied me before are now a breeze. Then again, I was a stressed out healer, lost in a new world. The difference is amazing but I can’t help being a stressed out Hunter in a new world of idiot tanks and DPS that don’t know how to deal with CC.  

The first BRC was fun. I figured out that I could click on the mob to CC and that I could line up my trap circle with their hit box. I’ve never been good at trapping but once I figured that out it was so much easier. I usually zone in and ask that the tank mark what they want to be trapped. I want to be a useful Hunter even if I can’t manage crazy DPS numbers. I’ve gotten some positive responses for offering to help and then I’ve gotten tanks who refuse to even think about CC’ing anything until the healer complains. I was in a group with a rogue and enhancement shaman – the tank still refused to have us CC anything. We had 3 reliable CCs but he wouldn’t hear of it. The healer rage quit and I can’t blame them. I would have done the same. It really blows to wait 45 minutes to get into a group and then have it fall apart 15 minutes later. I’ve been pugging because everyone is still working on heroics so I didn’t want to bug anyone.

Most of the dungeons I did weren’t really that bad except this one Grim Batol run. I zoned into to see a fully PvP geared Holy Priest with the “Duelist” title. I was a bit jealous but I knew I would be in good hands. There was a Paladin tank, a Feral Druid and a DK. The tank says it’s his first time there, the Priest groans but offers to give him suggestions. We pull the first couple of packs and get on the dragons. That goes surprisingly well and we kill a few whole trash packs.

The first real pull after that goes bad. Trash is going everywhere and the poor Priest can barely keep up. He says so and the Pally looks around. He said the only CC we have is a Druid’s sleep for Dragonkin. I tell him that I have Frost trap and he ignores me. He says “CC something” and runs ahead. He blazes a trail through the next group and I manage to get one of them marked and trapped. Then the noob DK pops his Army and Death and Decay – effectively breaking all the CC we had.

The Priest is pretty hot by now and really lets the tank have it. All I can think of is that I’m going to ding 85 in party full of noobs plus a really awesome Priest. The tank keeps saying the only CC we have is the Druid and I keep telling him that I have a trap. He then tells me that I’m not a Hunter – I’m a Rogue. Let me count how many ways he’s wrong: 1) Draenai can’t be Rogues. 2) Rogues do not have big, honking, white and purple Devilsaurs for pets. 3) Rogues also do not have Frost Traps or any traps for that matter. 4) Rogues generally use daggers not giant staves. 5) Rogues have reliable CC in the form of Sap so even if he thought I was a Rogue he still should have thought I could CC.

My jaw was on the floor. The Priest and the Paladin are yelling at each other. The Priest is yelling that the Paladin broke the CC. The Paladin now claims that he never asked to CC and he can do just fine without it. I chimed in saying that not asking for CC in Grim Batol of all places was dooming the group to failure and unnecessary deaths. I had to explain to him that I, in fact, am a Hunter and the big dinosaur wasn’t just for show.

He then throws some marks up on the next group for us to CC. I get the blue square and the Druid gets the pink diamond. Maybe this guy has finally seen the light and will let us do our jobs. I click on the trap launcher button and get my circles “just so”. I see the Druid Hibernate the other one and I click my trap as the Paladin charges in and avenger shields the both of our CC’d mobs. The Priest and I are livid. The Priest isn’t afraid of putting this Paladin in his place and again rails on him for being a noob. I had enough. I couldn’t keep doing this for another couple of hours. I didn’t want my level 85 memories to be sullied with that bunch of noobs so I waited my 15 minutes and dropped group.

I got Grim Batol again the next random I did. I had a very lovely Bear tank who knew what in the hell they were doing. The run lasted all of about 50 minutes with no deaths. It’s really amazing the types of people you run into. I had that fail Paladin and then a really good Bear all in the space of about an hour. The Dungeon Finder can be a bit like playing Russian roulette.

I go home tonight to do a random heroic now that I have met Blizzard’s gear score requirement. I was lucky enough to do two heroics last night with guildies to push me up over the limit. I got the polearm and the trinket out of Lost City so I am good to go on heroic grinding for the rest of the gear.


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