Heroic Blackrock Caverns Review

 Otherwise known as: Fire hurts, MMMKay? (<– Mr. Mackey voice)

 The first time I did this on normal it was pretty rough. It was in the wee hours after Cataclysm hit and I was rocking my heroic ICC 10 gear. When I zoned in the first thing I was met with was: ZOMG a Worgen! This was after lots of Horde circled around me outside to gawk at me. I felt a little embarrassed but off we went. I PUG’d it that first time and the people were really nice through a lot of wipes. We managed to complete the run in a few hours.

 When first entering the dungeon, I felt a sense of claustrophobia. I tend to prefer outside dungeons over dark, ominous ones. BRC is certainly dark and ominous. The Twilight Cultists don’t really take the effort to liven up the place and we are left with plain brown stone walls and Spartan furniture.

 Trash is minimal and not very difficult other than they can hit a tank like a truck. But, then again – Cataclysm is the expansion of evil trash mobs. The first boss is right over the first little hump in the floor. He’s got some trash around but if you are careful, you don’t have to pull them all but the trash leading up to him needs to be dealt with first.

 Rom’ogg Bonecrusher can be a real plain if people don’t get the hell out of the way of his AOE. Ever so often he’ll chain you all together and DPS has to kill the chains. Just as soon as the chains are gone, RUN AWAY! Monte Python style. You will die if you do not move – simple enough. This was kinda hard for me because I didn’t want to loose that last little bit of Penance… It’s better to run and be able to heal later than die over a 7K Penance tick. Speed boosting talents and/or rocket boots are really nice here providing you don’t run into a trash pack behind the boss.

 After good old Rom bites the dust we can squeeze around some trash on our way down the hall. There’s a metal bridge down there and a friendly NPC called Raz who comes to help deal with the trash. I have no idea why this guy is here. No clue whatsoever but I do thank him for his assistance.

 In the next room there is a giant Netherwing drake hanging from the ceiling. I don’t like it. I love the Netherwing flight and it makes me really sad to see him up there. I don’t want to think that he’s dead but mostly likely he is.

 Corla, Herald of Twilight is boss in this room. She is quite annoyingly voice acted. Not as bad as Sindy but pretty close. She has 3 adds with her that can turn very big very quickly. The tank will have to pick them up but if the DPS stands in the evil purple beams on the floor, it shouldn’t be that bad. Corla has a pretty sweet DPS wand, btw. (Worgen firing a wand is pretty damn hysterical. She makes a shooing type motion.)

 Raz makes another appearance to help us out with more trash on a different metal bridge on the way to Karsh Steelbender, the “tank check” boss in this instance. I call it a tank check because it is absolutely vital that the tank know what the hell they are doing. This boss starts out with a damage immunity buff and he has to be kited in and out of a flame wall. He cannot be DPS’d effectively until he gets 5-6 stacks of the flame wall buff. The kicker is that with each stack he hits the tank that much harder making it a chore on the healer. If this wasn’t bad enough, he summons fire up from the floor and does a massive AOE flame attack that hits everyone in the party. If the tank is not cognizant of the time remaining on the flame wall buff he can easily get one or two shot because he’ll go to put the boss back into the flame wall before the other buffs have worn down enough. If the buff transition isn’t timed right, DPS will also loose time, mana and/or focus, to kill the boss – creating a strain on an already overworked healer.

 If you have an awesome tank and the boss is dead, the hill behind him presents some more evil trash with pathing fire elementals. An optional boss is over to the right side – a giant red core hound called Beauty. Her mate is The Beast from UBRS and they have cute little puppies running around. She gets pretty pissed off if you kill Runty so leave his little ass alone. Lucky and his brothers are fair game but don’t touch Runty. She’s tank and spank. She will charge party members, fire breathe on them and has a mass fear. Other than that, she’s free Justice Points and loot. Being that she’s an optional boss, I don’t have any trouble with her being a freebie. She’s a nice little bonus should the group have time.

 Raz makes his final appearance at the last boss before dying. He goes down in a blaze of glory and takes some trash with him.

 Ascendant Lord Obsidius is a pain in the ass but doable. Someone will have to kite the adds around while the rest of the group deals with the boss. He’ll switch places with an add periodically so we have to make sure we are DPSing the right one. He’s a lesser version of The Blood Council in ICC.  After an agonizingly slow fight, he’ll finally give up the loot.

 In closing, I don’t like or dislike the instance. It’s just sort of there. I’ll do it if it pops on random but I’m not going to go out of my way to do it. When I see the load screen I think “oh, ok”. It’s not like seeing the loading screen for Stonecore and fleeing in terror. It’s not picturesque in any way. It just lacks a certain something for me. It certainly keeps the same theme as the rest of the “Blackrock” dungeons but I don’t really care for those, either. The best thing that BRC has going for it is that it is short and has a good number of bosses for rep/JP.


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