Dear Archeology,

Please stop sucking so bad. The one thing I was really looking forward to was Archeology and I am a bit disappointed. I cannot imagine trying to do this without an epic flyer.

 I didn’t get my first rare until skill 262. I was really about to give it up when the Chalice of whatever finally popped up from Dwarf artifacts. Once I got the rare project, the only thing that would spawn would be Troll or Fossil sites. I could not get a Dwarf one to spawn to save my life.

 The next rare I got was the Fossilized Raptor Hatchling. I was tickled pink about it but I didn’t get it until about 350 skill. Once I finally got to work on it, nothing but Dwarf sites would spawn. GGRRR!

 The Draenai rare was pretty easy to get as was the Nelf rare Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown. Then I got the clockwork gnome pet and again no Dwarf sites would spawn.

 Then I got a site in Vashj’ir of all places. It was horrible! I can’t really tell where I am in Vash because the 3D environment really messes with my head and that made for a very frustrating survey. Luckily, Blizz has added a hot fix to where these sites no longer spawn.

 Now I have 525 skill and nothing really to show for it. I’m getting scepters for that achievement so I guess that’s something.

 I wish the sites would spawn nearer to each other. This morning I had a Tol’vir site and then one way the hell up in Winterspring with none in between. The other extreme is the constant Swamp of Sorrows to STV circuit. I especially hate the Troll sites because they can be so large and unruly – think Gurubashi Arena and outside of Sunken Temple. Why would you make a dig site that is almost nearly underwater? Honestly.

 I don’t really know what can make it better. It’s still going to be a grind whatever you do. Maybe increase the amount that common artifacts can be vendored for. I love it when I get those grays that go for 8-10g. It makes me feel that I might have done something other than waste a lot of time flying around.

 I wonder if we will get new artifacts as the expansion progresses. Will we get stronger epics from dig sites in patch 4.1 than we do in 4.0? Maybe a new mount? This would be the perfect place to insert the ZG tiger and raptor mounts back into the game. Or maybe even give an Orc style wolf mount that could be obtained by Alliance. Horde can get a horse from the Argent Tourney but we have never been able to get a wolf.

  I would love to see the little blue artifacts we get (pets not included) accessible through the main Archeology window like a spell in the spell book. I love those little pieces but I already have so much in my bags and bank that I can see myself deleting them. If we could form the artifact and then it gets saved on the Archeology window we could then click on the picture of it to see the artifact in action without taking up bag space. There would be no fumbling through your bags to find the thing when your friends want to see it, either.

 The possibilities are endless. We can tell that Blizz has already started to tweak it and are doing their best to make it successful. I commend them for the changes they have made so far but there is still a ways to go yet.

 Anything to break the monotony of golden teeth and troll dinnerware would be most welcome.


Also, at Sonic you can order “1 Float”. You get a Coke AND a Float – decidedly not a Coke Float.

1 Float - $1


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